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The Cater Street Hangman (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #1)
I read this on a day I stayed home sick from work. I felt terrible, but escaping into this book gave me several hours of wonderful distraction. Perry...more
Jan 1994
Aug 06, 2007
This Charming Man
Marian Keyes makes me veer from insane giggling to fury to sorrow at/with her characters. She can be so funny and then make you feel such empathy for...more
Aug 2008
Aug 03, 2008
The Gate to Women's Country
This is the book that introduced me to Sheri Tepper. It addresses questions of why humanity is so violent and possible solutions, of gender politics,...more
Jan 1990
Sep 26, 2007
The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes
What I learned from this book: That just because you usually like an author , there's no guarantee you will like everything they write. Gah, this was...more
Jul 2007
Aug 01, 2007
Stardoc (Stardoc, #1)
**spoiler alert** I hated this book. It starts out with such promise, and the writing is good, but then it goes so bad.

Rape is not sexy, does not expr...more
not set
Jun 06, 2007
Montana 1948
I think the whole "coming of age" novel has been done to death, and so often is done badly. This slim book (more of a novella than a novel) is the exc...more
not set
Nov 25, 2007
Tehanu (The Earthsea Cycle, #4)
I loved the original trilogy and considered it complete. Who knew there was more to say about Earthsea? But how glad I am there was!
Tehanu catches up...more
not set
Apr 04, 2008
The Scarlet Pimpernel
I've read all the Scarlet Pimpernel books, not difficult because they are all variations on one theme. I loved these books when I was a young girl and...more
Jan 1978
Jan 09, 2008
Lean Mean Thirteen (Stephanie Plum #13)
I'm listening to Lean Mean Thirteen on cd at work. Twice today I burst into laughter and had to fake a coughing fit to disguise my inappropriate behav...more
Feb 13, 2008
Jan 23, 2008
Curtain (Hercule Poirot, #39)
I know I read this as a teenager, but when I sat down to read it as a 44 year old (right after reading The Mysterious Affair at Styles) I didn't remem...more
Aug 2010
Nov 02, 2010
Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
I gave this book to my husband for Christmas. He never read it and yesterday I picked it up and started reading. Fascinating! The author's father surv...more
Feb 2008
Feb 11, 2008
Lost & Found
Grieving widow. Broken hearted dog with an arrow in him. A retired physical therapist with synesthesia. An unhappy (are there any other kind) teenager...more
not set
Apr 01, 2008
Walter the Farting Dog
The story is funny, but it's the illustrations that take this book into the realm of "must own". Walter is a good dog who just happens to have, hum, d...more
Jan 2003
Sep 04, 2008
Raising the Stones
Loved it. Samasnier Girat, the narrator, is irritating as crap for a good bit of the book, but the things he's irritating about help you understand li...more
not set
Jun 06, 2007
The Harp of Imach Thyssel (Lyra, #3)
Extremely predictable. The Lyra books are the kind of books people who don't like fantasy pick on and make fun of. There are always elves, or elvish b...more
Jan 2007
Jan 12, 2008
Just So Stories
Loved all the stories, but my personal favorite was about Elephant's Child. Sometimes 'satiable curiosity doesn't kill you; it gets you a very practic...more
not set
Mar 14, 2008
Looming Murder: A Weaving Mystery
Did not finish because just after the first murder happened, I was so sick of the heroine I wanted to find the author and punch her out. And while I p...more
Oct 2013
Oct 02, 2013
Noman (Noble Warriors Trilogy, #3)
Starting to see a pattern in Nicholson's trilogies. The first book in each trilogy (The Wind on Fire trilogy/The Noble Warriors trilogy) is a pretty s...more
Aug 2008
Aug 30, 2008
Sargasso Of Space (Solar Queen, #1)
Back in the 1950s, many writers were churning out space adventure books in response to the increasing interest in space travel. Most of them stunk. Th...more
Apr 23, 2008
Apr 20, 2008
Southern Ladies and Gentlemen
I know there are good writers and funny writers and every once in a while you get someone who is a great writer who can make you laugh. Florence King...more
Jan 1985
Jan 12, 2008
Chill Factor
Listened to this book on the drive to and from SC at Thanksgiving. It was a way to fill up the long and empty miles, but as a piece of literachoor - i...more
Nov 2007
Nov 25, 2007
Knit One, Kill Two (A Knitting Mystery, #1)
I'm just going to review this first book, since it is fairly representative of the series. An enjoyable, though somewhat predictable mystery read, esp...more
Dec 2008
Nov 10, 2008
Wild Child: Girlhoods in the Counterculture
Short essays by women whose parents were hippies in the groovy days of free love and moving back to the land or onto the commune. Liked the book but f...more
Jan 2007
Mar 07, 2008
What I learned: If you are going to have sex, use birth control. Your first love, no matter how passionate, probably isn't your true love.
I remember...more
not set
Jan 14, 2008
Glittering Images (Starbridge, #1)
If you like one Starbridge book, you'll like all of them. If you can't read the first one, just give it up. I loved them. Before I read these books I...more
not set
Jul 07, 2008
Pomegranate Soup
If you liked Chocolat, Like Water for Chocolate or Under the Tuscan Sun, all books where the sensual pleasures of cooking and food are celebrated, you...more
Jan 2005
Jun 06, 2007
The Sugar Queen
I enjoyed this a lot. There are two things that stood out - first that although it was pretty obvious how this would end - that it was really fun to g...more
not set
May 26, 2008
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Green Town, #2)
Read this on the recommendation of David S. and enjoyed it very much. While I have never been a 12 year old boy (nor have I ever played one on tv) I e...more
Jan 1994
Sep 12, 2008
Fortune and Fate (Twelve Houses, #5)
While I didn't find this as good as others in the series, it was good. The problem is that most of the book was static, stuck in Fortunalt, on the For...more
Dec 2008
Dec 07, 2008
Listen to the Squawking Chicken: When Mother Knows Best, What's a Daughter To Do? A Memoir (Sort Of)
I sat down to read a couple of pages in the library and got sucked into finishing the whole thing. Ms. Liu can write, and write well. The whole thing...more
Sep 06, 2014
Sep 08, 2014
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