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Cloud Atlas
To begin, if you are looking for an easy read with a straight-forward story plus neat and tidy endings, you may be disappointed. This book, in a sense ...more
Dec 10, 2013
Nov 09, 2013
Vinegar - 1001 Practical Uses
This is a great cookbook/kitchen helper/DIY book on how to use vinegar for...just about everything. You can use white or apple cider vinegar to cure e ...more
Jan 2014
Jan 01, 2014
Little House in the Big Woods (Little House, #1)
Every child in America, boy or girl, should read these books or, better yet, have their parents read them to them. I have wonderful memories of sittin ...more
not set
Jan 09, 2009
More Best Business Practices for Photographers
If you are looking for a book that will encourage you to cut corners and make excuses, do *not* buy this book. If you want a pull-no-punches series th ...more
not set
Dec 03, 2014
The Maltese Falcon
I'll admit it: I made a mistake listening to the audio book instead of reading it. By the end, I just wanted to throttled the insipidly irritating fem ...more
Oct 15, 2014
Nov 28, 2014
Some Girls: My Life in a Harem
Good points: incredibly readable. I finished it in 2 days. Easy style, no big words, no groundbreaking prose.

Bad points: The storyline is not full of
Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014
Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)
It took me until about page 100 to suddenly realize that my whole next was shot because I couldn't put it down.

The new characters who are introduced
not set
Dec 01, 2011
Trail of the Spellmans (The Spellmans, #5)
I tried to pace myself through another Spellman mystery but it didn't last. I finished it in 3 nights before bed and relished every minute.

Some favor
not set
Sep 28, 2012
Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5)
Oh Sookie, Sookie, how many times can one girl get beat up-shot at-smacked around by bad guys? For that matter, how many men can one woman possibly fa ...more
not set
Jun 03, 2011
Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share
This book is wonderful in it's visuals but the cookies themselves were not my favorite. There are photos to go with every cookie so you'll know how it ...more
not set
Oct 09, 2011
Leviathan Wakes (Expanse, #1)
We read this book on tape during a road trip. I'm new to the epic futuristic space trilogy so please take that into consideration. As plot development ...more
not set
Nov 09, 2013
The Prince
The most surprising aspect of this book is the relevance it still carries for leadership hundreds of years later. Topics such as "should you arm your ...more
Jan 12, 2013
Jan 07, 2013
Bridge To Terabithia
This was one of the first books I read in elementary school that made me cry. It is a wonderful coming of age tale and totally recommended for childre ...more
Sep 1984
Dec 07, 2008
Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality
Before I review the book, I'll give you the source of the recommendation. I noticed a friend reading this and asked what she thought. She had run a lu ...more
May 22, 2014
May 15, 2014
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)
I spent 3 nights in a row staying up way too late reading this engrossing book. Last night's was the hardest though because I wanted so desperately to ...more
Dec 07, 2011
Dec 04, 2011
Marked (House of Night #1)
While Harry Potter and even Twilight are supposedly written for teenagers, you can tell that this one was written BY a teenager and edited by her moth ...more
Jun 17, 2009
Jun 10, 2009
The Weekend Baker: Irresistible Recipes, Simple Techniques, and Stress-Free Strategies for Busy People
A variety of recipes from easy (something to whip up on a weekend) to splurge (with both time and ingredients).

The +3 stars were the variety of recipe
not set
Dec 14, 2013
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
I was incredibly surprised by this book! I thought it was going to be a "Walking Dead" type of story but it actually was less focused on the horror an ...more
Jun 19, 2013
Jun 20, 2013
Farmer's Market Cook Book (Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen)
This very hard to find edition is one of my all-time favorite cookbooks. Taking you through all the vegetables that are in season from spring to winte ...more
not set
Jul 08, 2011
Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)
I'm a late passenger on this "True Blood" train, mainly due to the Twilight fatigue. By that I mean: angst ridden books about vampires with Christian ...more
Mar 2011
Apr 15, 2011
The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook: A Treasury of Timeless, Delicious Recipes
Let me start with this: there is an entire chapter on cornbread! How can that be bad?

This is one of the most fun cookbooks I've read in a while. Ther
not set
Jun 06, 2012
Portraits of America
This is truly one of the best photographic collections about our great country. Both this book and "The Americans" paint a tale that all citizens of t ...more
not set
Oct 09, 2011
Granta 120: Medicine
I received this subscription again from a friend for my birthday and this was the first edition. Oof. An entire analysis of "Medicine" also means an e ...more
not set
Sep 19, 2012
The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War
If you've ever wanted to know what photojournalism in a war zone is like, start by reading this book. Then go out and see the documentary "War Photogr ...more
not set
Jun 03, 2011
Lord Sunday (The Keys to the Kingdom, #7)
As with all the novels in this series, the action builds at a lightening fast pace and then the ending is wrapped up all too quickly. In previous book ...more
not set
Jun 08, 2011
The Fallen Man (Navajo Mysteries, #12)
This book started off at a glacial pace and ended like an avalanche. Overall, it was more dour and, frankly, depressing than other Jim Chee/Lt. Leapho ...more
Feb 27, 2014
Mar 06, 2014
Listening Woman (Navajo Mysteries, #3)
This was a good intro into Hillerman. My mom's a huge fan and gave me the book for an airplane read. I've never read them before but LOVED the PBS ser ...more
May 16, 2009
Apr 30, 2009
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia, #1)
I started this series as an adult, having never read it as a child. It makes for a different experience to be sure. The book was definitely enjoyable ...more
not set
Jun 08, 2011
Eat Dat New Orleans: A Guide to the Unique Food Culture of the Crescent City
This the best travel book about food I've ever laid hands on. (Mind you, I've not read too many just about travel and food but this one sets the bar h ...more
Apr 03, 2014
Mar 06, 2014
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying a Home
We're going to be buying our first home this year and I've been doing daily research (1-2 chapters/day) with this book and a notepad on topics to rese ...more
not set
Dec 30, 2011
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