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Burn Collector: Collected Stories from One Through Nine
As I read this collection of shorter zines, I kept thinking a couple things.

First, I kept Cometbus in mind, comparing the two zinesters. Both share a
Aug 2007
Aug 10, 2007
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
And thus began what would be a year and a half-long obsession with George Smiley and his British Circus. Having now read every last book in which Smil ...more
May 2006
Jun 13, 2007
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
This book was okay. Tom Wolfe was always an outsider, a New Yorker, even a (gasp) Yalie. He was never really 'on the bus' if you know what I mean. But ...more
Sep 2007
Aug 23, 2007
The Executioner's Song
I can't resist the deliciously apparent metaphor provided by the circumstance that it took me pretty much exactly from Christmas to Easter to read thi ...more
Mar 2008
Jan 09, 2008
The Armies of the Night: History as a Novel, the Novel as History
Norman Mailer, Norman Mailer. I believe I will take a page from Mr. Christopher Hitchens, who did NOT have a problem blasting Jerry Falwell on nationa ...more
Dec 2007
Nov 07, 2007
A Year With Swollen Appendices
This book pretty much blew my mind into tiny shreds.

This book consists of Brian Eno's diary from the year 1995, and a set of swollen appendices of es
Oct 13, 2008
Sep 08, 2008
Miss Lonelyhearts/The Day of the Locust
"Violence in America is idiomatic." Nathanael West (Nathan Weinstein)

Reading West is to be struck, as in the face, again and again by his visceral sex
Apr 2011
Mar 22, 2011
Holy Hullabaloos: A Road Trip to the Battlegrounds of the Church/State Wars
Nearly five years after graduating from law school, I can say with a half-shamed confidence that I almost never read legally-related books off the clo ...more
Feb 27, 2011
Feb 14, 2011
The Handmaid's Tale
I wish that I could rate this novel more highly. I enjoyed it, despite and perhaps because of its unerringly cold tone and content. But while the narr ...more
Sep 26, 2011
Sep 21, 2011
My Dark Places
Obsessive, blunt, dark. Genuine. Painful. Lurid. Riveting. Never maudlin, never easy. Ellroy's dark places are spellbinding. This memoir reads like a ...more
Dec 11, 2014
Dec 05, 2014
The Complete Stories
I possess an almost unbounded hatred for Flannery O'Connor. Her themes are so TIRED. I get it, Flannery, you have Catholic damage. It's engulfed your ...more
Jan 1997
Jun 18, 2007
Slouching Towards Bethlehem
My favorite piece in this collection was her essay on keeping a notebook:

"The impulse to write things down is a peculiarly compulsive one, inexplicab
Dec 31, 2014
Jun 16, 2008
Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class
I almost didn't review this book. I could tell pretty early on that I wasn't going to have much to say about it, despite having had an extensive conve ...more
Apr 2008
Apr 22, 2008
In Cold Blood
this book was a nice stop along the way in my run of 60's "new journalism" - EKAT, in cold blood, armies of the night, fear and loathing on the campai ...more
Oct 2007
Jun 14, 2007
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72
I have a longstanding affection for reading books in the locations at which the books take place. I developed this interest during an apoplectic fit o ...more
Apr 2008
Jun 14, 2007
The Miernik Dossier (Paul Christopher #1)
Charles McCarry manages a steep feat in this novel -- he matches the sophistication of Graham Greene's espionage 'entertainments' with the literary in ...more
Apr 28, 2010
Mar 09, 2010
The Little Sister (Philip Marlowe, #5)
At times, the story was a bit opaque... But always anchored and carried on by Chandler's language -- imaginative, clear, and brutal. His Los Angeles i ...more
Oct 06, 2014
Sep 30, 2014
Farewell, My Lovely (Philip Marlowe #2)
My second Chandler novel; always a pleasure to read books in the city where they are set - I read this mostly in the stolen moments between working at ...more
Jan 02, 2012
Dec 23, 2011
The Continental Op
Hammett's San Francisco is the older brother to Chandler's Los Angeles (and grand-daddy to Ellroy's America). The city's alleys slick with wet fog, ba ...more
Dec 2014
Sep 19, 2011
Staying at Home, Staying in the Law: A Guide to Remaining Active in the Legal Profession While Pursuing Your Dreams
A couple hundred pages of ***glistening generalities*** and almost no substance.

This is a thinly-disguised self-help/empowerment book for mommy lawyer
Apr 2011
Apr 25, 2011
The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories
I really loved this short collection of stories, each of which is an empowering snapshot into a handful of turn of the century women's lives made bett ...more
Apr 2009
May 11, 2009
Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World
I finished this book on the flight this AM from Curacao to Miami. Oddly, I'm writing this review from mid-air between Miami and SFO. Even more odd, ho ...more
Jun 2010
Jun 02, 2010
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!: Adventures of a Curious Character
This is an old favorite of my scientist dad's, so I'm surprised it took me until 29 years of age to read it myself. I enjoyed it, but was at times dis ...more
Dec 19, 2010
Dec 06, 2010
If He Hollers Let Him Go
This novel isn't 'classically' noir, but I'll shelve it as such. The story of a black man trapped in a Los Angeles of molting racial values and percep ...more
Jan 2012
Jan 23, 2012
All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror
Over a couple of drinks at my firm retreat this year, a partner who used to be the director of a large federal agency and I got to talking about spies ...more
Apr 27, 2011
Apr 07, 2011
Rat Girl
I've been a lifelong Throwing Muses fan. I say that because I got into the Muses when I was about 11 (via older friends who liked to make mix tapes), ...more
Nov 2011
Nov 26, 2011
Globalization and Its Discontents
Stiglitz writes in a no-nonsense, straightforward fashion. His prose is almost surprisingly facile, for an academic of his stature. It totally works. ...more
Aug 2013
Jul 11, 2013
Against Bioethics
I want to give baron the benefit of the doubt and say that my impoverished understanding of economics stunted my appreciation for this work. That may ...more
Aug 09, 2010
Jul 20, 2010
A great quick read. A bit of a crime novel (in which the heroine is often reading crime novels), a bit of a French-port travelogue, Manchette nails th ...more
Sep 18, 2011
Sep 17, 2011
Bangkok 8 (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #1)
Reading this book while traveling through Thailand was a particularly delightful treat. The story, while ostensibly a murder mystery detective whoduni ...more
Jan 18, 2011
Jan 01, 2011
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