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R Is For Ricochet
really liked it
3.75 stars out of 5, rounded up.

I enjoy the audiobook versions of this series. In fact, that's how I first discovered the series a few years ago. Yes
Jan 07, 2016
Jan 07, 2016
Heir to the Jedi
liked it
I have often been disappointed by an EU Star Wars book, but I've never been disappointed in a Kevin Hearne book. It felt... neutered. It was devoid of ...more
Mar 20, 2015
Mar 07, 2015
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
really liked it
3.5 stars.

“It's true. All of it. The Dark Side, the Jedi. They're real.”
Dec 20, 2015
Dec 19, 2015
Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth (Destiny of the Doctor, #1)
really liked it
Another 50th Anniversary thingy. This is the first of 11 BigFinish Audio books made exclusively for AudioGo. I dl'd it from my local library's digital ...more
Feb 06, 2013
Feb 06, 2013
Drunken Fireworks
really liked it
This is a holiday season special. It's a fun little audiobook short story about the rivalries of class, race and old money v new set in a little Maine ...more
Jul 02, 2015
Jul 02, 2015
Silent Murders (Roaring Twenties Mystery, #2)
really liked it
3 stars. It's a little more 'cozy' than my regular mystery reads, but enjoyable. ...more
Oct 18, 2015
Oct 18, 2015
Doctor Who: Enemy Aliens (Destiny of the Doctor, #8)
really liked it
The 8th of 11 50th anniversary audio adventures from Big Finish Audio, Enemy Aliens is read by India Fisher and features Eight and companion, Charlott ...more
Aug 11, 2013
Aug 11, 2013
Torchwood: Fall to Earth (Big Finish Torchwood, #1.2)
it was amazing
Wonderful. This would have been an amazing episode.
Nov 21, 2015
Dec 16, 2015
The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars, #1)
really liked it
This picks up 2 months after the Veronica Mars movie. My only criticism, and it is a slight criticism, it's not written in the first person. It would ...more
May 10, 2014
May 08, 2014
really liked it
I listed to this last night. It's quick, intelligent, funny, Informative and snarky without digging too deeply beneath the surface. I decided that as ...more
Apr 14, 2011
Apr 07, 2011
The Road Virus Heads North
really liked it
A classic-King pulp noir horror short story with a creepy -- will hang with you for a while -- ending.
Feb 16, 2015
May 21, 2015
Joe Ledger: Special Ops
really liked it
3.5 rounded to 4. A Joe Ledger short story collection set all throughout the series.
May 07, 2014
May 03, 2014
I Don't Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star
liked it
Judy Greer is one of my favorite actors and it's nice to know a bit more about her.

This book, a memoir of essays, is charming, funny, witty, and conve
not set
Jun 10, 2014
Doctor Who: Vengeance of the Stones (Destiny of the Doctor, #3)
liked it
Another 50th Anniversary thingy. This is the third of 11 BigFinish Audio books made exclusively for AudioGo. I dl'd it from my local library's digital ...more
Mar 19, 2013
Mar 19, 2013
Death Was the Other Woman
really liked it
Audio DL from the Library. Sometimes when I get an audio of a book I know I could breeze through much faster in print, it annoys me. Not so in this ca ...more
Jun 02, 2011
Jun 01, 2011
Doctor Who: Shockwave (Destiny of the Doctor, #7)
really liked it
So far, _Shockwave_ and the previous title, Doctor Who: Trouble in Paradise, are my favorites in this series. Which is odd, since Six and Seven as pre ...more
Jul 24, 2013
Jul 25, 2013
Doctor Who: Love and War
really liked it
The adaptation of Paul Cornell's 1991 Virgin New Adventures novel. On a planet called Heaven, the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) loses one companion but fin ...more
Nov 12, 2012
Nov 12, 2012
And Four to Go (Nero Wolfe, #30)
liked it
I'm not a big fan of Stout's Wolfe short stories. Stout excelled at ambiance and characterization. His short stories tend to limit those qualities. If ...more
Jul 13, 2012
Jul 14, 2012
The President's Vampire (Nathaniel Cade, #2)
liked it
(slightly spoilerish review) This was not as good as Blood Oath but it was still a fun and quick read. I think it would have been better if Farnsworth ...more
Sep 14, 2012
Sep 13, 2012
Doctor Who: Trouble in Paradise (Destiny of the Doctor, #6)
really liked it
The best of this series so far. My only complaint: It's narrated by Nicola Bryant who played Peri in the original series. Let me clarify that, the nar ...more
Jun 09, 2013
Jun 11, 2013
Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden's Syndrome
really liked it
An intro novella to an upcoming book, Unlocked was one of the best things I've read by Scalzi since Old Man's War.
not set
May 14, 2014
Doctor Who: Babblesphere (Destiny of the Doctor, #4)
really liked it
Another 50th Anniversary thingy. This is the fourth of 11 BigFinish Audio books made exclusively for AudioGo.

This is a Fourth Doctor and Second Roman
Apr 11, 2013
Apr 12, 2013
Torchwood: Department X
really liked it
3.5 rounded to 4.
Jan 2015
Aug 14, 2015
The Galton Case: Lew Archer Series, Book 8
really liked it
Very good. Probably the best of the Archer books I've read. It works on three levels. A breezy noir mystery with the usual Macdonald trops being wrape ...more
Aug 04, 2011
Jul 28, 2011
Doctor Who: Shadow of Death (Destiny of the Doctor, #2)
liked it
Another 50th Anniversary thingy. This is the second of 11 BigFinish Audio books made exclusively for AudioGo. I dl'd it from my local library's digita ...more
Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013
Blood Oath (Nathaniel Cade #1)
really liked it
I was going to do a quick review but then I happened on one from Lavie Tidhar. It's much better than mine would have been.

Cade, the President’s vampir
Sep 13, 2012
Mar 28, 2012
Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Boxset (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories)
really liked it
While this isn't exactly recapturing lightning in a bottle, it is wonderful. Tom Baker and Louise Jameson click back into their roles as The Doctor an ...more
Jul 25, 2015
Aug 04, 2015
The Unincorporated Man (Sci Fi Essential Books)
liked it
It wasn't the Libertarian view point, I enjoy many authors whose viewpoints I don't agree with. I'm generally on board with most flawed books, as long ...more
Sep 02, 2011
Aug 21, 2011
Torchwood: The House of the Dead
it was amazing
Ep 3 or 3 of BBC Radio 4's Torchwood: The Lost Files Afternoon plays. Finally, 6 months after Children of Earth, both Jack and Ianto find closure. Ten ...more
Jul 24, 2011
Jul 23, 2011
Doctor Who: Borrowed Time
really liked it
This was a fun read. These New Adventures books are hit and miss. Compared to the old Target Doctor Who books, they tend to be a bit YA for my tastes, ...more
Jan 26, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
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