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Str8te Boys
4.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book. It's short, but the author did a fabulous job crafting the characters and making them 3-dimensional. Even Duke...more
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Jun 27, 2009
Angel and the Assassin (Angel and the Assassin, #1)
This one's more 4.5 stars, but I like to round up.

I really enjoyed the progression of Kael and Angel's relationship, and I loved how focused this book...more
Sep 16, 2010
Sep 14, 2010
Perfect Man
Alex and Craig were friends all through school. Not good friends, but they attended the same schools and knew each other for years. But when Alex came...more
Dec 31, 2008
Dec 28, 2008
Reckless Behavior (Reckless, #2)
Cody and Dante have been together for six months. Cody is head over heels in love with Dante. Dante is everything he's ever wanted in a man. However,...more
Apr 15, 2009
Mar 24, 2009
High Line (Love of Sports, #2)
Garrett's a successful Hollywood actor and openly gay. CJ is a top driver in NASCAR and firmly in the closet. Given the culture of the NASCAR circuit,...more
Mar 08, 2009
Feb 25, 2009
Most Likely To Succeed
Thomas is working as a clerk for the law offices of Clark Sterling. He's taken his bar exam and waiting for the results. If he passes, he'll get promo...more
Apr 14, 2009
Mar 13, 2009
At Long Last (Scott and Preston, #1)
Loved this book! Review coming soon....

I finally got around to writing a review and realized there were aleady a few great reviews out there. So I'll...more
Jan 11, 2009
Jan 09, 2009
Necessary Temptation
This one is really 4.5 stars. I read a year ago and really liked it. The book is short, novella length, and I wished there was more worldbuilding in i...more
Dec 2007
Dec 14, 2008
Oh, I loved this book! How can you not love Stevie and Dan? :) So sweet and so hot and so much was wonderful. Can you tell I just fi...more
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Mar 08, 2009
Jake's Regret
Jake and Damien were professional football players, Damien the quarterback and Jake his wide receiver. They won many games together and also had a hot...more
Mar 09, 2009
Feb 28, 2009
Eros Rising
**spoiler alert** I think this is the first Ally Blue book that I've read. I've been meaning to read one of her books for months, and I've heard nothi...more
Dec 25, 2008
Dec 12, 2008
Pulling Away (Pulling Away, #1)
Pulling Away is a short story, the shortest Shawn Lane book I've read, and yet still, the author did a fantastic job giving the reader a complete stor...more
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Nov 29, 2008
If All The Sand Were Pearl
I quite liked this book. If it were a bit longer, I would have given it a 5. The book occurs over 24 hours, and the author did a great job generating...more
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Nov 26, 2008
A Knight For All
A Knight for All is a medieval m/m/f erotic romance. Edward and Katherine are happily married, and in love with each other. But Katherine senses that...more
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Dec 07, 2008
The Other Side
Loved the book! Nick and Ray were so different yet had such amazing chemistry. How could you not love them? :)
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Feb 02, 2009
The Englor Affair (Sci-Regency #2)
This book was amazing!!! I won't even attempt to blurb the plot. I loved My Fair Captain and was so looking forward to today when this book came out....more
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Nov 11, 2008
Snowed In
This is really 3.5 stars. It was a nice, hot little book. Definitely a woman's fantasy of what 3 guys (2 straight and 1 bi) would get up to if they we...more
Dec 31, 2008
Dec 30, 2008
Brazen (Braddock-Black, #4)
Brazen is my favorite Susan Johnson book. It's classic Susan Johnson - erotic historical romance with extremeley handsome, wealthy & arrogant hero...more
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Nov 23, 2008
With Love (With or Without, #0.5)
This is really 4.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book. I loved Lainey and Dev! I just wish there was a bit more done with the villan - the final fight...more
Dec 24, 2008
Dec 24, 2008
His Roommate's Pleasure
Thoroughly enjoyed Josh and Adam's story. I really liked how the two guys talked to each other about what each was interested in and what they liked i...more
Aug 02, 2014
Aug 01, 2014
Sorcerer's Lover (Sorcerer's Lover #1)
Warin needs money to ransom his sister, so he decides to ransom someone himself to raise the necessary funds. He choses Benedict, the king's illegitim...more
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Nov 10, 2008
The Squire
Hot and oh-so-sweet - the perfect description for this m/m erotic romance. Set during the medieval time period, Ducan is Sir William's squire. He's no...more
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Nov 10, 2008
Collision Course  (Florida Books, #2)
I'm a huge fan of KA Mitchell. I loved Diving in Deep, and I loved this book, too. The book is long, but it was so good I stayed up until past 3am to...more
Dec 24, 2008
Dec 11, 2008
The Hot Floor
Another really enjoyable book by Josephine Myles. I loved that the guys were friends first before hopping into bed (or on the couch), as it made the m...more
Jul 09, 2014
Oct 01, 2012
My Fair Captain (Sci-Regency #1)
I can't say enough good things about this book. The chemistry between Nat and Aiden was off the charts. I loved Aiden's innocence & curiosity. The...more
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Oct 04, 2008
Sno Ho (Sno Ho, #1)
Loved this book. Loved the humor and the heat. Now I need to read Life in Fusion like right now!
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Apr 07, 2011
Blame It on the Mistletoe
Cute story. I enjoyed reading it, and it put a smile on my face.
Jul 27, 2014
Nov 21, 2013
High and Tight
Loved the push and pull between Adam and Harris. The sexual tension was fantastic, and I really felt the emotion between the pair. While Adam was dete...more
Aug 09, 2014
Aug 11, 2014
Cultivating Love
This book was a sweet love story about two men who have been in a relationship for a couple years, finally coming to terms with their love for one ano...more
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Jun 10, 2009
Boys of Summer (Boys of Summer #1)
I really enjoyed this book. Hunter and Max have been friends for years, and over the past few months that friendship has turned into much more. But Hu...more
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Aug 07, 2009
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