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The Best of All Possible Worlds
Wow! That was a true pleasure! WHY can't I find more books like this?! The best I can describe the reading experience for me is that it was like one o...more
Feb 27, 2013
Jan 30, 2013
The Humans
3 3/4 stars: An alien assassin masquerading among humans as his first victim in order to finish the job, finds himself first repulsed by humans, then...more
Jul 24, 2013
Feb 20, 2013
Doomsday Book (Oxford Time Travel, #1)
This book is amazing and Connie Willis is a master! I think it is one of the most heartwrenching books I've read but ultimately a triumph of the human...more
Jun 29, 2009
Jan 16, 2009
Ender in Exile (The Ender Quintet, #1.6)
Very good, I highly enjoyed it. I am glad that the Ender series continues to expand and I hope there is room/scope for at least one more book.

My refle...more
Nov 17, 2008
Oct 03, 2008
Lord Conrad's Lady (Conrad Stargard, #5)
This series has been pretty interesting and I did enjoy the bringing of the industrial revolution to 13th century Poland. But Conrad has become whatev...more
Jul 12, 2009
Jun 11, 2009
The House of the Scorpion (Matteo Alacran, #1)
I think readers of Holes might like this one. It also reminded me a bit of
Never Let Me Go (a junior version). As other reviews have mentioned, it sta...more
Mar 02, 2010
Mar 02, 2010
Leviathans of Jupiter
Quit halfway through. A decent plot but the villain's character was so incredibly stupid, and annoying, (and pervasive) that I just couldn't force mys...more
Apr 06, 2011
Apr 05, 2011
Spindrift (Coyote Universe, #4)
This book is a spinoff of the Coyote series dealing with a major plot point that is just mentioned in the Coyote books. I.e. how does humankind meet u...more
Mar 21, 2009
Mar 23, 2009
The Outback Stars (The Outback Stars #1)
The military viewpoint and interactions between the characters was the most interesting to me. I think Jo-Denny seemed a little unreal in how perfect...more
Jun 13, 2009
Jun 15, 2009
For some reason, I prefer SF that includes alien contact, interesting new ecosystems, and the like. This was my first book by Bova, and I picked it up...more
Mar 07, 2011
Mar 05, 2011
A Darkling Sea
Mr. Cambias, please write more! This first contact plot which included xenological, anthropological, and sociological perspectives from three differen...more
May 31, 2014
May 30, 2014
Cryptic: The Best Short Fiction of Jack McDevitt
Please note: This should be CrypTic (with a T).

For the McDevitt fans, this is a great place to find his short stories collected together in one place....more
Mar 23, 2009
Mar 19, 2009
The Steerswoman's Road
Okay, that was interesting!

The first book "The Steerwoman" felt like a standard fantasy, if fairly slow going. But Kirstein gives you the clues bit b...more
Mar 22, 2010
Mar 17, 2010
Hex (Coyote Universe, #8)
A quick read.

I really like the idea of Hex itself. It is a very cool premise and should give plenty of opportunity to take this series onward and upw...more
Jun 15, 2011
Jun 09, 2011
Against the Odds (The Serrano Legacy, #7)
Wow! It is really rare for me to come across a series that is 7 books long that is so tightly plotted and complex. With great character developments,...more
Mar 27, 2013
Mar 11, 2013
Lear's Daughters
Skimmed this. Didn't like any of the characters enough to sit and read through all of this very loooong book. Plot was somewhat interesting, but not e...more
Sep 10, 2010
Aug 26, 2010
Sky Coyote (The Company, #2)
A comfort re-read 6/26/11

Now that I've read the series and have got to know Joseph better, I think I enjoyed the re-read better this time around. And...more
Jun 26, 2011
Oct 02, 2008
Singer from the Sea
Reread 9/23/13: I really enjoy the ocean element in this book and kind of wish Teller had included more of Haven's future.
Sep 23, 2013
Oct 02, 2008
Child of Earth (Sea of Grass, #1)
Recommended to me as an good example of anthropological SF, I highly enjoyed this book. It was full of ideas and had great world-building.

(Not really...more
Feb 21, 2012
Feb 21, 2012
Deepsix (The Academy, #2)
I really liked the perilous trek across the dying planet and the glimpses of its intriguing flora and fauna. It is sad to think of a whole little-know...more
Mar 11, 2009
Mar 09, 2009
Little Fuzzy (Fuzzy Sapiens, #1)
Ultra enjoyable! Lovely little sci fi character-driven first contact story that I picked up and read in one setting. On to the next in the series...

Apr 13, 2010
Apr 14, 2010
2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America
What if cancer was cured? What if almost all of the health problems related to aging were eliminated or minimized? What if almost no one died anymore?...more
May 25, 2011
May 23, 2011
Shadows in Flight (Ender's Shadow, #5)
Well. This was really a 2.5 star read for me.

The plot was fine. Interesting even. But the characters! Argh! They were horrid. I found the non-stop sib...more
Jan 22, 2012
Nov 16, 2011
I very much enjoyed this new book from Connie Willis! It was very similar in style to Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog although this one is...more
Feb 20, 2010
Jan 21, 2010
A Wizard of Mars (Young Wizards, #9)
**spoiler alert** Yay! A new Diane Duane Young Wizards book! This series is too good to just leave to the kids. I found the plot a little confusing an...more
Apr 13, 2010
Jan 19, 2010
The Children of the Company (The Company, #6)
6/8/11 Comfort Re-read
I love this series! This book is a very dark entry however. Almost too dark for me. Labienius and co. are such horrible psychop...more
Jun 07, 2011
Oct 02, 2008
Komarr (Vorkosigan Saga, #11)
I'm a re-reader, and sometimes I pick up on new things. This time around, I'm struck by the parallels between Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers and K...more
Feb 14, 2014
Oct 02, 2008
Not Less Than Gods
It's a new Kage Baker--Yay! I'm guessing the last Kage Baker? (Such a loss.)

This one is wonderful! A little slow to start, but really takes off. It's...more
Apr 08, 2010
Feb 19, 2010
The Waters Rising (Plague of Angels, #2)
**spoiler alert** Loved! Sheri S. Tepper's books are so lovely, complicated, dense, and intriguing that I can usually count on many hours of reading p...more
Sep 27, 2010
May 11, 2010
Omnitopia: Dawn (Omnitopia, #1)
Basically it seemed to be about industrial espionage, an attempted corporate takeover, in and about cyberspace with a 'surprise' at the end to set up...more
Jan 11, 2011
Aug 05, 2010
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