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How to Be Good
The last sentence of this book made me feel daft. I think I pretty much comprehended the majority of the book: the mild, slightly frantic despair that ...more
Jul 17, 2010
Jul 17, 2010
The Wandering Falcon
It's possible that I am so ethnocentric that I don't appreciate the story-telling tradition and style of another culture. Either that, or this book wa ...more
Mar 06, 2012
Mar 07, 2012
The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing (Vish Puri, #2)
I have a definite fault that was plainly manifest when I read this book. I started reading, and was enjoying it quite a bit. I thought that the Mr. Ha ...more
Jul 12, 2011
Jul 20, 2011
Cities and the Wealth of Nations
It took me a while to get through this book because it is a serious and direct explanation of economic processes at work in the world. It is well writ ...more
not set
Jun 02, 2009
The Architecture of Happiness
"Belief in the significance of architecture is premised on the notion that we are...different people in different places - and on the conviction that ...more
Apr 19, 2012
Apr 25, 2012
Although I concede that Frankenstein is an imaginative creation, I found the book more tedious and tragic than filled with horror. Shelley does a good ...more
Mar 25, 2010
Mar 25, 2010
The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles, #3)
Hey. Guess what. Yep. You're right. The world's ending. Again. Mr. Riordan sure knows how to play variations on a theme. Unfortunately and embarrassin ...more
May 27, 2012
Jun 09, 2012
Time Quake (The Gideon Trilogy, #3)
**spoiler alert** I think I might have liked this book better than the previous one in the series, only because I had months to become accustomed to t ...more
Nov 07, 2009
Nov 29, 2009
The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1)
What's that old joke? "If it looks like HarryPotterPercyJacksonCamiMorganetc., and smells like HarryPotterPercyJacksonCamiMorganetc., and tastes like ...more
Sep 24, 2010
Sep 28, 2010
The Case of the Missing Servant (Vish Puri, #1)
Ah, India. How I long to see you and breath your diesel fumes and eat your greasy pakoras. Mr. Hall's first book about India's Most Private Investigat ...more
Jul 31, 2011
Aug 02, 2011
The Long Road from Vermont to Carthage
If you ever write a book, don't name it "The Long Road..." or any variation of this. There's about a hundred or more books with this phase in the titl ...more
Jun 08, 2012
Jun 09, 2012
Mormon Scientist: The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring
This book had some good stories in it, like the story of Henry Eyring trying to teach Albert Einstein about the resurrection and getting stumped by Ei ...more
not set
May 04, 2009
The Year of Magical Thinking
The Year of Magical Thinking is a very interesting and well written investigation of the author's own experience with complicated grief and how it aff ...more
Mar 15, 2010
Mar 17, 2010
What You Can Change and What You Can't: The Complete Guide to Successful Self-Improvement
Amazingly, this book is out of date. There have been too many advances in psychological research since Seligman wrote it, that his summaries and concl ...more
Jun 2012
Jun 09, 2012
Bruiser is a very well written book. The first 50 pages set up an excellent beginning to the story. Then I was suddenly surprised by the introduction ...more
Dec 22, 2010
Dec 23, 2010
The New Kings of Nonfiction
I've read some great non-fiction, and some of the articles in this book are pretty darn good. No doubt. But I wouldn't label them all kings (and queen ...more
not set
Sep 26, 2009
Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith
I've been told that most biographies are written like this. It seems to be written quite similar to "The Map That Changed the World," which I reviewed ...more
May 22, 2010
May 22, 2010
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
I remember with wonder this story from my childhood. I remember being pleased and excited especially by the way everything worked out well for Claus, ...more
Dec 03, 2009
Dec 03, 2009
In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
I used to be worried that Social Security would go bankrupt and then so would the government. But if Michael Pollan is to be believed, I need not worr ...more
May 2012
May 11, 2012
World Architecture: The Masterworks
Yes, the pictures are beautiful. But from what I can tell, this book's extremely broad and superficial review of a large amount of old buildings indic ...more
May 06, 2012
May 11, 2012
Johnny and the Dead (Johnny Maxwell, #2)
The thing I liked best about this book is just how prosaic and small the whole conflict was. There is nothing earth-shattering, nothing of national im ...more
Jun 12, 2010
Jul 17, 2010
Independence Hall (I, Q, #1)
Exciting, well written, and interesting characters. There are some surprising twists in the book, which keep it interesting, even when it is another o ...more
Jan 24, 2010
Jan 31, 2010
Terry Pratchett is an excellent writer. He especially knows how to write action that isn't trite and ordinary. The scene near the beginning of the boo ...more
Sep 02, 2010
Sep 02, 2010
The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)
Read the summary of the second book at the end of this one before diving in. Then read the first and last pages of each chapter. If you catch somethin ...more
not set
Aug 13, 2009
Eloquent Witness: Nibley on Himself, Others, and the Temple. the Collected Works of Hugh Nibley: Volume 17
My biggest issue with Nibley, is that he bases a good deal of his statements of "fact" on sketchy appocrapha. He has a definite take on the past that ...more
Dec 15, 2010
Dec 18, 2010
Crossed (Matched, #2)
Ms. Condie did a great job recreating the feel of adventuring in the slot canyons of Southern Utah. I could almost smell it myself. Additionally, her ...more
Feb 07, 2012
Feb 19, 2012
The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
Dave Ramsey is a very annoying personality on the radio, and it comes out in his book too. He has some good financial suggestions in amoungst all his ...more
not set
Aug 13, 2009
The Running Dream
I know a book is good when I have to check to see if it is a memoire. Van Draanen has created a character and situation that feels grounded in reality ...more
Nov 16, 2011
Nov 19, 2011
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
Scary book about what people do to their environment that leads them to societal collapse. The topic is frighteningly fascinating, or maybe fascinatin ...more
Aug 29, 2009
Aug 13, 2009
The Boy Who Dared
This is a historical fiction book about an LDS teenager in Germany who tried to fight against the Nazi government. In general, the facts of the story ...more
Sep 15, 2009
Nov 29, 2009
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