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Ha'penny (Small Change, #2)
“They don’t hang people like me. They don’t want the embarrassment of a trial, and besides, Pappa is who he is. Like it or not, I’m a Larkin. They don ...more
Oct 31, 2012
Nov 01, 2012
I am Forbidden
Four generations of a Satmar Hasidic family from 1939 in Transylvania to 2012 in Williamsburg, NY in each and in some there are multiple members who b ...more
Mar 31, 2012
Mar 29, 2012
The Girls of Room 28: Friendship, Hope, and Survival in Theresienstadt
Not many girls survived both Theresienstadt and Auschwitz, but ten of the 11-14 year girls who lived in this room were interviewed by Brenner. Unfortu ...more
May 28, 2010
May 28, 2010
The True Story of Hansel and Gretel
This is a Holocaust/ fairy tale retelling like Jane Yolen's Briar Rose. In it, “Hansel” and “Gretel” are Jewish children given new names and told to w ...more
Apr 15, 2010
Apr 18, 2010
Half a Crown (Small Change, #3)
Carmichael was put in charge of the Watch, a sort of British FBI or Gestapo. Because he’s in charge, under his bosses’ noses, he finds Jews and others ...more
Nov 2012
Nov 01, 2012
Paula Becker is a 13 year old deaf girl when she leaves her family home to go into hiding from T4 or Tiergartenstrasse 4, the headquarters of Nazi Ger ...more
Feb 24, 2011
Feb 26, 2011
Lady Lazarus (Lady Lazarus Trilogy, #1)
Readers who like Paige and Lucas in the Men of the Otherworldand Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong, or the books about Kate and Curran Magic Bitesb ...more
Oct 30, 2013
Sep 05, 2013
Rose Under Fire (Code Name Verity, #2)
Rose Justice is a nineteen year old American pilot from what I'd call Hershey, PA, but she doesn't, and amateur poet who goes to England to ferry plan ...more
Jan 2014
Oct 17, 2013
The Entertainer and the Dybbuk
The Great Freddie isn’t; he’s a second string (or lower) American ventriloquist in 1948 touring Europe. When Avrom possesses his dummy, his act gets m ...more
Apr 22, 2010
Apr 23, 2010
Briar Rose
"The war was filled with such unbelievable stories. This man hid in the cupboard of his neighor's house for the entire war. That one was killed walkin ...more
May 18, 2010
Nov 05, 2009
Hope: A Tragedy
I didn’t love this book, though I’ve surely never read one like it, but I did keep reading it. Is it bizarro fiction or is it magical realism; or are ...more
Jan 23, 2012
Dec 04, 2011
The Boy on the Wooden Box
“I had been a scrawny, starving boy of fifteen who was the size of a ten -year -old. Now I was a grown man of thirty-five. I was married, a US citizen ...more
Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014
I loved this book!

Told from many points of view, Laura is a spinster schoolteacher from Memphis, but her unaware of his own or others feelings husban
Nov 22, 2010
Nov 06, 2010
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, #1)
**spoiler alert** I'm going to click "spoilers," because I want people to read this book, but I don't want readers to know too much about it. There's ...more
Jan 15, 2012
May 11, 2011
Between Shades of Gray
In 1941 fifteen year old Lina and her brother and mother are deported from ever more romote and harsh camps in Siberia from their native Lithuania. (S ...more
Jul 06, 2012
Dec 16, 2011
The Violin of Auschwitz
Eh, this book is not my thing. This was written originally in Catalan. I would have wished that she wrote about the internment camp that some of my fa ...more
Feb 18, 2011
Feb 17, 2011
The Diary of Anne Frank
This version feels very claustrophobic, as it should. It has Anne talking about her period and what she’s feeling about Peter, how she doesn’t like he ...more
Aug 09, 2011
Aug 08, 2011
Never Fall Down
It took me more time than usual to read this very short novelish memoir. It’s Arn Charn- Pond’s story of what happened to him when he was eleven when ...more
Sep 02, 2013
Apr 04, 2012
Read 119/ 341 pages, I don't have a "put aside for now shelf," but perhaps I should. I’m enjoying this novel about Peter Von Pels, who was in the atti ...more
Jul 12, 2011
May 27, 2011
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