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A Dream of Red Mansions
One of the greatest masterpieces of literature, reading this was an incredible experience. Poignant, funny, metaphysical, tragic, allegorical, psychol ...more
Nov 19, 2008
Oct 25, 2007
Orlando Furioso
Orlando Furioso is a miracle of lightness, speed, and wit. Imagine all the brightest qualities Byron, Spenser, Calvino, and Cervantes jumbled deliciou ...more
Jul 18, 2008
May 09, 2008
Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician

An amazing title. Concerns the surreal odyssey of one Dr. Faustroll who, among other things, sails in a sieve with his baboon and visits a series of b
Mar 17, 2009
Aug 15, 2008
The Crock of Gold
A really wonderful, unique book that I was lucky to discover. Stephens was James Joyce's appointee to finish the monumental Finnegans Wake in the even ...more
Oct 02, 2008
Sep 29, 2008
The Summer Book

One of the most perfect books I've ever read. The story is about the relationship between a young girl and her grandmother and is suffused with the gl
May 06, 2009
Mar 30, 2009
Peer Gynt: A Dramatic Poem
One of the great works of world literature.
A Norwegian Faust. Easily Ibsen's greatest achievement, and one of the most penetrating studies of the mod
Jan 2000
Aug 14, 2008
Bouvard and Pecuchet / The Dictionary of Accepted Ideas
Flaubert's final (unfinished) novel is sui generis. A comic duo of simple-minded copyists attempt to scale the heights of the rural French bourgeois i ...more
Dec 02, 2008
May 22, 2008
The Driver's Seat
A disturbing little book that has had a surprising staying power since I read it in the spring. A "metaphysical shocker," it concerns the holiday of L ...more
Mar 2009
Feb 19, 2009
The Complete Poems
Shelley is the poet who has moved me most greatly over the years. He was a skeptical visionary--a spiritual revolutionary who understood the limitatio ...more
not set
Jun 09, 2007
More Pricks Than Kicks
I love Samuel Beckett--his late works are very austere and moving (while retaining his gallows humor) , but his early books are jolly and hilarious! T ...more
not set
Nov 25, 2008
My Life

A beautiful autobiographical prose-poem, and, like any life, a continuous work in progress and revision. The original book, written when Hejinian was
Apr 17, 2009
Mar 15, 2009
The Golden Ass
This is one of my favorite books--it's a wild and hilarious fantasy that plumbs the depths and ascends the heights of humanity. The hero, Lucius, is t ...more
Apr 2008
Jun 11, 2007
Robert Schumann: Herald of a New Poetic Age

A great biography and a fascinating appreciation of Schumann's work. Schumann was one of the great musical geniuses of the Romantic movement. Daverio
Jun 18, 2009
May 19, 2009
Venice Preserved
Hugo von Hoffmansthal wrote a nice dialogue between Balzac and Baron Joseph Hammer-Purgstall in which Balzac claims that his own creation, the outrage ...more
Apr 17, 2009
Apr 15, 2009
Don Quixote de La Mancha
The best novel in the universe. So many richly fascinating episodes, such finely balanced tragicomedy, it is alternately hilarious and painful. The su ...more
not set
Jun 09, 2007
Morgante: The Epic Adventures of Orlando and His Giant Friend Morgante
All right, kids, the verdict is in. The Italian Renaissance Epic Romance is the Genre of Genres. Giants, angels, demons, monkeys, whales, and a crab w ...more
Jan 10, 2011
Sep 19, 2009
Elective Affinities

Geometry infused with passion. A Mozartean book in which a tightly ordered structure of ideas is illuminated by sheer beauty of sentiment. Every word
Feb 04, 2009
Jun 09, 2007
Salvation on Sand Mountain: Snake-Handling and Redemption in Southern Appalachia

Another irresistible title (particularly the subtitle). I started this one expecting a wild ride through Southern grotesquery and redneck madness. I g
Mar 24, 2009
Jan 26, 2009
Crome Yellow
I finally found a book reminiscent of Thomas Love Peacock's conversational novels--lucky me! T. L. Peacock is entirely individual and lovable (I rerea ...more
Oct 09, 2008
Sep 19, 2008
The Rainbow

Lawrence's cross-generational epic of the relations between men and women. Observed with a coldly penetrating eye and sometimes hard to take, but reve
Jan 28, 2009
May 16, 2008
Between the Acts
My favorite Woolf thus far. Delightful and witty, it features a hilarious send-up of English stage drama from Shakespeare to Shaw at its center. Not o ...more
Jun 29, 2010
May 16, 2008
The Tower of Myriad Mirrors
Fantastic. Best fan fiction of all time. Time travel, gender-bending, dreams within dreams, worlds within worlds. A spiritually insightful, deeply ima ...more
Oct 27, 2010
Jul 22, 2010
Burning Your Boats: The Collected Short Stories

Fairy tales, surrealism, puppets, axe-murder, Jan Svankmajer, feminism, werewolves, and reams of gorgeous prose. This is a book bursting with wonders.
not set
Jan 30, 2009
The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories
An incredible series of short stories, perfect and bizarre like freshly-cracked geodes. Wryly captures the mythological hyper-reality of childhood.
Aug 04, 2008
May 16, 2008
not set
Apr 01, 2009
The Wings of the Dove
not set
Jun 09, 2007
Tales of Henry James
not set
Jun 09, 2007
Faust I & II
not set
Jun 09, 2007
The Turn of the Screw
not set
Jun 09, 2007
One Hundred Years of Solitude
not set
Jun 09, 2007
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