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Alexander Hamilton
“..greed can corrupt a state and that a public official who betrays his trust “ought to feel the utmost rigor of public resentment and be detested as ...more
Feb 2009
Aug 19, 2008
The Crimson Petal and the White
I read this book several years ago and it captured me right away. I love the setting and the 18th century era. I loved the jarring twists and turns an ...more
Jan 2006
Jul 16, 2008
Outlander (Outlander, #1)
What can I say about Diana Gabaldon? Her writing is colorful and easy to read, yet takes you away to places you could never go. The story of Claire in ...more
Jan 2004
Jul 16, 2008
44 Charles Street
I can't believe this book was written by Danielle Steel. It was poorly written, redundant, repetitive, head hopped all the way through it and it didn' ...more
Oct 2011
Sep 18, 2011
Show Boat
This book took me away from a difficult childhood and helped me escape into the world of books. It was a large and involved three generation, post civ ...more
Jan 1965
Jul 24, 2008
Courage in Patience: A Story of Hope for Those Who Have Endured Abuse
A wonderful book for anyone who's ever suffered from child abuse or known someone who has. Follow Ashley in her lonely world as she suffers at the han ...more
Oct 07, 2008
Jul 21, 2008
Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, #2)
No complaints from me! This is the second in the Outlander Series. I will warn you that you absolutely must read the first book in the series The Outl ...more
Jan 2004
Jul 16, 2008
John Adams
I'm a history buff and also love reading TRUE accounts of real people. David McCullough brought John Adams to life and made him a real person. The rel ...more
May 2008
Jul 16, 2008
Winter's Tale
A Winter's Tale is a lyrical masterpiece. It's how a book should be written. The prose is beautiful and activates the readers imagination. Helprin tak ...more
Mar 12, 2015
Feb 13, 2014
The Warble
The Warble brought me back to when I was a young girl haunting the library for a story that would take me on a journey far, far away. It did not disap ...more
Jul 26, 2015
Jul 27, 2015
An Unlikely Arrangement (Velvet Shoe Collection, #1)
Loved it!!
Aug 2011
Aug 24, 2011
The Wolf of Britannia, Part I
Another outstanding historical drama by Author Jess Steven Hughes. As a history buff, I thoroughly enjoyed the attention to detail throughout the nove ...more
Apr 10, 2015
Mar 12, 2015
A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story
You truly must be a history buff to love this book. I am, but I can see where some may not. It begins in 1881 in Russia where Nicholas II the last Tsa ...more
Jan 2000
Jul 19, 2008
Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner, #1)
This was a free download, so I bit. It's a good story about a suppressed twenty-something woman held emotionally hostage by her not so likeable mother ...more
Apr 16, 2014
May 26, 2014
Voyager (Outlander, #3)
Again, we have Claire separated by two centuries from her love, Jamie in Scotland. She's going back! Twenty years later. The detail and the pictures D ...more
Jan 2005
Jul 16, 2008
Southern Living 1999 Annual Recipes
It's the holidays and I'm pulling out my cookbooks to find the greatest recipe to take to our Thanksgiving dinner with family. I've always liked this ...more
Jan 1999
Nov 21, 2008
Lord John and the Private Matter (Lord John Grey, #1)
I listened to this book on audible while I take my daily walk. I am a huge fan of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series, so while waiting for the next boo ...more
Oct 2013
Oct 10, 2013
The Advance Guard (Phantom Squadron, #1)
This is a face paced adventure mixing the normal world with fantasy. An enjoyable read, something new and exciting!
Jul 24, 2011
Jun 21, 2011
Three Weeks With My Brother
This memoir written by Nicholas Sparks is truly an inspirational read. Any of you who love his books will love this candid, sweet and often heart-wren ...more
Jul 26, 2009
Jul 27, 2009
Closed Doors, a Trilogy
Something different. In Author Richard Weatherly's 'Closed Doors' A Trilogy you will get a novella and two short stories. The novella, "Toxic Situatio ...more
Jan 2014
Jan 27, 2014
The Scottish Prisoner (Lord John Grey, #3)
Conceding the point that not everyone enjoys Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series, I have to give this review on my own personal preference. I enjoy an i ...more
Mar 19, 2012
Mar 28, 2012
Raising Cole: Developing Life's Greatest Relationship, Embracing Life's Greatest Tragedy: A Father's Story
I was fortunate to hear Marc Pittman speak at Shreve Memorial Library in Shreveport, La. I bought his book after his heart warming story of how he han ...more
Jun 10, 2012
Jun 29, 2012
Molly McBean and the Secret Cave
Minions, and Whimzies, and Baxtas, Oh my!!

What a great middle grade, preteen book! I am always looking for the kind of books that will entice my grand
Aug 05, 2013
Aug 05, 2013
In Her Shoes
This book touched me in more ways than one. I've read several of Jennifer Weiner's books and always love her style. This is a book about sisters and a ...more
Apr 06, 2011
Mar 13, 2011
Souls Set Free
Souls Set Free is a heart wrenching, yet heartwarming journey of a young woman’s struggle to reconcile a past fraught with violence and pain. The unbe ...more
Jul 29, 2013
Jul 09, 2013
Went Out to Get a Donut...Came Home with a Muffin
This author has crafted a wonderful children's book. Very appealing for young children. A song about a dog with the cutest name, Muffin. If you are lo ...more
Jul 18, 2013
Jul 20, 2013
Sharecropping In North Louisiana
An inspirational portrayal of family life and the everyday struggles of sharecroppers during the depression era. I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions ...more
Jan 31, 2012
Jan 23, 2012
James Herriot's Cat Stories
I'm a cat lover although I haven't been able to replace my last one. She was a beautiful siamese. I'd had her for 10 years and one day she just disapp ...more
Jan 1995
Nov 21, 2008
The Mercy of Thin Air
A book for true romantics! This book covers the power of love in this world and the next. Beautifully written, breathless prose. I couldn't put it dow ...more
Mar 2009
Mar 25, 2009
For the Love of D.H. Lawrence
All the elements I like in a book are alive in this story. A strong woman, a troubled past, the fear she keeps hidden, her strong protective nature, a ...more
Jul 26, 2013
Jul 05, 2013
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