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The Winged Histories
it was amazing
"Four women — a soldier, a scholar, a poet, and a socialite — are caught up on opposing sides of a violent rebellion. As war erupts and their loyaltie ...more
Feb 29, 2016
Feb 23, 2016
The Grace of Kings (The Dandelion Dynasty, #1)
it was amazing
The Grace of Kings is the debut novel of acclaimed short fiction writer, Ken Liu, and is the first book in the Dandelion Dynasty. I've been a big fan ...more
Apr 15, 2015
Apr 07, 2015
The Waking Fire (The Draconis Memoria, #1)
really liked it
In a blurb on the ARC, Django Wexler described this as "Part Indiana Jones, part Pirates of the Caribbean, and part Mistborn", which is pretty accurat ...more
Jul 02, 2016
Jun 28, 2016
The Golem and the Jinni (The Golem and the Jinni, #1)
it was amazing
I thought this was a very good historical fantasy set in New York City around 1900. Though set in NYC, the plot is more character-based, focusing, wit ...more
May 04, 2013
Feb 01, 2013
Sinai Tapestry (The Jerusalem Quartet, #1)
it was amazing
"In the early nineteenth century, Skanderberg Wallenstein, a fanatical Albanian monk and linguist, unearths in a monastery in Jerusalem the oldest Bib ...more
Jan 06, 2015
Jan 01, 2015
Sorcerer to the Crown (Sorcerer Royal, #1)
liked it
(I received an Advanced Reader Copy in a Goodreads giveaway.)

Sorcerer to the Crown is the debut novel of Zen Cho. She's published some short fiction,
Jul 27, 2015
Jul 23, 2015
Old Venus
really liked it
George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois have previously edited an anthology titled Old Mars, of stories written in the style of Edgar Rice Burroughs and ...more
Apr 21, 2015
Mar 30, 2015
Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant, #5)
it was amazing
The fifth book in the Peter Grant series, Foxglove Summer moves the action to the countryside in the region of Herefordshire. Two eleven-year-old girl ...more
Nov 27, 2014
Nov 22, 2014
The Three-Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, #1)
really liked it
Wang Miao is a Chinese researcher working on nanomaterials with the eventual goal of creating a space elevator. He seems to be living in strange times ...more
Dec 03, 2014
Nov 28, 2014
Spirit Gate (Crossroads, #1)
liked it
Decent, but I wasn't blown away. The best part of the book was some strong characterization. Not every character got this, but most of them did. When ...more
Mar 05, 2013
Feb 23, 2013
City of Stairs (The Divine Cities, #1)
really liked it
Seems everyone has been reading and raving about this one so it was time to see what the fuss was about. I like how this secondary world urban fantasy ...more
Jan 13, 2015
Jan 06, 2015
The Daylight War (Demon Cycle, #3)
it was ok
Adam of the Wertzone sums up my feelings pretty well in his review. This book was chock full of filler. No wonder Brett apparently needs five books fo ...more
Mar 30, 2013
Mar 21, 2013
Crossroads of Canopy (Titan's Forest, #1)
really liked it
This a new fantasy with thirteen kingdoms and thirteen gods in a society living at the top of a giant forest. Very creative and inventive. Plus, I hav ...more
Jan 13, 2017
Jan 07, 2017
The Desert of Souls (The Chronicles of Sword and Sand #1)
really liked it
This book was a fun sword-and-sorcery adventure yarn set in 8th Century Baghdad. Think of the Prince of Persia movie, but more historically accurate a ...more
Apr 08, 2011
Apr 04, 2011
Twelve (The Danilov Quintet, #1)
it was ok
One cool thing about the book is that the vampires are pretty realistic. They have advantages over humans, but they have weaknesses to even the balanc ...more
not set
Feb 08, 2014
When Gravity Fails
liked it
The Audran Sequence seemed so promising with an interesting world in which many nation-states have fractured and the story is set in a city somewhere ...more
not set
May 29, 2012
Lowball (Wild Cards, #22)
liked it
Like the previous book in the Wild Cards series, Fort Freak, Lowball focuses on the cops and the poor, deformed residents of Jokertown. In this book, ...more
Nov 22, 2014
Nov 18, 2014
Days of the Deer
really liked it
It's basically a story of good versus evil, with foreign invaders coming to land to kill and enslave and bring physical and moral corruption with them ...more
Aug 18, 2013
Aug 13, 2013
Dream Houses
liked it
Dream Houses is a limited edition novella written and published for this year's Capclave, a SFF convention in Washington D.C. The story is about a wom ...more
Oct 28, 2014
Oct 27, 2014
Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
liked it
Trigger Warning is Neil Gaiman's third collection of short fiction featuring his most recent work from the last few years. It's a bit of a mix of both ...more
Mar 16, 2015
Mar 05, 2015
Shadow of the Wolf (Sherwood's Doom, #1)
liked it
This was marketed as Young Adult, but like Abercrombie's Shattered Seas books there's very little of the genre in the writing aside from the protagoni ...more
Jan 26, 2016
Jan 23, 2016
The Girl in the Road
it was ok
The Girl in the Road is the debut novel of Monica Byrne. The writing is solid and competently written, thus fairly engaging for the reader. The blurb ...more
Mar 19, 2015
Mar 16, 2015
Bats of the Republic: An Illuminated Novel
liked it
It's a complex book with four interconnected narratives, half set in 1843 and the other half in 2143, partly told in the form of letters, records, and ...more
Mar 24, 2016
Mar 21, 2016
The Shadow of the Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books,  #1)
it was amazing
I knew I was going to love this book within the first few pages. Dark and melancholy, but tempered with hope this book is simply fantastic. One of my ...more
not set
Sep 26, 2008
Riding the Unicorn
really liked it
John Willoby is being pulled between worlds. Or he is going mad, ‘riding the unicorn’ as his prison officer colleagues would say. It’s clear to Willob ...more
Nov 2014
Oct 28, 2014
The Voyage of the Basilisk (The Memoirs of Lady Trent, #3)
really liked it
The Voyage of the Basilisk is the third book in Marie Brennan's Lady Trent series. This one follows the narrator as she makes a trip around the world ...more
Apr 05, 2015
Apr 02, 2015
The Martian
really liked it
This is a survival story, albeit one set on Mars when astronaut Mark Watney is accidentally abandoned by his crew after a dust storm. It's a lot like ...more
Mar 2014
Feb 24, 2014
Cold Comfort and Other Stories
liked it
David McDonald is an Australian speculative fiction author who has written several short stories and his first novel, a novelization of a Canadian mov ...more
Feb 26, 2015
Feb 26, 2015
liked it
Uprooted is a fairly well written and compelling fairytale story. The world is compelling as well, and seems to be derived from the author's Polish an ...more
Jun 17, 2015
Jun 12, 2015
Racers of the Night
it was ok
I thought it was past time I did a full review for a collection/anthology book. I rather enjoyed Brad Torgersen’s first collection, Lights in the Deep ...more
Feb 03, 2015
Jan 23, 2015
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