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The Learning Tree
The Learning Tree challenged
A member of the Mobile county school board in Alabama is seeking to remove Gordon Parks' book, The
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May 30, 2010
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Picture of Dorian Gray was considered homoerotic and suggestive. Many critics, including the Daily Chronicle on June 30, 1890 said that there is, ...more
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Mar 17, 2012
Fallen Angels
Parents of the Blue Valley School District in Kansas are currently petitioning for this and thirteen other books to be removed from all high school cl ...more
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Dec 30, 2009
Holy Bible: King James Version
Well, I did it. I read the Bible, from cover to cover. It only took 7 years.

On to the Quran.
Dec 2008
Dec 01, 2007
Anastasia Krupnik (Anastasia Krupnik, #1)
The Anastasia Krupnik series was 29th on the American Library Association's "The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–2000"[1:] for reasons su ...more
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Jul 27, 2009
Hello, I Lied
Banned from a Texas middle school for homosexual content
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Feb 13, 2009
The Facts Speak for Themselves
#54 on the ALA banned book list 2000-09
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Apr 24, 2010
Bless Me, Ultima
really liked it
#33 on the ALA's list of banned books.

The book had been removed following parent complaints of profanity and “pagan content” (the book’s title charact
Apr 2009
Jun 23, 2007
The Education of Henry Adams
it was ok
I am having a lot of trouble plowing through this one. I've been reading it for almost nine weeks (I know because it's due back at the library after 2 ...more
Jul 2008
Mar 27, 2008
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Logans, #4)
2004- A parent in Oviedo, Florida, demanded that this frequently-challenged, award-winning novel be banned from all schools in Seminole County. She ob ...more
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Oct 22, 2011
For Whom the Bell Tolls
When the Pulitzer Prize Advisory Board recommended For Whom the Bell Tolls for the 1940 prize, Columbia University President Nicholas Murray Butle
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Oct 09, 2008
Down These Mean Streets
In District 25, College Park Queens, in 1971, Down These Means Streets was removed from the library shelf of the local schools over the strong protest ...more
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Nov 09, 2011
Captain Underpants Boxed Set (#1-4)
Reported by the American Library Association to be the sixth most frequently challenged books in the year 2002. According to the American Library Asso ...more
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Aug 07, 2010
Family Secrets
This novel has been challenged in many schools and public libraries for themes deemed inappropriate for adolescents; in this case, talk about divorce, ...more
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Apr 23, 2009
Always Running

Pulled from the Santa Barbara (CA) schools after a parent complained about graphic passages depicting violence and sex.


Challenged, but retaine
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Dec 02, 2010
The Witches of Worm
Wikipedia: This book has a history of being banned from school libraries because of its focus on the subject of witchcraft, the description of visions ...more
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Jun 03, 2011
Doctor Zhivago
The novel's underlying criticism of the Bolshevik party led to it being banned until 1988 in Russia. When Pasternak was chosen for the esteemed Nobel ...more
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Jun 05, 2010
Mick Harte Was Here

Challenged, but retained at the Centennial Elementary School library in Fargo (ND) after parents complained to school officials that the book cont
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May 30, 2010
Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do
Terkel came in person to respond to a motion to ban his book, "Working," from the curriculum of Girard High School in Pennsylvania because of the book ...more
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Dec 19, 2011
The House of the Spirits
it was ok
#97 on the ALA most banned books list, 2000-2009

I don't mind magical realism as a genre, but I like my books to be either more magical or more real. T
Jun 2014
Apr 27, 2010
Black Beauty
Black Beauty was banned in South Africa because it used the words "black" and "beauty" in the title.

Swear to god, y'all..
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Feb 01, 2011
Saga #1
Those who sought to ban it called it “sexually explicit” and also criticized it for containing “offensive language.”
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Apr 17, 2015
A Stolen Life
Among the objections to the book is that it depicts “drugs/alcohol/smoking” and contains “offensive language,”
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Apr 17, 2015
Kaffir Boy: An Autobiography
Banned from the curriculum of Burlingame Intermediate School in northern California for sexual content.
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Oct 13, 2009
The Great Gilly Hopkins
#20 on the American Library Association's list of the 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books for 1990-2000.
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Jun 12, 2010
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
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Jul 31, 2010
Hitty, Her First Hundred Years
Challenged in Wyoming because of the following passage:

"I stayed there until some picnickers stopped to eat lunch under my tree. They were noisy, una
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Jul 05, 2008
Memories of My Melancholy Whores
Banned in Iran after an initial publication of 50,000 for "promoting prostitution".
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Oct 03, 2009
The Arizona Kid
#80 on the ALA Banned Book list- I suspect because of the gay uncle...
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Apr 25, 2009
The Headless Cupid (Stanley Family, #1)
# 98 on The ALA's 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–2001
not set
Jun 03, 2011
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