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The Shadow of the Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books,  #1)
really liked it
Ruiz Zafón has created a near-perfect novel: seductive and intriguing characters, a brilliant Spanish locale, and a lyrical style reminiscent of past ...more
not set
Jul 05, 2008
The Year of the Flood  (MaddAddam, #2)
it was amazing
Profoundly brilliant. Had I not read this directly after reading Oryx and Crake, I would have missed so many things - little nuances, passing comments ...more
Dec 07, 2009
Sep 13, 2009
2016 on Goodreads
it was amazing
2016 was a monumental reading year for me in many ways! New author discoveries, "back catalog" catch ups on some favorite authors, dipping my toes int ...more
Dec 31, 2016
Dec 06, 2016
In the Darkroom
it was amazing
The last time Susan Faludi spoke to her father, he was violently assaulting a man who was dating her mother after their separation. That was 27 years ...more
Dec 19, 2016
Nov 07, 2016
The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple
it was amazing
"Her fear was that a mass suicide would not be appreciated as a sincere and historic statement: 'I know we can't worry about how [what we do] will be
Apr 17, 2017
Mar 29, 2017
The Veins of the Ocean
it was amazing
The Veins of the Ocean is a contemplative look at grief, shame, loss, destiny, and hope through the eyes of Reina, a young Latina in south Florida. Tr ...more
Feb 11, 2017
Feb 05, 2017
The Martian Chronicles (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)
it was amazing

"Is this heaven?"
"Nonsense, no. It's a world and we get a second chance. Nobody told us why, but no one told us why we were on earth either... other
Aug 06, 2016
Jul 05, 2016
Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood
it was amazing
Noah is a brilliant storyteller, and this book is among the best I've read this year. Stories range from funny to harrowing, recollecting memories fro ...more
Jul 15, 2017
Jan 16, 2017
The Summer That Melted Everything
it was amazing
You know those studies that say that readers have more empathy? This is the sort of book that will raise that empathy quotient.

Reading this book was
Jun 08, 2017
Jul 25, 2016
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health
really liked it
I have long suspected that wheat did not like me as much as I liked it - so, I decided to kick it to the curb for an experiment. This book was the fir ...more
Mar 18, 2012
Dec 24, 2011
The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival
it was amazing
It's one of those books that you get so absorbed in and you learn all of these interesting facts that you want to share with people... for instance (I ...more
Dec 19, 2010
Sep 14, 2010
The High Mountains of Portugal
it was amazing
Three stories woven with common themes: Portugal, chimpanzees, grief, death, and a physical journey.


This book was a slow meditation - and looking at
Apr 20, 2016
Dec 31, 2015
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
it was amazing
This book burrowed into my brain. That's an apt description, considering the subterranean locations in this book. I had to come "out" [of the well] to ...more
Mar 26, 2017
Apr 09, 2009
American War
liked it
Once I realized that this near-future dystopia could actually be read as an allegory for the recent past / present Middle East, it flowed better for m ...more
May 23, 2017
Mar 29, 2017
Relish: My Life in the Kitchen
it was amazing

I remember food like that too, Lucy. The roadside taquerias, the garden-fresh greens, my grandfather's pickles, ripe jungle fruits, the hot falafel an
Apr 13, 2016
Jan 02, 2016
Eat, Pray, Love
it was ok
I read this book in 2008 when the hype was at the highest point, and while I did enjoy parts of it, I could not get past the author's tone. The
Feb 2008
Jul 02, 2008
The Power of Myth
it was amazing
Re-read this one after several years, and it was even more powerful this time. I think the time and the age between helped in my understanding and com ...more
Mar 05, 2017
Mar 01, 2017
it was amazing
No book has ever come so close to my own story... it really left me in tears because I knew *exactly* what the author was writing about... if I could ...more
Jun 19, 2010
Apr 15, 2010
The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest
it was amazing
Seriously one of the best (life-altering) books I have ever read. Much like "Omnivore's Dilemma" in the way that I think this book will have a serious ...more
Jul 26, 2009
Jul 28, 2009
Don't Get Too Comfortable: The Indignities of Coach Class, The Torments of Low Thread Count, The Never-Ending Quest for Artisanal Olive Oil, and Other First World Problems
it was amazing
A complete grab bag of essays, loosely themed about privilege, hubris, and narcissism, as observed and told by David Rakoff. The book was largely comp ...more
Jun 06, 2017
Aug 06, 2008
The Rights of the Reader
it was amazing
This book is a gem. Something that any reader will hold close to their heart. The essays are translated from the original French work by the educator ...more
Nov 12, 2011
Nov 12, 2011
Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America
it was amazing
Compelling and well-researched, Harris-Perry sets it all out in Sister Citizen. She covers a lot of ground here, and there's a strong case for a secon ...more
Jan 29, 2017
Jan 24, 2017
All Over Creation
liked it
I really like Ruth Ozeki, and I really appreciate the conscientious way she writes. Her most recent novel, A Tale for the Time Being (2012), is one of ...more
May 27, 2016
Jul 29, 2015
Trace: Memory, History, Race and the American Land
it was amazing
Be still my heart: A scientist (geologist) who writes like a poet!

Essays that combine family history with geologic time: childhood memories of the Gr
Jun 23, 2016
Dec 10, 2015
The Gargoyle
really liked it
Over the period of one day, I was completely immersed in the story... so many stories within one! Starting with a real shock of a near-fatal auto acci ...more
Sep 15, 2008
Aug 07, 2008
China in Ten Words
it was amazing
A remarkable collection of personal and cultural essays, framed around 10 Chinese words: People, Leader, Reading, Writing, Lu Xun, Revolution, Dispari ...more
Apr 06, 2017
Sep 27, 2016
Giovanni's Room
it was amazing
A work of art, both in form and subject. Each word earned a place, chosen for the page - the book is small, but the concepts within are not.

Through Gi
Jan 12, 2017
Apr 22, 2016
Heart of a Lion: A Lone Cat’s Walk Across America
it was amazing
In late 2009, one mountain lion, born in the remote regions of the Black Hills of South Dakota, reaches the independent age of 2-3 years old, and sets ...more
Dec 10, 2016
Oct 31, 2016
For the Time Being
it was amazing
Affirmation that Dillard's words are crafted so spectacularly that I had to pause the audio, and listen again and again. Her mix of science and spirit ...more
Nov 28, 2016
May 21, 2016
On Trails: An Exploration
really liked it
"Complete freedom is not what a trail offers. Quite the opposite; a trail is a tactful reduction of options."

Moor states in the very first chapter t
Dec 12, 2016
Jul 23, 2016
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