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Never Slow Dance With a Zombie
If you're looking for a little light reading, this book is definitely for you.

Along with the journey to becoming popular through a zombie infection wi...more
Oct 18, 2009
Oct 10, 2009
The One (The Selection, #3)
DNF. No surprise there. idk why I do these things to myself. Review to come.
Jul 27, 2014
Mar 05, 2013
The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3)
Wow, I am REALLY liking where this series is going! It’s so hard to find good high/epic fantasy in YA, but Chima is leading the way with her “Seven Re...more
May 10, 2011
Mar 26, 2011
The Falconer (The Falconer, #1)
4.5/5 stars! Can't wait for book 2! :D Review to come!
Apr 16, 2014
Dec 21, 2011
Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer
Cute, but not really horror. Review to come!
Mar 08, 2014
Feb 24, 2013
Cold Kiss (Cold Kiss, #1)
SO glad netgalley came through for me on this one. I’ve been dying to read this, and I wasn’t let down. Not one bit. “Cold Kiss” may just seem like “a...more
Jul 27, 2011
Jun 14, 2011
A Mad, Wicked Folly
This one was FUN. Review to come!
Mar 06, 2014
Aug 27, 2013
Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)
So, so, so good! Review to come!
Sep 08, 2014
Feb 16, 2014
3.5/5 stars.

A solid YA debut to be sure, but even though this book goes into the “tough stuff” (as the sub-genre of contemporary YA lit has been now d...more
Apr 2012
Feb 13, 2012
Everbound (Everneath, #2)
4.5/5 stars!

Holy crap, guys. If you thought that the feels couldn't get any more intense than in book one, you're in for a rude awakening. Ashton, qui...more
Jan 19, 2013
Dec 19, 2011
The Shadow Girl
I absolutely love contemporary stories that have a magical reality or sci-fi spin to them. I love how they've exploded within YA, especially, as of la...more
Apr 09, 2013
Jul 21, 2012
Variant (Variant, #1)
**spoiler alert** (3.5/5 stars)

I'm not sure about how to feel about this one, guys. On the one hand, I really enjoyed the "Lord of the Flies"-like fee...more
Sep 28, 2011
May 06, 2011
The End Games
I was pretty excited for this one, guys, I won't lie there. "The End Games" sounded like a Western reboot of one of my favorite manga series, "Mirai N...more
Apr 28, 2013
Jul 11, 2012
Emilie and the Hollow World (Emilie, #1)
Okay, so this one is a bit hard to really talk about, guys. As much as I loved the idea and the creativity and the re-telling of "Journey to the Cente...more
Apr 2013
Jul 26, 2012
The Frenzy
This book is one of Francesca's best so far. With werewolves (and now, angels/demons/faeries) becoming the new vampire in the YA genre, so far nothing...more
Oct 16, 2010
Mar 14, 2010
Perry's Killer Playlist (Perry & Gobi, #2)
Just like the first book in this duology, "Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick", "Perry's Killer Playlist" is another plot-driven page-turner that's not o...more
Oct 08, 2012
Jul 10, 2012
Frost (Stork, #2)
This seriously can’t be the end to this series/world/whatever. Seriously. I enjoyed it way too much. With “Frost”, Delsol proves that “Stork” wasn’t j...more
Jul 14, 2011
May 06, 2011
Froi of the Exiles (Lumatere Chronicles, #2)
2.5/5 stars.

I ended up really enjoying the first book in this series, but found that in “Froi” of the exiles, I lost interest pretty quickly. Why? I’v...more
Mar 10, 2012
May 06, 2011
Blue Exorcist, Vol. 8
This is one of the rawest books in the series so far - there are a LOT of feels to be felt by pretty much everyone in the book. Identity comes into qu...more
Oct 05, 2012
Aug 07, 2012
The Diviners (The Diviners, #1)
4.5/5 stars!

DESERVES ALL THE STARS. Seriously, if I could give it more than five stars, I totally would. This was such a breath of fresh air in the YA...more
Aug 08, 2012
Mar 26, 2010
Starters (Starters, #1)
Oh boy. Um. My advice on this one? Read this in daylight and not around older people. A bit of a bias? Yeah. But considering what the “Enders” (people...more
Feb 27, 2012
Aug 14, 2011
The Book of Blood and Shadow
4.5/5 stars!

This one was really, really good, guys. I literally could NOT put it down – well, until I had to pass out for the night, but that was kind...more
Apr 09, 2012
Aug 21, 2011
The 13th Sign
Going into this one, I had no idea it was a older MG/young YA book. But that's okay! I had a lot of fun with "The 13th Sign" - I think fans of Percy J...more
Dec 23, 2012
Jul 07, 2012
March Story, Vol. 4 (March Story #4)
4.5/5 stars!

I'm a volume behind (I still have to read volume 3), but the great thing about "March Story" as a series is that for the most part, one ca...more
Oct 05, 2012
Aug 07, 2012
Outside In (Insider, #2)
**spoiler alert** I really enjoyed the first one of this series, so I’ve been pretty excited about this book since I finished the first last year.

So n...more
Jan 14, 2011
Jan 18, 2010
Tiger (Dark Eyes, #2)
While this isn't quite the same constant tension and heart-poundingly exciting story as "Dark Eyes", "Tiger" takes us to a quieter, softer place withi...more
Mar 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2012
The Different Girl
This one actually took me by surprise - even though it's very simply written, there's a much deeper element in it. Much like "Never Let Me Go" blended...more
Jan 29, 2013
Aug 14, 2012
White Lines
3.5/5 stars.

We really need more dark, gritty contemps like this in YA, guys. I'm just going to lay that out there now. "White Lines" is incredibly har...more
Mar 28, 2013
Aug 14, 2012
"Fracture" was one of my favorite debuts last year, so when I heard Miranda was putting out another book this year, I was intensely excited. What I go...more
Feb 03, 2013
Jul 06, 2012
Glow (Sky Chasers, #1)
**spoiler alert** Guys, you know how much I love space opera (only second to space westerns). I’m happy to report that “Glow” not only fills that cate...more
Aug 18, 2011
May 08, 2011
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