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I Am Princess X
Okay huge disclaimer here: I read an advanced reader's copy of I Am Princess X and it did not have any of the illustrations in it (which was pointless ...more
Mar 11, 2015
Mar 11, 2015
The Spellmans Strike Again (The Spellmans, #4)
I'm going to start off by saying that I love books. I mean all types of books (maybe except for romance, but that's a whole other topic). Every once i ...more
Mar 26, 2010
Mar 26, 2010
The Night Sister
I don't know what it is about Jennifer McMahon's books that get to me, but they always do. I love picking up her books because I know I'm going to be ...more
Jul 12, 2015
Jul 01, 2015
The Seventh Mother
The Seventh Mother was kind of a weird book. It's one of those books that's so predictable that you start to wonder if there's going to be a red herri ...more
Jun 21, 2014
Jun 18, 2014
Salem Falls
The novel "Salem Falls" is about Jack St. Bride who was falsely accused of raping one of his students. He then moves to the town of Salem Falls and wh ...more
Jul 2008
Oct 07, 2008
Die Again (Rizzoli & Isles, #11)
I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical when I picked up Die Again which is a first since I usually love the books in the Rizzoli and Isles ser ...more
Jan 03, 2015
Jan 01, 2015
The Sinner
The Sinner was just a mass jumble of confusion for me. There's really no other way to put it. I tend to like mysteries as long as they're compelling a ...more
Jan 14, 2011
Jan 13, 2011
Book of Shadows

I totally should have loved this book. I mean, it's a mystery and I love mysteries. In fact, there's only one thing I love more than I love mysteries
Jan 11, 2011
Jan 11, 2011
Pretty Girl-13
Here there may be spoilers, so read at your own risk...

Coming right out and saying it: the idea of multiple personalities scares the crap out of me. A
Oct 02, 2013
Oct 03, 2013
The Scent of Rain and Lightning
I’ve now officially become a mystery buff and have tons of read mysteries and tons of watched mystery movies and TV shows under my belt. Due to this, ...more
Nov 12, 2012
Dec 25, 2012
Following Christopher Creed (Steepleton Chronicles, #2)
I remember reading The Body of Christopher Creed in high school and LOVING it because it was just so creepy. It was a well-done psychological thriller ...more
Aug 29, 2011
Aug 31, 2011
The Cutting Edge
So, we've all fantasized about killing people. Now before you go off thinking "She's nuts. I would never hurt anyone". I wouldn't either. We're only t ...more
Aug 11, 2010
Aug 09, 2010
A Drink Before the War (Kenzie & Gennaro, #1)
I've picked up my fair share of mysteries throughout my life. Frankly, when it comes to that genre, it doesn't take much to satisfy me. Give me a mild ...more
May 31, 2010
May 28, 2010
The Bones of You
Note to self: Stop reading books that compare themselves to either Gone Girl or Gillian Flynn because A.) Gone Girl wasn't that great to begin with an ...more
Jun 05, 2015
May 20, 2015
Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars, #1)
I put off reading Pretty Little Liars for a while because I assumed it'd be like the Gossip Girl series. Now, I'm kicking myself for not picking it up ...more
Jun 21, 2010
May 28, 2010
Where They Found Her
I have been debating with myself as to what to rate Where They Found Her. I've been hovering over 3-4 stars for about a half hour now...It was a decen ...more
Mar 17, 2015
Feb 19, 2015
The Missing Place
When it comes to The Missing Place, I'm kind of annoyed. Mainly because it's one of those books that started out great, continued being great, and the ...more
Jul 23, 2014
Jun 18, 2014
Reconstructing Amelia
I feel that I need to start off this review by writing that the reason I didn't love Reconstructing Amelia didn't have anything to do to its compariso ...more
Jun 11, 2013
Mar 31, 2013
The Abortionist's Daughter
Dr. Diana Duprey, an abortion doctor, is found dead, floating in the family pool. The suspects include her husband Frank, who is the town D.A. who fou ...more
Sep 30, 2008
Oct 07, 2008
What Strange Creatures
And I add yet another run of the mill book to my read roster this year.

What Strange Creatures was sort of a strange (no pun intended) book for me. It
Jul 20, 2014
May 22, 2014
The Vanishing of Katharina Linden
I received an ARC copy of The Vanishing of Katharina Linden as part of the First Reads program. I was excited to receive this book because it seemed l ...more
May 20, 2010
Mar 26, 2010
Her Fearful Symmetry
Due to the ratings here on Goodreads and on Amazon, Her Fearful Symmetry seems to be one of those books were most people either love it or hate it. No ...more
Dec 26, 2010
Dec 21, 2009
Mystic River
I've read two previous Dennis Lehane books, A Drink Before the War and Darkness, Take My Hand, and I really liked them. Like close to love kind of lik ...more
Nov 16, 2010
Oct 10, 2009
One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1)
I originally picked up One for the Money because I've heard numerous people say that the book was hilarious. I also picked it up because one of my fav ...more
Jan 16, 2011
Aug 01, 2009
I wanted to love Dismantled, I really did. I absolutely loved and adored Promise Not to Tell by the same author. So much that to this day I still thin ...more
Jul 24, 2010
Aug 01, 2009
Mistress of the Art of Death (Mistress of the Art of Death, #1)
In my opinion, the worst type of book is not one that is badly written or one that makes me have a visceral bad reaction. No, the worst type of book i ...more
Jan 30, 2010
May 18, 2009
Sons of God
not set
Apr 21, 2009
False Testimony (Marty Nickerson, #4)
not set
Jan 31, 2009
Revenge of the Spellmans (The Spellmans, #3)
Mar 20, 2009
Feb 03, 2009
The Promise of a Lie
not set
Feb 05, 2009
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