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The Biology of Luck
The Biology of Luck is one of the most joyful books I've read in a long time. By that, I mean that little burst of warmth in your heart you get when r...more
Dec 02, 2013
Nov 26, 2013
Tuesday's Gone (Frieda Klein, #2)
I actually enjoyed this book a great deal more than Blue Monday, the first in the series. I think that was because the storyline in this one appealed...more
Aug 14, 2012
Jul 16, 2012
Captivate (Submerged Sun, #1)
Captivate started slowly and I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it, but about a third in, I suddenly found myself getting more and more drawn into the story a...more
Nov 29, 2013
Nov 08, 2013
Rudyard Kipling's Tales of Horror and Fantasy
I found it hard to get into this book. To be fair, I've found Kipling a bit heavy going in the past - there's just something about his writing style t...more
Jul 31, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
1Q84 (1Q84, #1-3)
I have long been a fan of Murakami's writing and approached this book with an eager excitement, despite the mixed reviews. Luckily, I was not disappoi...more
Sep 19, 2012
Sep 19, 2012
Hyde is an interesting and well-written retelling of the classic tale. I loved Levine's twist of the story so that the reader can understand the event...more
Feb 2014
Jan 21, 2014
The Beautiful Ashes (Broken Destiny, #1)
In general, I found The Beautiful Ashes a pleasant read. The storyline was interesting and offered an idea that I haven't seen presented in this way b...more
Jun 18, 2014
Jun 11, 2014
Having enjoyed a previous work by Ashley Robertson, I was keen to see what she would come up with this time and I must say that the end result is a fa...more
Jul 09, 2012
Jun 08, 2012
The Werewolf of Paris: A Novel
This book has a slow start and occasional disjointed jumping in the middle of the narrative, but once it gets going it is a riveting story set against...more
Aug 27, 2012
Aug 22, 2012
The Golem
This is an intriguing piece of fiction that takes you into a claustrophobic world, reminiscent of the works of Meyrink's contemporary, Kakfa. Like Kaf...more
Feb 10, 2012
Dec 11, 2011
The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children #1)
It took me a little while to get into this book, but I think that's because I was reading it on and off in my lunch breaks at work and could only read...more
Aug 10, 2012
May 10, 2012
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
This is a series that has received so much hype that I was a little hesitant when I picked up the first book in case it didn't live up to my expectati...more
Jan 13, 2012
Dec 25, 2011
Cold in California
I received this book as a review copy from the author and, to be honest, for the first few pages I didn't think it was my sort of book. But then I sud...more
Jun 17, 2011
Jun 11, 2011
Casanova in Bolzano
I have previously read two of Marai's other books in English and loved them, so I was keen to get my hands on this one.

In general, I really enjoyed i...more
Dec 16, 2011
Dec 11, 2011
The Dark World (Dark World, #1)
The Dark World has an interesting storyline but failed to 100% deliver for me. I felt that too much time was spent on highly stereotypical characters...more
May 20, 2014
May 13, 2014
The Book of Lost Fragrances (Reincarnationist, #4)
Overall this is a very enjoyable book. I found the opening a little slow, but gradually I got into the story.

One of the things I loved most about this...more
Dec 29, 2011
Dec 20, 2011
Blue Monday (Frieda Klein #1)
It has been a while since I last read anything by Nicci French, but this is still a bit of a departure from the books I've read previously from this a...more
Jan 19, 2012
Jan 03, 2012
Love Bleeds (Only After Dark, #1)
This was a fairly pleasant read and I enjoyed the fact that the setting was different from some other vampire books I have read lately, even though th...more
Apr 29, 2011
Apr 18, 2011
When I first saw this title was available on NetGalley, I was so excited and requested it at once. I've loved everything I've read by Byatt and this s...more
Dec 26, 2012
Aug 10, 2011
The Sea of Tranquility
Now, usually if I am going to read YA it is within the paranormal/fantasy genres, but I'm glad I was drawn in enough by the blurb to give this one a t...more
Dec 02, 2012
Nov 13, 2012
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
I'm not a huge YA reader, but I have picked up several in that genre so far this year. Most have been OK; some I liked more than others, but none have...more
Jul 31, 2011
May 05, 2011
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
This was another book club read for me and overall I liked it.

Haddon creates a wonderful voice for his young protagonist that comes across as real an...more
Apr 21, 2011
Apr 04, 2011
Death and the Penguin
I absolutely whizzed through this wonderful satire of one man and his penguin. This was a really easy read with some great black humour and enough pac...more
Jul 05, 2011
Jun 09, 2011
Zombies Don't Cry (Living Dead Love Story, #1)
Ok, let me start by saying one thing: I hate zombies. I can't watch zombie movies at all as they completely freak me out, and then I can't sleep all n...more
Aug 04, 2011
May 09, 2011
Darkness Rising (East Salem, #2)

When I requested this book from NetGalley, the blurb did not make it clear this was the second book in a series. If I had seen that, I may not have se...more
Aug 31, 2012
Aug 10, 2012
Sidekick is a fun, sassy novel that will have you laughing and smiling all the way through. I loved some of the comedic touches, which really helped t...more
May 25, 2014
May 20, 2014
Seduction: A Novel of Suspense
I came away from Seduction with mixed feelings. The first half of the book was beautifully written - suspenseful and intriguing - with strong characte...more
Apr 13, 2013
Mar 29, 2013
The Time Keeper
I found this book a really compelling read - so much so that I finished it in 90 minutes, staying up late to get to the end.

I think this story had a c...more
Aug 11, 2012
Aug 03, 2012
I was offered a review copy of this book and, since I enjoyed two of Rusty's other books, I jumped at the chance. I am glad to say that I was not disa...more
Nov 15, 2011
Nov 11, 2011
Having previously enjoyed Kristin Lavransdatter, I was interested to check out some of Undset's other works. Happily, I liked this early work of hers...more
Dec 18, 2012
Dec 08, 2012
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