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Prodigal Summer
really liked it
Very descriptive and calming. Three stories tied into one, and cleaned up neatly at the end. A good summertime read.

I read this book again, so I can w
May 10, 2011
Jul 30, 2008
The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb
liked it
This book was interesting only because of the protagonist. Had this same book been written in the same style and about a "normal" woman, it would've b ...more
Aug 12, 2011
Aug 07, 2011
Home Again
did not like it
About 1/3 of the way into this book, I predicted it. I stuck with it, because it's not a terrible story (I've read waaaay worse), but it's so fluffy a ...more
Jun 25, 2011
Jun 20, 2011
Zipporah, Wife of Moses (Canaan, #2)
did not like it
I was hoping this book would be more like "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamont, who took a few lines from the Bible about Dinah (the only daughter of Jacob ...more
Sep 23, 2009
Aug 24, 2009
A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander, #6)
really liked it
After posting an unfavorable review of "Fiery Cross" (as unfavorably as I can get...I do adore this series, even if all Claire and Jamie did was sit a ...more
Aug 26, 2011
Jun 20, 2011
The Endearment
liked it
I'm almost not wanting to post a review of this and a public admission that I read this book, for fear of the recommendations I will get from this sit ...more
not set
Dec 28, 2010
Just Shy of Harmony (Harmony, #2)
really liked it
I couldn't find the first book of the Harmony Series, so I was advised to just pick this one up and get started, that this series isn't really written ...more
not set
Dec 16, 2011
The Thorn Birds
really liked it
Sometime in the late 80s, when I was a kid and only had network tv per my parents, I saw a miniseries called "The Thorn Birds" that was being aired ag ...more
Aug 28, 2013
Jul 20, 2012
Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist's Wife
it was ok
If I mark this as 2 stars, it looks like I really disliked it, when two stars = "okay". If I mark it as 3 stars, it says "I liked it" and that is quit ...more
Jan 28, 2012
Jan 24, 2012
Second Nature
did not like it
This is the second Jacquelyn Mitchard book I have attempted (the first being "The Deep End of the Ocean") and I don't think it's meant to be. I gave t ...more
not set
Sep 19, 2011
Duck On A Bike
it was amazing
I have this book memorized now. I think it's my 3 year old's favorite book. It has surpassed even "Goodnight Moon".

The illustrations are worth buying
not set
Dec 19, 2010
Still Waters
liked it
Tami Hoag is quickly becoming a favorite author. I like a shivery, suspenseful murder mystery without being bogged down with details and gore. (I'll s ...more
Aug 26, 2011
Aug 24, 2011
Deep in the Valley (Grace Valley Trilogy, #1)
did not like it
This is ultimate fluff. It's perfect for a grandmother who wants to pass the time between crocheting afghans and petting her cat. It's safe and so swe ...more
May 30, 2011
Sep 16, 2008
Gone Girl
really liked it
This is one of those rare, delightfully horrific stories, the kind that's like a train-wreck, but it's a WELL-DONE train wreck, so that makes it even ...more
Aug 27, 2012
Jul 24, 2012
Chasing the Wind
liked it
This book was a recommended-read on Overdrive one day, and I love stories set in N'ahlins, so why not?

I'm not crazy-in-love with this story, but it's
Aug 22, 2012
Aug 18, 2012
Come Spring (Storm Family, #3)
liked it
I hate the fact that a.) I read this book and am reviewing it, b.) That I'm giving it 3 stars because in fact I did like it, and c.) I own it.

It's one
not set
Jan 03, 2012
really liked it
What I appreciate most about this book is the male author's keepin-it-real attitude throughout. Some of it is "in your face", but it needs to be said. ...more
Apr 16, 2011
May 01, 2011
Kiss of Crimson (Midnight Breed, #2)
it was ok
Book 2 of Lara Adrian's intriguing, hot, warrior-vampire novels. Between books 1 and 2, I think I like book 1 better.

Dante actually wasn't much diffe
May 22, 2012
May 08, 2012
The Confectioner's Tale
liked it
A pretty little tale of a research student in a few days in May, 1988, trying to find more information about her deceased grandfather before a profess ...more
Jan 29, 2017
Dec 16, 2016
The Poisonwood Bible
it was amazing
Excellent and haunting. Probably my third time to read this book but only now adding a rating.
Jun 13, 2017
Jun 07, 2017
Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate
really liked it
In the same vein as "The Red Tent" where an obscure figure (nameless, in this case) in the Bible is given an entire story and background.

Claudia is n
Jul 26, 2016
Jul 19, 2016
Lady in the Mist (The Midwives, #1)
did not like it
The synopsis of this book sounds good, but the fact that it's labeled as Christian fiction and took two chapters for me to even get a grip of what was ...more
Jul 06, 2011
Jul 04, 2011
Last Known Address
did not like it
Did not finish. Pick a POV, pick an angle, pick a character, stick with it. At least Jodi Picoult has the decency to ask her publisher to switch up fo ...more
May 02, 2010
Apr 28, 2010
The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)
really liked it
I always wonder if my heart can make more room for more fandom and more characters...I mean, Kvothe took up a big chunk of it, but then I meet Kelsier ...more
Oct 10, 2016
Sep 15, 2016
Blue Velvet
it was ok
Need something to read on a two-hour car ride? Here ya go! Do not expect anything above cliches ("Her smile was like a ray of sun on a winter morning" ...more
Aug 23, 2012
Aug 22, 2012
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
really liked it
Wow, this was one of the most intriguing little books I've ever read. I'm not saying it was fabulous and everyone needs to rush out and get it. I can ...more
Jan 25, 2011
Mar 12, 2009
Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed, #3)
really liked it
I devoured the first five books of this series (and I think I'll stop here before I get burnt out) and I don't even like vampire stories. I love these ...more
not set
May 22, 2012
Pride and Prejudice
liked it
Okay, I did things backwards. I watched the BBC miniseries of "Pnp" which starred (a very young) Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Then I watched the 2005 Kei ...more
Dec 15, 2010
Nov 20, 2010
Dark Horse (Elena Estes, #1)
liked it
Dark, creepy murder mystery set among horse showmanship and horse sports. I know next to nothing about that setting, but Tami Hoag takes care of that ...more
Sep 05, 2011
Aug 26, 2011
High Tide (Montgomery/Taggert, #14)
did not like it
I like Jude Deveraux, and all of her books I've read (except this one of course) are wonderful little fantastical ghost stories, or time traveling, or ...more
not set
Aug 07, 2012
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