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Samantha's dad is a drunk. She's thirteen, she doesn't know what to do about it. She keeps it a secret from everyone.
Well when her father starts to g
Apr 30, 2009
Apr 30, 2009
I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls, #1)
**spoiler alert** Can I just say that I LOVE cheesy books????
So Cameron Morgan goes to this Academy for spies....she can speak fourteen
Feb 16, 2009
Feb 14, 2009
Jake, Reinvented
**spoiler alert** If you're a football fan--read!!!
A first-person, from a guy's point of view. Ah, I loved it.
The story is actually told from Rick's e
Feb 10, 2009
Feb 11, 2009
Just Listen
**spoiler alert** Due to my own personal memories, I very much enjoyed this book.
Annabell Greene is a seventeen-year-old girl who doesn't like to hav
Jan 2009
Jan 31, 2009
Midnight Sun (Twilight, #1.5)
I really enjoyed Midnight Sun.
I found that, in my own series, writing from a man's point of view can be difficult. You can'y analyze every single lit
Jan 2008
Jan 01, 2009
The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2)
Hmm. While I enjoyed this book, I honestly thought it wasn't as good as the first one. I found several grammar errors in it. I admit I have OCD, and t ...more
Mar 09, 2010
Mar 09, 2010
Sara's Face
Wow. I loved this book! It was amazingly written, and had such a neat plot that it was so hard to put down I nearly cried every time I had to.
Sara Ca
May 23, 2009
May 24, 2009
WOW. When I first picked up this book, I wanted to read it for one reason: anorexia. I've been researching this topic lately and I haven't found that ...more
Jan 26, 2010
Jan 27, 2010
Boy Proof
**spoiler alert** A very easy read, I read it in one night.
Boy Proof is a cute story about a girl who is in love with a sci-fi movie, and thinks she i
Jan 03, 2009
Feb 05, 2009
Along for the Ride
First of all, since I'm a bit of an insomniac myself, it made it really easy to understand Auden's perspective. Also, when tr
Mar 30, 2010
Mar 31, 2010
Shadow Dance (Buchanan-Renard, #6)
Wow. So, here's the thing, Jordan Buchanan is a total geek/technology expert whose life is utterly boring. And if it weren't for Noah Clayborne, she n ...more
Mar 21, 2010
Mar 23, 2010
The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)
WOW. I was expecting this book to be crappy, but I read it because it seemed to be the Hot Book, so I borrowed one from my friend.

Percy Jackson has AD
Feb 16, 2010
Feb 17, 2010
Darkfever (Fever, #1)
I LOVED IT! Dang, this book was good. There's a crazy cliffhanger ending, though. So if you read it, make sure you have the sequel closeby.
Mac Lane g
Jan 16, 2010
Jan 16, 2010
Never Tell a Lie
Okay, there are a few things I could say about this book. I have two perspectives I could look at it with. I could look at it as a writer, or just as ...more
Mar 19, 2011
Mar 19, 2011
To be perfectly honest, I thought this was a great book.
[Yes, I understand that the physical abuse Annie does to Paul is horrific and disgusting, but
Jun 12, 2009
Jun 15, 2009
Isabelle's father is dead. Her mother cries herself to sleep every night because of it. Isabelle doesn't cry. She's too stron
Mar 25, 2010
Mar 25, 2010
Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)
I cannot say enough words to contain onto a page my unconditional love and now, obsession, with this book. It was amazing and I adore it. One of the v ...more
May 18, 2010
May 18, 2010
Dangerous Girls (Dangerous Girls, #1)
Destiny and her twin, Livvy, both return from Camp Blue Moon with a thirst. A thirst for blood. They've realized they are becoming vampires.
Renz trans
Apr 03, 2009
May 05, 2009
To put it plainly, this book is weird. It is a good book, nonetheless, and the ending was awesome, but while I was reading it, I couldn't help but thi ...more
Apr 12, 2010
Apr 14, 2010
The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #4)
BAHHHHH!!!!!!! I loved it!
Kronos will soon rise to power. Grover is going to loose his searchers license if he doesn't find Pan. Annabeth is brokenhe
Apr 25, 2010
Apr 26, 2010
Thirteen Reasons Why
Oh my god. I don't remember the last time a book touched me so much. It's been months. Or maybe even years. Or maybe, I have never been this touched b ...more
Feb 05, 2011
Feb 05, 2011
Walking Naked
Megan Tuw is in the most popular group in the school. She and all her friends are respected and pretty.
Then there is the Freak. Perdita.
Megan gets de
Apr 27, 2009
Apr 28, 2009
Killer Dreams
Man, I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was superbly written. The action is so intensifying---really fast paced, like the DaVinci Code. The main character, Sophie, ...more
Dec 20, 2009
Dec 21, 2009
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
Katniss volunteers to participate in The Hunger Games, to save her sister from having to. It's a bold act, and eve
Sep 19, 2009
Sep 19, 2009
**spoiler alert** This was perhaps one of the best historical fictions I have ever read. It's about the assassination of President Lincoln.
Every othe
Feb 27, 2009
Feb 27, 2009
This has go to be my favorite book. I LOVED this book!!!
It's about this 14-year-old girl, her first year in high school as a ninth grader. Everyone ha
Apr 14, 2009
Apr 15, 2009
Soldier X
This book was so . . . deep.
It's rare I read a book about the Nazi/Jew war, or that I read historical fiction at all, but when I picked up this, I ha
May 21, 2009
May 23, 2009
The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #3)
I guess you like a book better if you just sit down and read the whole thing, because I liked this book a lot!
This year, Percy has a new friend, Thali
Mar 23, 2010
Mar 24, 2010
Sharden (Body of Blades #1)
Well, I wrote this book, so I'm not really going to say anything about it. But I had to add it to my book list, and of course had to make it five star ...more
Nov 15, 2008
Oct 17, 2009
Companions of the Night
**spoiler alert** Though I detest third person, I found this book enjoyable. It's a pretty standard vampire book. Burned by the sun, stake through the ...more
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Jan 25, 2009
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