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Let It Snow
Looking for Alaska is popular with my students, and I've enjoyed everything I've read by John Green, so I bought this for my classroom library.

The fir...more
Dec 25, 2008
Dec 26, 2008
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
**spoiler alert** Oh wow...I really wanted to love this. I moved it to the top of my To Be Read stacks, ahead of the dozens of other books that have b...more
Aug 05, 2010
Aug 05, 2010
The Borrower
Oh how I wanted to love this book! It has so many things that I adore: libraries, quirkiness, a book reference on almost every page, a journey, a poss...more
not set
Jul 04, 2011
Mathilda Savitch
The back cover blurb uses the Catcher comparison, and I'm usually drawn in by that.

The first chapters held promise. I didn't like the character but I...more
Jan 24, 2010
Jan 24, 2010
Chris Crutcher is usually good, and this one is ok, but I think he tried to do way too much here and ended up with width, not depth. Let's see: fatal...more
Jul 2009
Jul 06, 2009
The Hour I First Believed
Disappointing, because I Know This Much Is True is one of my all-time favorites, and Wally Lamb uses a similar format for this novel.

Columbine, Hurri...more
Dec 22, 2008
Dec 09, 2008
Eating Heaven
**spoiler alert** I thought this would be light chick-lit I could read during my convalescence, but, although the writer's style is a tad chick-litty...more
Jan 10, 2009
Jan 10, 2009
This is why I read reviews on Good Reads and in the New York Times. Based only on the plot, this sounds like something I'd never read; fiction about p...more
not set
Feb 23, 2011
Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter
Growing up in the 1960s-70s, my record collection included the Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, the Who, Deep Purple...and the Carpenters. Back then, we...more
not set
Jul 04, 2011
Big Girl Small
Really 1.5 stars.

At times, the writing was so bad, I wondered how this could've gotten published without some serious revision. I get that the author...more
not set
Jul 04, 2011
The Anti-Romantic Child
As an English teacher, I tell my students that myths, poetry and stories are writers' attempts to make sense of things that seem beyond explanation. A...more
not set
Jul 09, 2011
One Day
Well, this book was exactly what I needed on an overcast, muggy summer weekend: hilarious and heartbreaking, with infuriating characters who seemed li...more
not set
Jun 27, 2010
Everything Matters!
This is a hard book to review without giving too much away, so I will just say: read the description on the inside cover. If that seems like your cup...more
Aug 2009
Aug 18, 2009
The Elegance of the Hedgehog
Lately I have been reading a lot of books that touch upon the relationships between people from different classes. As an American I'm not usually cons...more
not set
Jul 04, 2011
The Dinner
If you need to like at least one character in every book you read, don't bother with Herbert Koch's The Dinner. I will tell you right now, no spoilers...more
not set
Jan 04, 2014
Some Things That Stay
The first part of the book is four stars. The rest of it is barely two stars. This has all been done before---rural setting, coming-of-age, offbeat pa...more
not set
Apr 19, 2011
Cold Mountain
This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. After spending the better part of the '90s putting little green Barnes & Noble "bestsell...more
Jul 2009
Jul 18, 2009
The Ordinary Seaman
3/52 in my 52-book challenge. Not a quick read, but a rich, satisfying one.

This book is the perfect example of why I still take classes even though I...more
not set
Feb 17, 2014
Lemonade Mouth
I am working my way through some of the books recommended by Kelly Gallagher in Readicide. This one was cited as a book that engages students who don'...more
Jul 03, 2009
Jul 04, 2009
The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Post-9/11, highly metaphorical, tightly constructed. The entire book is a one-sided conversation between the narrator, a young Princeton-educated Paki...more
not set
Jan 04, 2014
Love Is a Four-Letter Word: True Stories of Breakups, Bad Relationships, and Broken Hearts
I expected this to be an uneven collection, and it is - some of the essays are good, and some just go nowhere, but they're all so heartfelt that I fee...more
Aug 2009
Aug 11, 2009
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Lives up to its title, especially the heartbreaking part. I loved this book, and I usually have a problem with memoirs. Transcendent.
not set
Jul 13, 2008
One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories
Really 2.5 stars. Some of the stories were good, some were disappointing, and at least one was really bad and made me wonder what the editors were thi...more
not set
Apr 19, 2014
My Life in France
I don't have anything fascinating to say about this except that Julia and Paul seem like the perfect couple and their life together was so cool. I use...more
not set
Dec 02, 2010
Whitethorn Woods
I love anything to do with Ireland, and I think my fascination with the isle began years ago when I discovered Maeve Binchy's books. They are comforti...more
Dec 24, 2008
Dec 25, 2008
Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe
This was a very enjoyable, well-written book, but that's not why I loved it. I loved it because it was one of those books that, as you're reading it,...more
Jan 17, 2009
Jan 18, 2009
I think Maureen Johnson is my new favorite YA author. I just ordered 3 of her books from Amazon because I liked her story in Let it Snow so much. Her...more
Dec 29, 2008
Dec 30, 2008
Just Listen
I really liked this YA novel for its realistic portrayal of a family in all kinds of denial. The plot is very much like Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson...more
Jul 02, 2009
Jul 03, 2009
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
I already knew about the "spoiler" and that simply made me more interested in the book. I'd really thought of Karen Joy Fowler as a chick lit author,...more
Jan 04, 2014
Jan 04, 2014
A Dog's Purpose
No phenomenal writing here but I have to give it 5 stars because it does what it sets out to do: tells a good story, helps me understand my dog, and m...more
not set
Apr 19, 2011
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