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Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity
Waste of time. This Transcendental Meditation-proselytizing piece of horseshit provides no insight into Lynch; for all the time he spends meditating,...more
Apr 08, 2008
Feb 12, 2008
The Plot: The Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Eisner's debunking of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and his look at previous debunkings (word choice?) is worth the quick read this book asks....more
Dec 24, 2008
Dec 29, 2008
The Plot Against America
I'm on a small, alternative WWII histories kick (started w/ Fatherland), and I'm pretty sure Roth's contribution will be the meatiest of this weird li...more
Jul 26, 2008
Jun 02, 2008
The Shadow-Line: A Confession
No reason not to love Joseph Conrad. This brief bildungsroman (5 cents, cha-ching!), supposedly autobiographical, tells the story of a young captain w...more
Dec 2007
Dec 14, 2007
How to Be Alone: Essays
I bought this used hardcover at the Williamsburg Flea Market. I wish I had read this collection of essays, reviews and whatnot a few years ago, when i...more
Sep 19, 2007
Aug 01, 2007
The American Black Chamber
This embellished non-fiction account of MI-8, the US military intelligence office of codes and cryptography, was a hoot. My favorite chapter dealt wit...more
Oct 2007
Oct 03, 2007
I think the reason it took me so long to finish this book is that I was embarrassed to be seen with it in public. Of course, the one time I did bring...more
Dec 02, 2008
Sep 08, 2008
Before Freedom, When I Just Can Remember: Twenty-Seven Oral Histories of Former South Carolina Slaves
I found this book on the street in Williamsburg, and I'm glad I rescued it. It's a slim volume of oral histories taken from former slaves back in the...more
Aug 2007
Aug 12, 2007
Pack My Bag: A Self-Portrait
Henry Green is one of those writers I should like but haven't read - a pre-war British wit, a little more serious than E. Waugh. But damn if this mid-...more
Sep 05, 2008
Sep 19, 2007
The Curve of Binding Energy: A Journey into the Awesome and Alarming World of Theodore B. Taylor
This 1974 biography of weapons physicist Ted Taylor (which also charts the development of the conjoined commercial and military nuclear industries) ma...more
Aug 2007
Aug 15, 2007
No Country for Old Men
Goddamn, how sad that I've finished reading my first book of '08 in March. It had to be a book like this, too - compared to Blood Meridian, No Country...more
Mar 09, 2008
Mar 06, 2008
I've heard that this adolescent memoir (a genre I enjoy) set the standard for a lot of contemporary writing of its sort. There've been so many books l...more
Oct 2007
Aug 27, 2007
Hi Goodreads! It's been ages. How are you? I'm fine. Haven't done as much reading as I'd like. I'm on track to read, oh, about five books this year, g...more
May 19, 2008
May 20, 2008
What Makes Sammy Run?
I was reading this on the train the other day, and a woman nodded atit and said, "good book!" I agree with her assessment. Though it is in essence a r...more
Dec 2007
Dec 03, 2007
In the Shadow of No Towers
I bought this oversized thing at the Strand a couple years ago, I think because it seemed very inexpensive for such a lushly produced book. I somehow...more
Oct 2007
Aug 15, 2007
BUtterfield 8
I like books about dissolute Manhattan in the 1930s, where ad copywriters and painters and other assorted cads go on days-long benders, and then have...more
Aug 02, 2008
Jul 28, 2008
My Lai 4: A Report on the Massacre and Its Aftermath
Hersh synthesizes a mountain of primary and secondary sources in this 1970 survey of the My Lai massacre. His account is clear, thorough and readable,...more
May 29, 2008
May 20, 2008
Because the title of this book appears on its front cover, I'm not taking it on the subway. And for better or for worse, this is the second book with...more
Nov 2007
Aug 01, 2007
The Man in the High Castle
I love Dick...Philip K. Dick, that is! Zing, I'll be here all week. Of all the What If conjectural history I've read lately, this is the most thoughtf...more
Aug 23, 2008
Jun 02, 2008
Glengarry Glen Ross
I'd somehow managed to avoid reading this play and seeing the movie until this year, and I'm not really sure why. I thought both of them hilarious and...more
Dec 2007
Nov 24, 2007
The Happy Island
I didn't actually finish this book, but I know I'm not going to read any more of it. Dawn Powell is great, and I've loved a lot of her books, but this...more
Nov 2007
Oct 21, 2007
Cold Spring Harbour
And now I have read all of Richard Yates' books. It wouldn't be entirely inaccurate to say if you've read one, you've read them all. The same cast of...more
Sep 2007
Aug 27, 2007
Dark at the Roots: A Memoir
Like some angel of the bookshelf, Lindsay just lent this to me this morning. I saw Sarah Thyre read a chapter of this book at a variety show, and laug...more
Jul 2007
Jul 25, 2007
The Guns of August
Though it took me the better part of a month to get through, I much enjoyed this account of the opening month of World War I. It's a subject I've long...more
Jul 13, 2008
Dec 30, 2007
On Directing Film
This short collection of essays is both sort of useful and unintentionally hilarious. Mamet has, or at least had, a very specific, dogmatic notion of...more
Jan 17, 2009
Jan 14, 2009
I just finished readng this at work - slow day, quick read. There was something very icy about this book, and Coetzee is one tough customer, emotional...more
Sep 2007
Jul 25, 2007
After taking so long to read The Guns of August, I gulped down this short novel in about a day. Chatwin's non-fiction-like sketch of a melancholy Midd...more
Jul 13, 2008
Jul 15, 2008
The Martian Chronicles
Mid-century anxieties are writ in the stars in this collection of stories (more a collection than singular novel). Bradbury is better with small narra...more
Dec 29, 2008
Sep 08, 2008
Sontag and Kael: Opposites Attract Me
I enjoyed this compare-and-contrast gloss of Sontag and Kael, certainly more than I've liked reading Sontag's critical work. Seligman's voice is genia...more
Nov 2007
Nov 24, 2007
La Perdida
I bought a nice, barely used copy of this at Freebird books, in Carroll Gardens/Red Hook. Graphic novels seem like such an indulgence. At the very lea...more
Aug 13, 2007
Jul 17, 2007
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