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Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection: Field Notes by Dr. Robert Twombly
The story here is nothing much—Roff basically follows the rules of Max Brooks’ zombieverse, with the (admittedly creepy) addition of the infection ini ...more
Oct 19, 2009
Oct 19, 2009
Superman: Birthright
In some ways, what Waid is trying to do with this graphic novel is the exact opposite of what Tom De Haven was attempting in his (prose) novel It’s Su ...more
Jan 18, 2009
Jan 19, 2009
Black Hole
I was kind of underwhelmed by this. The art is amazing, but the “teens affected by a horrible, ostracizing, sexually transmitted disease as a metaphor ...more
not set
Dec 29, 2007
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
Really fantastic graphic novel about Bechdel dealing with her father’s (possible) suicide, learning that he spent most of his life in the closet, and ...more
not set
Jul 19, 2008
Serenity: Those Left Behind (Serenity, #1)
I think the biggest problem with this for me is that I just now got to read it; it may have had more of an impact if I'd actually read it BEFORE watch ...more
Aug 2007
Aug 18, 2007
Books of Magick: Life During Wartime, Vol. 1
A Books of Magic AU in which everything is very different from the world Neil Gaiman first laid out. Namely, everyone is an unsympathetic asshole. S ...more
Nov 2008
Nov 14, 2008
Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return (Persepolis, #3-4)
Rougher and less focused than Persepolis, the first half of this volume focuses on Satrapi's life in Austria where her parents sent to be safe and to ...more
Aug 2007
Aug 02, 2007
Y: The Last Man, Vol. 6: Girl on Girl (Y: The Last Man, #6)
So, Dr. Mann and 355 finally getting it on was very hot, if unfortunately not surprising, considering this volume's title. Still, certain things are s ...more
Sep 2007
Sep 15, 2007
The story of a relatably cranky teenage Korean-American girl who’s trying to win a martial arts tournament—and the boy of her dreams. This is not your ...more
Nov 2008
Nov 15, 2008
Pride of Baghdad
Based on a true incident: in 2003, a pride of lions escaped the Baghdad zoo during an American bombing. Vaughan uses this as a jumping off point to te ...more
Sep 2007
Sep 29, 2007
A series of vignettes, almost, about women's lives in Iran, connected by bridging segments of after-dinner tea and conversation with Satrapi's mother, ...more
Aug 2007
Aug 03, 2007
Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle
’70s-era Iron Man, in which, you know, it’s hard out there for a man with a pimp haircut and ’stache like Tony’s. He’s got to deal with the Sub-Marine ...more
not set
Aug 29, 2008
Batman: Dark Victory
A story set early in Batman’s career, that includes one of the best explanations as to why quintessential loner Bruce Wayne decides to take in young D ...more
Dec 09, 2008
Dec 09, 2008
Hellblazer: All His Engines
Huh. I saw this on the shelf at my friend John’s, flipped through it there, borrowed it, and read the whole thing, and I am still not sure if I have r ...more
Feb 20, 2010
Feb 20, 2010
Y: The Last Man, Vol. 7: Paper Dolls (Y: The Last Man, #7)
All the stuff set in Australia was interesting (poor Yorick and his little Yorick), but I found the 355 backstory really disappointing. The bookends w ...more
Oct 2007
Oct 02, 2007
Transmetropolitan, Vol. 10: One More Time (Transmetropolitan, #10)
Okay, I have to take back all the mean things I said earlier this year about Warren Ellis. I still don’t get what the big deal with The Authority is, ...more
Dec 18, 2008
Dec 18, 2008
Batman: The Killing Joke
Wasn’t terribly impressed by this, to be honest. The Joker’s backstory seemed flimsy and clichéd, and there’s frankly just not that much else to this ...more
not set
Aug 12, 2008
Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas
Reread. Jesus, what the fuck was I doing reading this when I was 16? If anything, it's more gruesome and fucked up than I remember. Nevertheless, it's ...more
Jul 30, 2009
Jul 30, 2009
House of M
**spoiler alert** This is the arc in which Wolverine regains his memory, so I was anxious to read it. However, the focus really isn’t on him dealing w ...more
Jan 16, 2009
Jan 16, 2009
The Impostor's Daughter: A True Memoir
A graphic memoir, which I am apparently okay with. Unlike The Liar’s Club, this is more about Sandell’s life as an adult (and her childhood was a whol ...more
Jan 07, 2010
Jan 07, 2010
Batman: Hush, Vol. 2
Probably the most fun I’ve had with the DC Universe so far. Batman + Catwoman = HOT.
Oct 2008
Oct 14, 2008
Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
I’ve never been much of a Batman girl; I find him and his world just so relentlessly depressing, while at the same time the concept is just so inheren ...more
Dec 26, 2009
Dec 26, 2009
Amulet, Vol. 1: The Stonekeeper (Amulet, #1)
This graphic novel opens with one of the most frightening and heartbreaking car accidents I have ever seen textually or graphically rendered, which gi ...more
Nov 2008
Nov 24, 2008
Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1: Unmanned (Y: The Last Man, #1)
A plague hits, wiping out every mammal with a Y chromosome—except for a dude with the improbable name of Yorick Brown (his father was an English profe ...more
Aug 2007
Aug 03, 2007
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
A really excellent and heartbreaking account of growing up in Iran in the late '70s/early '80s, told in graphic novel form. Has rightfully been compar ...more
Jul 2007
Jun 20, 2007
Civil War: Iron Man
Another comic I picked up for the emotionally resonant reason of “the library had it.” There were some good things about it. The first virtually stand ...more
not set
Aug 18, 2008
An update/relaunch of Jack Kirby's Eternals by my beloved Neil; sadly, I'm not loving it. There were aspects of it that I really liked—the first part ...more
Sep 2007
Sep 20, 2007
Batman: The Long Halloween
A bit of a let down after all the hype, this was still a decent…well, “romp” is really the wrong word for Batman, isn’t it? A decent mope? A decent gl ...more
Jan 03, 2009
Jan 03, 2009
The Authority, Vol. 1: Relentless
Not as impressed by this as I had hoped to be. It doesn’t seem that different from other superhero comics, and thus far, at least, I felt the characte ...more
not set
Aug 09, 2008
Superman/Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told
Really? The greatest? Most of these seem to involve Batman and Superman having to face down villains who somehow have—gasp!—the powers of Batman and S ...more
not set
Aug 25, 2008
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