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Pimps, Whores and Welfare Brats: From Welfare Cheat to Conservative Messenger
Star Parker helps restore hope that the Black community of political conservatives will stand up and speak out. In this book Star tells of her growin ...more
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Nov 04, 2013
The Last Patriot (Scot Harvath, #7)
While the plot seemed a little far fetched, it also was one of those fast paced sort of edge of the seat thrillers that kept me reading. The premise t ...more
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Oct 24, 2013
The Sheen on the Silk
While I haven't read a lot of Anne Perry novels, this third one is my favorite so far. I love her attention to historical detail and this one is no d ...more
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Jun 19, 2013
Colossus: Hoover Dam and the Making of the American Century
This was a very fascinating look at one of the greatest building feats of the 20th century ... the building of the Hoover Dam. I was a bit disappoint ...more
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Nov 21, 2011
George Washington's War: The Saga of the American Revolution
This is a very comprehensive and EXCELLENT account of the American Revolutionary War.I learned so much that I didn't know about most of the key playe ...more
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Dec 29, 2009
We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families
This was an incredibly thorough book dealing with the Rwandan genocide. It was an intensely emotional and difficult book to read. I had to keep puting ...more
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Oct 30, 2010
The King of Torts
I discovered John Grisham's books when I realized that I did not have a book on hand to read ... I didn't have time to go to the library and found a ...more
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Mar 03, 2010
The House at Sugar Beach
This is one of those gems I found on the bargain table at Borders a few weeks ago. I started reading it and could hardly put it down. The author grew ...more
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Jun 25, 2011
Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II's Greatest Rescue Mission
I once again picked up a book dealing with survival and war ... but it's books like these that so fully bring out the incredible strength of the huma ...more
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Mar 01, 2012
What's Wrong with the World
Love GK Chesterton's wit and clarity of thought. In this collection of essays, I love PART III "Feminism, or the Mistake About Woman". I especially lo ...more
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Apr 21, 2013
Sum It Up: 1,098 Victories, a Couple of Irrelevant Losses, and a Life in Perspective
I devoured this book. I grew up in an era when women's sports was in its infancy. I was a part of our high school women's basketball team my senior y ...more
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Apr 17, 2013
In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin
A very long road trip gave me the chance to read this book for many hours ... and the chance to finish it in a couple days. This is the account of Hi ...more
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May 14, 2012
Audition: A Memoir
I picked up this memoir from the bargain table at Borders and am glad I did. By the end of the 582nd page, I felt like I truly knew Barbara Walters. ...more
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Apr 29, 2011
Our Last Best Chance: The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril
A very fascinating look at the Middle East crisis through the eyes of a moderate Arab Muslim. While not endorsing everything he said, I read this boo ...more
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Jul 21, 2011
The Cobra Event
The story-line in this novel is obviously fiction; the research that Richard Preston has done in the area of the creation of biological weapons using ...more
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Nov 18, 2012
I picked up this book on the bargain table at Borders on Sunday and from the moment I opened the pages, I was consumed with this woman's story ... I ...more
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Mar 18, 2011
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
This is the second time I've read this book. The second time I read an edited and abridged version. Both were good. The second time I was not as moved ...more
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Jul 19, 2012
Libby Prison Breakout: The Daring Escape from the Notorious Civil War Prison
I picked up this book at the library having read very little Civil War history. It was hard to believe that our country could have gone through such ...more
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Mar 01, 2012
The Maid and the Queen: The Secret History of Joan of Arc
I picked up this book as I've always been intrigued by the story of Joan of Arc ... and was intrigued by the "secret" part of the title of this parti ...more
Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013
Imperial Woman
This historical novel about the last empress of China, Tsu Hsi, was totally absorbing, fascinating, and hard to put down. The empress was born of low ...more
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Oct 18, 2012
Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America
This is a difficult book to read for anyone who loves America as originally designed by our Founding Fathers. It is not an easy read because Levin al ...more
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Sep 17, 2012
Undaunted Courage: The Pioneering First Mission to Explore America's Wild Frontier
A fascinating history of the exploration of land purchased by Jefferson west of the Mississipi. I enjoyed reading about the preparations for the corp ...more
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Feb 03, 2010
Dinner at the New Gene Café: How Genetic Engineering Is Changing What We Eat, How We Live, and the Global Politics of Food
This is the first book I've read re: GMO's and I found it fascinating. I picked it up having had an interest in the whole topic and not really unders ...more
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Oct 15, 2013
I, Michael Bennett - Free Preview: The first 22 chapters
This book caught my eye first of all b/c it was on a discounted book shelf ... AND b/c I saw that the story took place in New York City as well as nor ...more
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Apr 10, 2013
Blood and Thunder: An Epic of the American West
This was a remarkable account of the history of America's westward expansion. With the continual expansion of American settlement west,came the added ...more
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Jan 18, 2012
These Is My Words (Sarah Agnes Prine, #1)
This book was a "chance" discovery as I was browsing the library looking for another book to read and what a gem !! It chronicles the journey of a yo ...more
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May 26, 2012
Dead Man's Ransom (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, #9)
I love the Brother Cadfael mysteries as much for the richness of the characters and setting in old 12th Century England as for the intricate mysterie ...more
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May 19, 2012
Tears of the Giraffe
This book caught my eye on the "bargain" table at Barnes and Noble ... I mean the deep clearance section of books ... I paid 1.97$ for this book! But ...more
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Aug 10, 2013
Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur
I just finished this heart breaking story out of Darfur,Sudan, Africa. The author grew up in a tribal village in Africa, the daughter of a warm and w ...more
Jan 11, 2009
Jan 05, 2009
Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message
Ravi Zacharias is one of the most respected of Christian apologists and this book is an example of why. In this book Ravi explains in thought provoki ...more
Apr 23, 2014
Apr 15, 2014