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Fairy School Dropout
Elly, a young fairy who dislikes being a fairy. She feels out of place because she does not want to be the glitterized, girly fairy that they teach gi ...more
Jan 2015
May 30, 2014
The Faerie Door
The settings in this book are described beautifully. There is such care to the details that it's not overwhelming but just right. Victoria and Elliot, ...more
Dec 30, 2008
Oct 12, 2008
Kandide and the Secret of the Mists (The Calabiyau Chronicles, #1)
I love when a book has artwork within it. It just makes it that more special. The characters in the book are full of magic, myth and creativity that ...more
Oct 05, 2008
Sep 21, 2008
Katie the Kitten Fairy (Pet Fairies #1)
Having read the very first book in the Rainbow Magic Series Ruby the Red Fairy, I think the series has grown into a better read. It is now more of a a ...more
Apr 2011
Sep 12, 2010
Marigold and the Feather of Hope, the Journey Begins
Most of the fairy books for kids have the story of how the child finds out she a fairy and she goes on a adventure. This was the same but the backgrou ...more
Oct 20, 2011
Oct 20, 2011
Fairies at Bedtime: Tales of Inspiration and Delight for You to Read with Your Child to Enchant, Comfort and Enlighten
Every short begins about the same “Close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Imagine that you at a river, or a beach, or a farm, or inside on a rainy d ...more
Dec 04, 2012
Dec 02, 2012
Zinnia's Magical Adventure
I love Cicely Mary Barker’s art of the fairies always have but the story in the book does not do them justice. Sadly I was bored with the book. I read ...more
Oct 20, 2011
Oct 20, 2011
Scented Adventures Of The Bouquet Sisters In Fairyland
Yes this is a scratch and sniff book. Yes there are fairies. Written in are the author’s grandchildren as characters. The book ties in healing essenti ...more
Dec 2012
Dec 23, 2012
Abigail The Breeze Fairy (Rainbow Magic, #9; Weather Fairies, #2)
I like the idea of the different fairies in the Rainbow Magic Series but every story is just recycled from the first to the last. I understand that it ...more
Jun 07, 2011
Jun 07, 2011
Ellie and the Elven King
At the moment I am not a fan of romance. I do try and just hope that is that I haven’t found the right one or series. This one was not the right one.

Jun 22, 2011
Jun 22, 2011
Kerka's Book (The Fairy Godmother Academy, #2)
Technically this is Kerka’s second adventure into Aventurine. She first traveled with Birdie in the first book of the fairy godmothers academy. This t ...more
Oct 13, 2012
Oct 13, 2012
The Fairy Godmother (Five Hundred Kingdoms, #1)
You never know what you are getting into when you start a thick book such as this one. Will it move fast? Will it’s chapters be long? For the most par ...more
Jul 09, 2011
Jun 17, 2011
What-the-Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy
A fairy, just born, without any mother or father goes through some of life’s roller coaster in just a few days. Confused about his name (What-The-Dick ...more
Aug 2013
Jul 19, 2013
The Great Fairy Race (Disney Fairies)
The Disney Fairies are ready to race. The only rule is they can't use their wings or legs. Beck rides her friend Squirrel, Fawn on her frog, Rani flie ...more
not set
Mar 15, 2010
Tooth Fairy Travels (Fairy School)
Cute book. I like pretty much anything with fairies, and this
one remind me of a story I wrote. Characters are a little cliche - one
smart fairy, one fa
Jan 10, 2009
Jan 13, 2009
Dear Wish Fairy (Hello Reader Level 2)
Every little girl has a wish for something. Some girls may even have more than one wish like Annabelle. She has five wishes and polite as she can she ...more
Nov 19, 2012
Nov 19, 2012
Theatre Of Shadows
Elliot and Victoria return to this sequel of the juvenile fiction series The Faerie Door. Theatre Of Shadows is more dark and sinister than the first ...more
Feb 2013
Jan 01, 2013
The Belly Button Fairy
While there is little truth to the belly button fairy tale. I bubbled over with giggles as I read this book. It is just too cute and adorable to not l ...more
Jun 07, 2011
Jun 07, 2011
Magic Muddle!
Again, another typical fairy book where we have one bad fairy, one good fairy who is a little clumsy, and the good fairy's friends. I think it is a ty ...more
Mar 16, 2009
Mar 17, 2009
Franklin And The Tooth Fairy
At first my thoughts of this book was that it wasn’t that good but now I think of it more fondly.

Franklin and his innocence of not knowing of the too
May 2011
May 13, 2011
How to be a Flower Fairy (reissue)
In many ways this reminds me of a mini version of the Fairyopolis books that came out with the pop up, lift the tabs and pixie dust. References fairie ...more
Apr 2011
Apr 02, 2011
Leonie is born part fae but has grown not knowing her parents or the full power she is capable of. She hid secretly the magic she used or she would be ...more
Oct 2013
Aug 15, 2013
The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1)
The Iron King is the start of a lovable YA series about Faeries. Most YA book with similar plots start out with the main character, in this case Megha ...more
Aug 2014
Aug 18, 2010
The Good Fairies of New York
These are one of those stories that you have to read a couple of chapters or more to grasp who is who and what is going on. There were just so many ch ...more
Jul 26, 2011
Aug 18, 2010
Fluffy Meets The Tooth Fairy (level 3)
This beginning reader is one in a series about Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig. A student with a loose tooth tells Fluffy all about his tooth and the ...more
May 2010
Aug 08, 2010
Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg
I realized part of why I like the Disney Fairies better than the Disney Princesses: Disney Fairies have everything they need and are happy. Disney Pri ...more
Jul 29, 2008
Jul 21, 2008
Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand
I am sort of upset that I didn't like this adventure. It's just if you have read my review of Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg you would know why ...more
Oct 18, 2008
Jul 21, 2008
Fairy Colors

Good for a baby thru toddler years this board book has cut out on each page of the colorful dresses of the fairy. The colors have sparkly and shiny te
Aug 07, 2012
Aug 06, 2012
Sanctuary (Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales, #1)
Rika, a faerie who used to be human, likes life in solitude away from the faerie world. She finds herself attracted to a human named Jayce. But as Jay ...more
Feb 2010
Feb 06, 2010
How to See Faeries
This book is fun for all ages. The front cover is a hologram image and like the book is fun to look at. These are one of those book with pull tabs and ...more
Apr 2011
Apr 18, 2011
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