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Grievous Angel: An Intimate Biography of Gram Parsons
I couldn't put this book down, but it wasn't because it was so was because I wanted it to get better. I worship Gram Parsons, but this book ...more
Apr 2008
May 21, 2008
Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook: Crazy Delicious Recipes that Are Good to the Earth and Great for Your Bod
Yes, I'm a foodie, but no I am not a vegan. I got this book because I've always enjoyed the Skinny B writing style (though I hate the name--I'm not a ...more
Mar 10, 2011
Mar 11, 2011
King Dork (King Dork, #1)
I am a "king dork" far a music goes. And, the narrator of this YA novel, Tom, is a music dork as well. He even likes the same obscure 70s rock/bu ...more
Sep 2009
Sep 29, 2009
Invisible Man
Eloquent language and vivid imagery were surprisingly the easiest part of the story to follow... I had a hard time following the plot. I loved the ima ...more
May 19, 2009
Apr 28, 2009
Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months
Adding another "kiddy" book... ANyone ever heard the Carol King record that accompanies this gem of a children's book...? LOVE IT! It was a book that ...more
not set
Nov 08, 2011
The Hundred Dresses
This is a must read for any young students who deal with bullying. It's a book for younger readers, but the message is important to all students. My s ...more
Apr 27, 2009
May 08, 2009
Sugar Blues
This is a no brainer for me... SUGAR is EVIL. I think this book makes good points and does a nice job finding sugar history, but there are so many goo ...more
not set
Jan 11, 2010
I Am a Bunny
I don't usually add children's books--usually--but, I LOVE THIS BOOK. Disregard the fact that Nicholas has overalls and the other animals don't. Pre-B ...more
not set
Nov 08, 2011
Super Baby Food: Absolutely Everything You Should Know about Feeding Your Baby and Toddler from Starting Solid Foods to Age Three Years
I think this book is a good reference, but follow your heart when it comes to food for your little one. I say stay away from sugar and make as much of ...more
not set
Nov 08, 2011
Star Island
I love Hiaasen novels. They are fun easy reads. This was a light read, nothing epic, and it wasn't my favorite book of his--actually my least favorite ...more
Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011
Inventing Elliot
This is a sad look at teen bullying/power. It reminded me of The Chocolate War. It was dark and edgy. I think it's a good book for young boys to read. ...more
Mar 10, 2010
Mar 11, 2010
War Dances
I got to see Mr. Alexie speak and he read fom this book...he also made fun of Tom's of Main Deodorant, which was classic. Loved this read!
Jan 29, 2010
Mar 11, 2010
Selected Shorts: For Better and For Worse
I think I needed this. I'm getting married soon...4th of July. These were uplifing and sad, but all very real. I appreciated them all.
Apr 29, 2009
May 08, 2009
The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret To Calm And Confident Parenting
It was a good alternative view on baby raising...but, she's a bit of a Nazi (and that's coming from ME--Miss OCD).
May 2011
Nov 08, 2011
The Handmaid's Tale
I know Margaret Atwood rejects the idea that this is a sience fiction book--but it is. I like the way the story is told. It was hard to keep reading a ...more
Dec 19, 2008
Dec 09, 2008
A great resource for teachers! It really has both sides of the consumerism debate.
Jan 2010
Mar 11, 2010
Chains (Seeds of America, #1)
Very realistic dialogue. Cool historical introdution for each chapter.
Jan 28, 2010
Jan 29, 2010
Spiritual Midwifery
A home-birth must read. Very earthy... find one with a groovy poster in it!
Dec 2010
Mar 11, 2011
Not Mrs. Halse Anderson's best work. Prom is lame
(sorry ladies), and this book was lame too. I did enjoy the mother character in this story...that wa
Jun 04, 2009
May 22, 2009
The Art of Maurice Sendak
Very cool book on this genius man! Scored it at Goodwill for $6.99!
not set
Nov 08, 2011
From the Hips: A Comprehensive, Open-Minded, Uncensored, Totally Honest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Becoming a Parent
I loved the drawings in the book. I also liked that it was pretty non-bias.
Dec 2010
Mar 11, 2011
Freak the Mighty
I loved this story. I want all of my students to read it.
not set
Mar 12, 2009
This is an adult book! I do appreciate Clowes sarcasm and his art.
Sep 15, 2010
Sep 21, 2010
Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix
This is a well researched bio! And very informative. I heart Hendrix
Jun 2010
Jun 15, 2010
What Girls Learn
I skipped pages... I didn't like this novel at all.
Jun 2009
Jun 16, 2009
Aesop's Fables
This is a helpful book for lit lovers AND idiom lovers.
Sep 2010
Sep 21, 2010
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
Again, if your having a child you should read this!
Feb 2011
Mar 11, 2011
Stoner & Spaz (Stoner & Spaz, #1)
This is a good book for outsiders.
Apr 30, 2010
May 05, 2010
Don't Whistle in School: The History of America's Public Schools (People's History)
Informative, but dry and random.
not set
May 27, 2009
Little Bee
Shocking ending. Good two person naration. Quick read.
Oct 03, 2010
Sep 30, 2010
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