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Ice Haven
found this at a thrift store, totally stoked to read it. yeah two dollars fifteen cents!
Jun 2007
Jun 24, 2007
wow... wasn't expecting this. can't wait to read his second book.
Aug 2009
Aug 28, 2009
Of Tender Sin
i just finished this, my second goodis book and damn, i am a fan. totaly wrapped up in it. again, dysfunctional person. i think what he is really keen ...more
May 2009
May 19, 2009
How to Live Well Without Owning a Car: Save Money, Breathe Easier, and Get More Mileage Out of Life
this really didn't tell me anything that i already didn't know or would have not figured out with my own common sense. i felt that the comic illustrat ...more
Jun 2007
Jul 03, 2007
The Cave
why oh why oh why is saramago's writing either a hit or miss? this was a huge miss for me. how can someone write something so brilliant as blindness a ...more
Mar 2008
Nov 24, 2007
Of Mice and Men
Not my favorite Steinbeck, Tortilla Flat is better, in my opinion. Of Mice and Men was a little tainted for me when I read it, I saw a play of it by a ...more
Apr 15, 2013
Apr 11, 2013
Earth Abides
I am sure this book was outstanding at the time it was written, but I found it a little dated. I also thought the main protagonist was pretty annoying ...more
Mar 19, 2013
Feb 27, 2013
No Country for Old Men
i read this because i think the film is perfect, i had just seen the road, and decided i needed to give cormac a shot. i thought this book and the fil ...more
Feb 2010
Jan 30, 2010
The Road
this review is complemented by my review on no country for old men. i viewed the film first, and was afraid it would ruin the experience of reading th ...more
Feb 2010
Jun 24, 2007
Jules et Jim
Wow... this book surpassed all my expectations. I was initially weary of being disappointed in it as the film adaptation is one of my top four favorit ...more
Jul 2008
Jul 20, 2008
The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic - and How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World
i was optimistic that this was going to be better than it was. wasn't bad, but i felt that the author was too repetitive in information. also while re ...more
Jan 2008
Jan 01, 2008
Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Dexter, #1)
yes, i am totally addicted to the show. so i started the book. so strange how they are so similar and yet sooo different. quick read, entertaining, i ...more
not set
Dec 07, 2009
The Glass Key
I can't decide which is my favorite by Dashiell - The Glass Key or Red Harvest. The Glass Key was really smart, and had a lot of similarities to my fa ...more
Jul 2012
Sep 17, 2012
Holidays on Ice
i am on the fence about rating this one... the first story is the funniest and then it goes into some pretty disturbing satirical accounts. i can't te ...more
Feb 12, 2008
Jan 17, 2008
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, #1)
So it was more about love than zombies.... my suppressed hopeless romantic surfaced and i had to deal with her. loved the creative imagining of zombie ...more
Dec 19, 2009
Dec 07, 2009
Me Talk Pretty One Day
oh me oh my... i have always been a fan of his sister, but now i am a fan of his! his writing is so easy to get into and very fluid, but then there is ...more
Dec 2007
Jun 24, 2007
The Maltese Falcon
I liked this one more than I expected - because it takes place in my neighborhood. How awesome to be able to walk around my neighborhood and reimagine ...more
May 2012
Sep 17, 2012
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
why did i enjoy this novel? because i think the author writes with ease and chooses subject matter that i liken to correcting of long time rumors. rea ...more
Aug 2007
Aug 14, 2007
Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth
4 months into this regimen and my teeth are so damn smooth. Also a noticeable cavity is visually reversing and gums are really healthy.
Oct 2013
Feb 13, 2014
The Yiddish Policemen's Union
so i just finished this and have to say i was disappointed. i recall liking kavalier and clay, but distrusting my liking it. like it was too easy to l ...more
Jun 2007
Jun 24, 2007
The Walking Dead, Book One (The Walking Dead #1-12)
loved it. i love the television series so much, i wasn't sure how i'd do with the book... what i was afraid of was that the tv series would follow the ...more
Oct 31, 2012
Oct 08, 2012
The Thin Man
This is my least favorite from Dashielle. I read it after I read the Glass Key, and it didn't quite hold up to its predecessor.
Jul 2012
Sep 17, 2012
Oryx and Crake (MaddAddam, #1)
i absolutely loved this book. i think i found it on the bench in a friend's building, i'd heard margaret interviewed before and had been meaning to se ...more
Oct 27, 2012
Oct 15, 2012
A Boy's Own Story
a lovely little book that someone left me in the laundry room again. so far so good... i was wrong. no that great. for something acclaimed as it is, t ...more
Aug 18, 2007
Jul 09, 2007
Death with Interruptions
I found this book to be just okay. Blindness and the Gospel According to Jesus Christ are his best works.
Jan 2010
Sep 17, 2012
Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements
Great reference book to supplements. It has helped me with my sinuses, allergies, and much more.
Feb 2012
Sep 17, 2012
The Drought (Paladin Books)
Started out slow and got so awesome bizarre. My only complaint was the way it ended... I wish it was resolved better instead of the easy way out the a ...more
Apr 07, 2013
Mar 27, 2013
just finished, and wow, totally overrated. sure, it entertained me on many a bus ride, but i found it problematic. i really wasn't keen on the structu ...more
Sep 2007
Jun 24, 2007
i originally got this book because i was writing a paper on sophie calle and the artist in it is based on her. i did not like the introduction to the ...more
Oct 2007
Jun 24, 2007
After Dark, My Sweet
Quite a few typos in my copy of this book, it drove me nuts. It was pretty good, otherwise, but not my favorite Jim Thompson novel.
Feb 03, 2015
Jan 26, 2015
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