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The Number of the Beast (The World As Myth)
After exhaustive research, I have determined that all Heinlein books are mostly about: time and/or space travel, utopian familial structures, casual n ...more
Sep 11, 2008
Aug 26, 2008
Benjamin Franklin: An American Life
**spoiler alert** I absolutely loved this book.

I picked this book up in an antique store in Virginia, of all places, and it sat on my shelf for a yea
Mar 27, 2008
Feb 16, 2008
The Night Circus
I loved this. In the beginning it reminded me a bit of The Prestige, what with the dueling victorian magicians, but that comparison dissolved as I got ...more
Jul 06, 2012
May 17, 2012
Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence
This isn't specifically a parenting book but I tagged it parenting because there is a section on parenting with different personality types and that w ...more
Oct 29, 2014
Oct 02, 2014
Yes Please
I adore Amy Poehler and I really enjoyed this book. She is very honest and real and it reads like you're talking to a friend. And she's definitely a p ...more
Nov 18, 2014
Oct 30, 2014
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (The World As Myth)
This is kind of two separate books smooshed together. The first half is pretty straight-forward space adventures, and then everything gets weird after ...more
Jun 22, 2008
May 23, 2008
American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House
I was excited to read this book, so it was especially disappointing to discover how poorly written it is. I only got through about 75 pages before giv ...more
Feb 16, 2009
Jan 20, 2009
The Epcot Explorer's Encyclopedia: A guide to the flora, fauna, and fun of the world's greatest theme park!
I'm a big Epcot fan. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The (very) detailed information about each pavilion was truly fascinating, and if I ...more
Jun 20, 2011
Jun 13, 2011
The Highly Sensitive Child: Helping Our Children Thrive When the World Overwhelms Them
A helpful overview of the HSC (highly sensitive child), Which includes 15-20% of children. Most of the book, however, focuses on the more common type ...more
Sep 05, 2013
Aug 29, 2013
(SPOILERS) This is the rare book that I think will be better as the movie they will inevitably make of it. The concept was interesting, but very littl ...more
Jul 21, 2013
Jul 03, 2013
In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
This is sort of a companion piece to The Omnivore's Dilemma. Whereas that book goes into detail about the industrialization of food, and societal and ...more
Jan 30, 2012
Jan 27, 2012
**spoiler alert** I didn't like this one nearly as much as Eleanor & Park. There were definitely pieces of it I liked (especially the part dealing ...more
Sep 30, 2014
Sep 04, 2014
Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood
I absolutely loved this book. Drew Magary is my soul brother. Knowing I'm not the only one constantly fucking this up makes me feel just a little bit ...more
Jan 18, 2014
Jul 31, 2013
Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened
I adore Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and Half blog, so pre-ordering her book was a no-brainer. The book is a mix of previously published work and new mater ...more
Nov 05, 2013
Nov 01, 2013
Andrew's Brain
I'm not sure if this book was just boring and pointless, or I wasn't smart enough for it. I read another EL Doctorow book back in college and liked it ...more
Mar 09, 2014
Jan 09, 2014
Watership Down
This book is about rabbits. Let's get that out of the way straight off. Despite apparently being a "beloved classic" I hadn't heard of it until I saw ...more
Jul 19, 2009
Jul 07, 2009
Allegiant (Divergent, #3)
I was afraid to read this book because virtually everyone I know who did hated it. But guess what - I didn't hate it! I didn't love it either, but I'm ...more
Mar 20, 2014
Mar 13, 2014
Doctor Who: The Vault: Treasures from the First 50 Years
I was delighted to stumble on this displayed in my library's "new books" section when I wasn't even looking for it. Never would have checked the libra ...more
Sep 22, 2014
Sep 16, 2014
Etc Etc Amen
Couldn't finish this one. I made it about 25% of the way through but I just couldn't get into it. I liked the concept of a cultish "non religion" (it ...more
May 02, 2013
Mar 28, 2013
This Is NPR: The First Forty Years
Come for the photos of NPR stars when they were young, stay for some interesting behind-the-scenes anecdotes.
Jun 20, 2014
Dec 09, 2013
Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic
Ten stars. The first parenting book (and I have read many) that truly is about my daughter and my experiences as a parent. The Highly Senstive Child w ...more
Jan 02, 2015
Nov 22, 2014
Marriage Illustrated with Crappy Pictures
Definitely very funny in places, but overall not quite as good as her first book (Parenting...). In the beginning where it was very "here's all the th ...more
Jan 20, 2015
Dec 30, 2014
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
I can't say much about the effectiveness of this book, because my baby isn't really old enough for "sleep training" yet. But I can say that it's one o ...more
not set
Jun 02, 2011
The Other Boleyn Girl (The Tudor Court, #2)
I would have given it 3 1/2 if it let me.

Overall I enjoyed it. The story was interesting and I found myself wanting to know what would happen to Mary,
Feb 2008
Jan 28, 2008
Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks
This reminded me of a Mary Roach book, which is a pretty high compliment. I like maps myself, although not on the level of Jennings or some of the peo ...more
Feb 05, 2012
Feb 02, 2012
The Imagineering Field Guide to Disney's Hollywood Studios
On the one hand, I'm not a big fan of Hollywood Studios. I'd rank it 3rd out of 4 as far as WDW parks go. So the subject matter was automatically a li ...more
Mar 21, 2012
Mar 17, 2012
The Postmortal
For some reason, I thought this would be a funny book. I must have mis-read a description somewhere. I mean, there were a few funny moments, but this ...more
Mar 27, 2012
Mar 17, 2012
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
I have now read all six books that John Green authored or co-authored. And I can say with certainty that this was the best one. Now, 50% of the credit ...more
Jan 18, 2015
May 30, 2014
Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
Not as good as Divergent, but I'm still on board. It felt like the writing was worse, but probably it's just that Divergent was all new and I was suck ...more
Mar 12, 2014
Feb 05, 2014
Paper Towns
At first, I had trouble getting past the fact that this so similar in concept to Looking for Alaska. "Skinny dork falls for manic pixie dream girl ami ...more
Mar 04, 2014
Jan 02, 2014
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