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Professional Idiot: A Memoir
The funny thing is, I've loved Jackass for years, but Steve-O was never one of my favourites. After reading this book - his memoirs since childhood th ...more
Oct 28, 2011
Oct 25, 2011
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
I only came to read this book due to the publisher's PR storming of the media with how provocative the whole thing is. If you've read many reviews of ...more
Sep 10, 2011
Sep 08, 2011
The Art of Power
Sadly, not Thich's best book. The principles of Buddhism don't change much, and as he's written so many books on Buddhism, each book is tailored towar ...more
May 2008
Dec 16, 2009
The Wichita Divide: The Murder of Dr. George Tiller, the Battle over Abortion, and the New American Civil War
I assumed early on that I would like this book, as I adamantly support a woman's right to choose. The author does a fairly good job of weaving Tiller ...more
Sep 21, 2011
Aug 16, 2011
Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness
Curious ideas, that's for sure. One of the more interesting books written by a few economists, I'm assuming. Reader-friendly for those of us not compl ...more
Aug 2008
Dec 16, 2009
Who's Your City?: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life
I waited for this book for eons on my local library's wait list. Have to say I'm somewhat disappointed after such a high state of anticipation. The pr ...more
Aug 2008
Dec 16, 2009
Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America
Boudin is a pretty good writer and this book went faster than I expected. From the description I read of the book before picking it up, I thought it w ...more
Jun 2009
Dec 16, 2009
Latin America Diaries: Otra Vez, or a Second Look at Latin America
Although this book touts itself as the sequel to The Motorcycle Diaries, it's pretty different from its precursor. Instead of mischief exemplified in ...more
Oct 15, 2011
Oct 13, 2011
The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
A thorough and interesting look at industrialized eating, the book is divided into 3 sections (corn, pastures, hunting/gathering). At 400+ pages it's ...more
Jun 2008
Dec 16, 2009
No Impact Man
I had read the NY Times article "The Year Without Toilet Paper" when it was published a few years ago - and didn't realize that this book is the outco ...more
Apr 28, 2011
Jul 25, 2010
Fahrenheit 451
Conceptually, a very interesting book. Since it has been around for a while, the futuristic setting has a few creepily correct predictions (entire wal ...more
Jun 2008
Dec 16, 2009
Really, much better than I was expecting, as I had read a bad review before evening picking it up. Of course, some will be put off by the fact that th ...more
Aug 2008
Dec 16, 2009
Snark: A Polemic in Seven Fits (It's Mean, It's Personal, and It's Ruining Our Conversation)
A very brief read -- the history and origins of snark are the most interesting aspect of the book. The whining about the prevalence of snark... not so ...more
May 2009
Dec 16, 2009
Kenk: A Graphic Portrait
A phenomenal work of graphic media. Very well written, flows so well I read it in one sitting. The book portrays Kenk's numerous facades, issues, high ...more
Nov 20, 2011
Nov 20, 2011
Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person: A Memoir in Comics
Lucky enough, I've not had cancer, nor have I had anyone close to me experience it either. Still, the title of this book immediately got my attention ...more
Nov 20, 2011
Nov 20, 2011
Fidel and Che: A Revolutionary Friendship
A very thorough history of Fidel and Che's time working together. Although the title concerns friendship, I'm not entirely sure the dynamic of their r ...more
Nov 13, 2011
May 11, 2011
Writings on an Ethical Life
Singer is a straight to the point philosopher. This book is a collection of chapters he's chosen from the large collection of books he's written over ...more
Jan 2006
Dec 16, 2009
Swish: My Quest to Become the Gayest Person Ever
Unexpectedly fantastic read. Funny where appropriate, but Derfner takes the reader on a sentimental and thoughtful journey. The final chapter on his e ...more
Aug 2008
Dec 16, 2009
Jose Martí: An Introduction
I'm not a reader who often leaves a book unfinished, but I couldn't complete this one. While the content is well researched (and thus this would be a ...more
Sep 05, 2011
Aug 13, 2011
The Essential Marcus Aurelius
A book essential for all human beings. Near perfection with the exception of his statement that you only have your mind, not your body or soul, when a ...more
Jul 2008
Dec 16, 2009
Dear American Airlines
An unexpectedly great novel. I put it on hold through my local library thinking it was some sort of humorous memoir, but it's not. The set up reminds ...more
Jan 2009
Dec 16, 2009
Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story
Chuck drives me nuts. Reading his work is like trying to win an argument with an ex. You stick with it, because you know you're right and they're wron ...more
Jan 2007
Dec 16, 2009
The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century
A quick, interesting read. Friedman uses models of past history to forecast general trends on the world scale for the next century. What I found so in ...more
Jun 04, 2011
May 29, 2011
Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History
This is an alright book -- it will be of interest more to those who are interested in women's history. The research is well done, but the book seems s ...more
Jun 2008
Dec 16, 2009
Mop Men: Inside the World of Crime Scene Cleaners
Great premise for a book, and Neal Smither makes a great central character. The author does an interesting job looking at Crime Scene Cleaners' work f ...more
Jun 2009
Dec 16, 2009
Virgin: The Untouched History
Different than I was expecting -- but the author does note that her research into the history of Western virginity produced "unexpected" results as we ...more
Jun 2008
Dec 16, 2009
You Are Not a Gadget
Lanier has some interesting ideas, but some of his ramblings floated over my head. Maybe I don't keep up with Boing Boing religiously enough to unders ...more
Nov 13, 2010
Nov 07, 2010
Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife
Mary Roach is a great science writer for the general reader. Spook has Roach going around the world, from India, England, Canada -- in search of diffe ...more
May 2009
Dec 16, 2009
Tuscany: A History
This is a pretty good book for those looking for a general overview of the history of Tuscany from cave man to today. The website marks the book lengt ...more
Jan 22, 2011
Jan 03, 2011
Canadians: A Portrait Of A Country And Its People
Pretty fantastic book - shed much light on this weird thing called Canada. It was nice that a Canadian officially stepped up and described Canada's du ...more
May 2008
Dec 16, 2009
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