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Good books should participate in a "conversation" with each other, and with us when we read them. I made the mistake of inviting Joyce - via Ulysses - ...more
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Mar 28, 2009
The Catcher in the Rye
Reading this book was one of the biggest wastes of my time in the past twenty years. Holden Caulfield's problem is that he is the biggest phony he kno ...more
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Jul 19, 2008
House of Leaves
I finished House of Leaves. A synopsis of the book - if such a thing were actually possible - might go something like this: This is the story of the a ...more
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Nov 13, 2009
When the Bough Breaks: Rockabye Baby
Carl Goodman is the owner, editor, and sole reporter of The Breeze, the weekly newspaper in Hebron, Georgia. He also narrates the story of Ada McCallu ...more
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Sep 30, 2012
The Rocking Horse
The Rocking Horse has me confused. More accurately, my reaction to The Rocking Horse has me confused. When I read a mystery or thriller, I want to be ...more
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Jan 28, 2012
Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest
This is the third book in Larsson's Millennium series. About halfway through this one, I started viewing it less as a stand-alone book in a series and ...more
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Nov 22, 2009
East of Eden
My first encounter with Steinbeck was The Grapes of Wrath. I didn't enjoy the encounter. Had my first encounter been East of Eden, I most likely would ...more
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Jun 13, 2009
Saint Sebastian's Head
Saint Sebastian’s Head is a darkly enchanting tale of a young woman's haunting past, and love's power to melt its icy grip on her heart. The story ope ...more
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Aug 06, 2011
Rendezvous Rock
Rendezvous Rock is difficult to classify as to genre. It could easily be classified as YA, Romance, or YA Romance, but none of those comes close to co ...more
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Sep 22, 2011
Lay Death at Her Door
At forty-two years of age, Kate still lives with her father because she’s never completely recovered from the effects of witnessing a murder and being ...more
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May 30, 2013
The Monk
I think Wilkie Collins has spoiled me when it comes to this type of Victorian/Gothic/Thriller because it's so hard to match his writing and storytelli ...more
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Apr 28, 2009
The Tooth Fairy
The feeling I came away from The Tooth Fairy with was neither of happiness nor of satisfaction and, although it was a fairly dark story, neither was t ...more
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Nov 18, 2009
The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise
As a Beefeater, Balthazar Jones lives in the Salt Tower at the Tower of London with his wife, Hebe, and Mrs. Cook, their hundred-and-eighty-one-year-o ...more
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Jul 01, 2010
The Mermaid's Pendant
When my older daughter was about four years old, she had Ariel pajamas that she would have worn everywhere if we'd let her. One of her favorite videos ...more
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Apr 06, 2010
To the Lighthouse
Some of the sentences Woolf puts together make Cervantes and Pynchon look like Dr. Seuss. Parenthetical phrases and bits of stream of consciousness ne ...more
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Apr 23, 2009
The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews, and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain
"The fact that Ferdinand and Isabella did not choose the path of tolerance is seen as an example of the intractability and inevitability of intoleranc ...more
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Mar 28, 2009
Life After Dane
If Life After Dane were a TV show, it would be some kind of combo, mini-series, spin-off of Criminal Minds and The Dead Files. Ella has spent months t ...more
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Jul 23, 2013
The Gargoyle
**spoiler alert** The narrator/protagonist, whose name we never learn, is the gargoyle of the title both in appearance - from wounds suffered in an au ...more
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Nov 30, 2009
The Report
This is the story of an accident that claimed the lives of one hundred seventy-three Londoners at the entrance to an air-raid shelter on the evening o ...more
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Aug 17, 2010
In Cold Blood
With the glut of crime-related progams - both factual and fictional- on primetime television and the daily bombardment of crime we receive from the ne ...more
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Mar 28, 2009
Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet, #1)
Card's insights on leadership and the development of it were interesting and could have been explored further. The depictions of what were essentially ...more
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Jul 10, 2009
Virginia Woolf without the stream of consciousness...well there were a couple of pages toward the end.

Many reviewers see this as a book about feminism
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Jun 03, 2009
The Zombie Room
When Tatiana’s life is turned upside down, she makes a choice that will turn it inside out as well. Each having made choices that result in their inca ...more
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Aug 19, 2012
This was a very tedious read. The writing was so-so, it was verbose, and the story - although somewhat unusual - was not all that interesting. Lots of ...more
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Aug 10, 2009
Much better than I expected, considering my only other experience with Joyce is Ulysses . "The Dead" is particularly good.
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May 12, 2012
The Marrowbone Marble Company
Writing a review of M. Glenn Taylor's The Marrowbone Marble Company has been difficult for me - not because of the book itself but because determining ...more
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Apr 10, 2010
Snow Escape
Allegra Maxwell is a 30-year old elementary-school teacher who finds her plans for a Friday evening thwarted by a snow storm that threatens to shut do ...more
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Oct 09, 2011
Great literary first lines come in all shapes and sizes. Some are short and classic: Melville’s “Call me Ishmael.” in Moby Dick. Others are more recen ...more
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Jun 01, 2012
The Yellow Wall-Paper and Other Writings
I added this to my TBR list because The Yellow Wallpaper is on the 1001 Books list and it looked interesting. I was surprised, and a little disappoint ...more
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Jan 10, 2010
The Burning Bush (Santeria Habitat, #2)
The Burning Bush picks up the story of Lanore Vesta about a month after the end of her first adventure in Fire Baptized. It starts with a bang – liter ...more
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Sep 16, 2012
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