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13 Bullets: A Vampire Tale, Library Edition
In the prologue to Thirteen bullets we are introduced to Special Deputy Jameson Arkeley . He and his then partner are staking out a diner as they susp ...more
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Mar 08, 2012
Welcome to Temptation (Dempseys, #1)
First let me just say what an excellent narrator Aasne Vigessa is. I wish she were as prolific as Scott Brick in narrating because I could listen to h ...more
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Feb 13, 2011
The Disappeared (Jenny Cooper, #2)
Jenny Cooper has taken over the job of coroner in Severn valley and the story opens promisingly enough with the body of an identified young female sho ...more
Feb 07, 2010
Jan 24, 2010
Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
Best book I've listened tp this year. The story moves back and forth over a 25 year period starting in the early 70s and concentrates on Silas and Lar ...more
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Dec 02, 2010
Interred with Their Bones (Kate Stanley, #1)
Basic premise: a woman who has given up her Phd in Shakespearian studies to direct Shakespeare on the stage is visited by her former professor, said p ...more
Nov 08, 2009
Oct 24, 2009
The Sister
Ginny and Vivi are two sisters who've been estranged for 47 years. Ginny has lived her entire life in a crumbling mansion and as the book opens Vivi i ...more
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Nov 22, 2010
A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty
First let me just say that Ms. Jackson could have a career as an audible book narrator if the whole writer then doesn't work out, which I highly doubt ...more
Aug 20, 2014
Aug 13, 2014
In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad, #1)
**spoiler alert** “This summer explodes on your tongue tasting of chewed blades of long grass, your own clean sweat, Marie biscuits with butter squirt ...more
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Aug 20, 2013
Blood Red Road
Lately a few of the books I’ve read have the feel of a screenplay into a book as opposed to the book being the original piece. This is certainly the c ...more
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Oct 09, 2011
Night Film
The book opens with the death of a young woman, Ashley Cordova, who was the daughter of a reclusive film director famous for his psychologically scarr ...more
Mar 27, 2015
Mar 09, 2015
I’ve been delaying reviewing this title until I had a hard copy of it in hand. The audiobook was superbly narrated (I’ve gotta find more books narrate ...more
Mar 07, 2014
Mar 06, 2014
The Book of Lost Things
In a nutshell: 12 year old David has lost his mother, his father remarries and has a baby and David becomes increasingly jealous of his fathers new re ...more
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Jan 17, 2011
Before I Die
Excellent, excellent reader, meh on the story. Tessa is sixteen and has terminal leukemia. She makes a list of ten things she wants to do before she d ...more
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Feb 12, 2010
Tyrannosaur Canyon (Wyman Ford #1)
Not one of my favorites from Preston. The book felt like it was going in one direction at the beginning - tenure obsessed curator hires a con to find ...more
Aug 16, 2009
Aug 10, 2009
Blood Line (Anna Travis, #7)
This is the first book I've read by Ms. La Plante. I found the detective work to be interesting for the most part but could not really warm up to eith ...more
Nov 12, 2014
Nov 12, 2014
The Good Thief's Guide to Berlin
This is the first book I've read in the Good thief's guide to series and found it to be extremely enjoyable. It reminded me a bit of an old Cary Grant ...more
Jan 09, 2015
Jan 07, 2015
Corduroy Mansions
Oh dear, I am afraid that I just cannot persuade myself to like Mr. McCall Smiths writing. This is the second series of his I've tried and he is just ...more
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Nov 15, 2011
A Monster Calls
What a gut wrencher ...but so, so good. We, the reader, know from the beginning what the final outcome of the story will be but even so, as the monste ...more
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Feb 17, 2012
Sing Them Home
I loved the many characters interspersed throughout the book. The town itself is a complex character and I foudn I wanted to spend alot of time gettin ...more
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May 03, 2012
Terminal Freeze
Lincoln Child and Douglas Child Preston writing both together or separately are two more of my favorite "comfort" authors. Love the science concepts t ...more
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Jun 12, 2009
Stolen Prey
I always enjoy a Lucas Davenport book and I love Richard Ferrone's narration. Stolen prey, for me, was one of the weaker books in the series. There wa ...more
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Jan 08, 2013
Sweetheart (Gretchen Lowell, #2)
This is a follow-up to Cain's Heartsick. In that novel we were introduced to Archie Sheridan the tortured hero (literally) who caught the female seria ...more
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Jan 12, 2009
Strange Bedpersons
This title was a bit of a disappointment for me. Generally by the end of a Crusie book I love her characters and their quirks and I did love the suppo ...more
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May 22, 2013
The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking, #1)
Todd Hewitt is the last boy in a town of men and only men. He will become a man in one month’s time . He is eagerly awaiting that day so that he will ...more
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Nov 14, 2008
Dearly, Departed: A Zombie Novel
Its rare that the reader bothers me but in this case the voice actor for Nora Dearly was just not right for me, the voice seemed a little young and im ...more
Jun 05, 2014
May 31, 2014
The 9th Girl (Kovac and Liska #4)
Perfectly fine narration ----tons of cop cliches, fairly typical serial killer story. Kept me interested during the commute but I'm not sure I would h ...more
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Jul 20, 2013
Semper Fidelis (Gaius Petreius Ruso, #5)
As always an excellent narration by Simon Vance. Two of my favorite fictional characters are back and do not disappoint. Ruso and Tilla are once again ...more
Jan 02, 2015
Dec 28, 2014
I really don't know much about Ms. Fey other than seeing her parodies of Sarah Palin as well as her work in Date Night. Boy did she make me laugh. Jus ...more
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Mar 28, 2013
People of the Book
Hannah Heath a rare book conservator has been invited to document a rare book the Sarajevo Haggadah. The story follows Hannah's present day detecting ...more
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Aug 21, 2010
Kill You Twice (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell #5)
Excellent narration as always - Archie, Gretchen and Susan are all back with their usual ticks. I read Chelsea Cain as her relationships are always so ...more
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Aug 13, 2013
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