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Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford
Julia Fox swings back and forth between brilliantly well researched presentation of the lesser known members of King Henry’s court, to a style of faux...more
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Oct 13, 2008
Mary Boleyn: The Mistress of Kings

It doesn't grab you by the throat and shake you the way her Lady in the Tower does, but it is very, very thoughtful, leaving the reader pondering poss...more
Oct 30, 2012
Jan 29, 2011
Margaret Beaufort: Mother of the Tudor Dynasty

While this could have been simply yet another re-telling of the War of the Roses, Norton really digs in deep to pull out every primary source she can...more
Jan 07, 2013
Jan 04, 2011
Anne Boleyn: Fatal Attractions

If this book was an action movie, the tag line on the movie poster would be: "Everything you thought you knew is wrong!"

G.W. Bernard timidly offers th...more
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Jun 29, 2010
Henry VII

The author starts out with an academic's version of The Little Red Hen:

Who will help me find the primary sources? Who will help me analyze the primary...more
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Apr 25, 2011
The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn

Alison Weir examines the last five months of Anne Boleyn's life - from riding high as expectant mother of the next king, to dead on the block, in this...more
Feb 2010
Jan 23, 2010
1536: The Year that Changed Henry VIII

I think in the hands of someone like Starkey or Weir this could have been great - here it is just OK. Really amazing content, research, analysis and t...more
Jul 16, 2013
Jul 26, 2010
Catherine Howard: The Adulterous Wife of Henry VIII

David – can I call you David? – what are you doing here? I get that Katherine Howard is a difficult biography to tell in a straight, linear fashion, b...more
Dec 24, 2013
Dec 04, 2013
Catherine of Aragon
Not a good read - an EXCELLENT read.

I had no idea this book existed until I saw it on the shelf in a used bookstore. I gasped with happiness to find a...more
not set
Dec 14, 2008
The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England's Most Notorious Queen

“What do you mean different versions? She isn’t Catwoman!”

This was my boyfriend’s bemused reaction to hearing what I was reading about. Laughing, I we...more
Jan 30, 2013
Jan 29, 2013
Foundation (The History of England, #1)

For a country where words like “stodgy,” “quaint,” “stiff,” and “civilized” are tossed about to describe the people, it appears to have a history abso...more
Nov 26, 2012
Sep 04, 2012
Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England

Between the bloody War of the Roses and the sexploits of Henry VIII and his six wives, Henry VII tends to be overlooked.

If he’s mentioned at all its...more
Mar 24, 2012
Jan 31, 2012
Mary Tudor: The Spanish Tudor
This book was written in the early twentieth century and has become increasingly dated with age – Prescott keeps apologizing for the fact that Mary wa...more
not set
Dec 29, 2009
Elizabeth of York, the Mother of Henry VIII

As the rough draft of a historical fiction book about Elizabeth of York, it’s great, as the final draft of a factual biography about Elizabeth of York...more
Aug 15, 2013
Aug 04, 2013
Tudor Costume and Fashion

Dense, dense, and dense. And dated.

5 stars for the data, but 3 for the presentation, so let’s average it out to 4.

The line art style makes the book i...more
Apr 29, 2014
Feb 13, 2014
The Six Wives of Henry VIII
This is my favorite of the Six Wives biography. The book is jammed full of facts, covers each wife thoughtfully and separately, and gives a great exam...more
not set
Jan 20, 2009
The Women of the Cousins' War: The Duchess, the Queen, and the King's Mother

I was going to give this 3 stars for shoddy workmanship, but decided on 5 stars for pure entertainment value.

Ms. Greggory found two hungry Plantagene...more
not set
Jan 18, 2011
Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: A Feminist Reinterpretation Of The Wives Of Henry VIII
One of my favorite biographies of Henry's wives. I don't always agree with Lindsey, but she really makes you think about things from a different persp...more
not set
Jan 28, 2009
Wicked Women of Tudor England: Queens, Aristocrats, Commoners

An examination of the sources more than the people themselves, it is well presented and makes some good points about new interpretations of the data,...more
Jan 28, 2014
Jan 22, 2014
Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Queen of Henry VIII

Amazingly well done biography. Tremlett combs through account books and diplomat reports and uses them to present a on the ground picture of the life...more
not set
Dec 21, 2010
Shakespeare's London on 5 Groats a Day
I wish I'd thought of this. Brilliant! Excellent presentation on all the history of the era, yet all put in a lighthearted present tense as if the rea...more
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Jan 29, 2010
Henry VIII

not set
Jul 31, 2011
Edward VI: The Lost King of England
If anyone knows how to get in touch with this author, let me know - I have a few questions about his methodology.
May 20, 2009
May 04, 2009
The First Queen of England: The Myth of "Bloody Mary"
Porter does a very good job digging up a multitude of facts about Mary I's life, rounding out the picture to present a much more complex figure than t...more
May 09, 2009
Mar 29, 2009
The King's Mother: Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby

An excellent factual biography of Margaret Beaufort, showing her family’s history, her placement in the War of the Roses, the work she did throughout...more
not set
Jan 18, 2011
Henry VIII's Last Victim: Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

The author gets a little too speculative at times, trying to get into the Earl's head with little to go on, but overall, an excellent new display of t...more
not set
May 01, 2010
The Perfect Prince: The Mystery of Perkin Warbeck and His Quest for the Throne of England
A good discussion on the man who tried to claim the English throne from Henry VII, if a bit dry.
not set
Feb 07, 2009
Death And The Virgin: Elizabeth, Dudley and the Mysterious Fate of Amy Robsart

Its an interesting topic, but, wow Skidmore repeats himself a lot. Padding much?
not set
Sep 14, 2010
Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII
"Did Catherine and Arther have sex? Probably."

Oh David Starkey. Never change.
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Jul 04, 2008
The Children of Henry VIII
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Jul 18, 2009
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