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Assassin's Quest (Farseer Trilogy, #3)
After the spine-tingling cliff-hanger at the close of the book two, I was fully expecting a cathartic close in this the third and final book in the Fa...more
Apr 2008
Jun 18, 2008
The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares
Many fanboys – not to mention one or two Marvel Studios insiders – are placing bets that Fraction’s current run on the recalibrated Invincible Iron Ma...more
not set
Dec 15, 2008
Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America
Much as Michael Pollan’s In the Defense of Food was a logical sequel to The Omnivore’s Dilemma, this latest current affairs book by Friedman is the lo...more
not set
Oct 11, 2008
Books: A Memoir, by Larry McMurtry

Being a bit of an amateur bibliophile – I would never deign to put myself in the same class with folks like McMurtry...more
Dec 06, 2009
Dec 06, 2009
While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within
Coming across this recently, I was initially surprised that the same Bruce Bawer who penned one of the great pro-gay rights books, "A Place at the Tab...more
not set
Jun 24, 2008
This Book Is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All
My strong love and affinity for my local public library system has been put into words in Johnson’s passionately researched book on the twenty-first c...more
Mar 17, 2010
Mar 17, 2010
The Penderwicks on Gardam Street (The Penderwicks, #2)
Following-up with a National Book Award-winning debut novel is usually an uphill battle. But Birdsall’s sequel to "The Penderwicks" is one of those ra...more
not set
Jul 17, 2008
Mary Ann in Autumn (Tales of the City, #8)
Reading the eighth and latest installment in Maupin’s Tales of the City series reminds me of two things. First that I’m getting older. And second of b...more
Dec 26, 2010
Dec 26, 2010
Rites of Passage: A Memoir of the Sixties in Seattle
Crowley makes it clear that his memoir is about the Sixties in Seattle, and not the other way around -- Seattle in the Sixties. Which makes perfect se...more
not set
Feb 01, 2009
Marvel Zombies 4
Too much of a good thing…is exactly what comes to mind after attempting to follow the continuing exploits of the zombies and those few uninfected surv...more
Dec 12, 2009
Dec 12, 2009
DMZ, Vol. 1: On the Ground
Imagine the United States loses the majority of the continental US after a brutal Second American Civil War, with the remaining land of Long Island, B...more
not set
Mar 16, 2009
The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For
After reading and loving every single panel of Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, her National Book Critics Award finalist, I jumped on the Bechdel-bandwa...more
not set
Nov 29, 2008
Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes
It’s been decades since I last followed the exploits of the Man of Steel in Action Comics. And it would take a lot to get me interested in picking up...more
not set
Dec 11, 2008
Batman: Heart of Hush
Being a huge Dini fan ever since his hand in the creation of the brilliant Batman: Animated Series back in the 90s, I jumped on this hardback collecti...more
Dec 12, 2009
Dec 12, 2009
Billed by some fan-boys as a sequel to this summer’s cinematic mega-hit The Dark Knight, Azzarello – of 100 Bullets fame – pens the tale of the Clown...more
not set
Nov 11, 2008
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
Bechdel’s underground hit Dykes to Watch Out For has always been floating somewhere on my peripheral vision when it comes to comics – much like gay co...more
not set
Aug 20, 2008
Indecent: How I Make It and Fake It as a Girl for Hire
I may not know the first thing about the world of strippers and masseuses – the latter who give a hand-finish, if you know what I mean – but Ms. Lewis...more
May 2008
Jun 17, 2008
Boom! Voices of the Sixties Personal Reflections on the '60s and Today
My first stab at Tom Brokaw’s writing came with his quick-read of a memoir, “A Long Way from Home”, which transported me to a time that I can only rec...more
May 2008
Jun 17, 2008
Doctor Who: Fugitive (Doctor Who Graphic Novels: The Tenth Doctor - Tony Lee Series, #1)
Normally, I’m hesitant about picking up a comic book series based upon a TV show. Just think of the atrociousness of Marvel’s 70s/80s Star Wars series...more
Apr 19, 2010
Apr 19, 2010
The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 1: Apocalypse Suite
If you told me a year ago that a member of the hit band My Chemical Romance could pen a comic-book worthy of an Eisner nomination, I would have scoffe...more
not set
Aug 19, 2008
Batman: The Man Who Laughs
Any reader of my graphic novel reviews will know by now that I just about cream my pants whenever Brubaker puts his ballpoint to paper. Which explains...more
not set
Aug 05, 2008
Paul of Dune (Heroes of Dune, #1)
My slight obsession with all things Dune began back when I was thirteen when a good buddy of mine recommended to me Frank Herbert’s first Dune novel –...more
not set
Nov 24, 2008
Maybe I need to be a middle-age Brit – who in his youth devoured mid-century comic books produced in the UK -- in order to fully enjoy this nostalgia-...more
not set
Sep 05, 2008
Batman: Snow
Fisher isn’t the first artist that would come to mind when it comes to the Dark Knight. Granter, the style of fellow indie comic artist Paul Pope is b...more
Mar 18, 2010
Mar 18, 2010
Batman: Private Casebook
Although I’m not much of a follower of the mainstream Batman titles – as I much prefer more cutting-edge one-shots or self-contained limited series by...more
Apr 03, 2010
Apr 03, 2010
100 Bullets, Vol. 9: Strychnine Lives
100 Bullets Volumes 9: Strychnine Lives, by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso

The most difficult – or is that annoying? – part of reading Strychnine Li...more
not set
Jan 04, 2009
Making a Literary Life
Honestly, I don’t know Carolyn See from a bump on the log. But her literary how-to is just likely her only piece of writing that will make its mark on...more
not set
Feb 17, 2009
The Metaphysical Club
Nineteenth-century American history has always been a slightly shaky issue for me. The gaping hole in my knowledge in this area is pretty much bookend...more
not set
Jan 05, 2009
Doctor 13: Architecture and Mortality
Doctor 13: Architecture and Mortality, by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang

Honestly, I don’t know where in the world Azzarello came up with this one. P...more
not set
Feb 07, 2009
X-Men: Endangered Species
Not unlike the most recent mega mutant crossover Messiah Complex, this collection of mini-chapters from the myriad X-Men titles follows up on the Hous...more
not set
Dec 26, 2008
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