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Smiley's People
Just re-read this one after many years. I forgot how awesome this book is. Le Carre was at the top of his game.

First, there's Smiley, his heavy-lidde...more
Jan 1979
Oct 26, 2011
The Best Laid Plans
Ah, I loves me some Canadian political satire. Don't think I've had this much fun since King John of Canada (Scott Gardiner - go read it).

A young poli...more
Aug 25, 2009
Oct 19, 2009
The Rude Story of English
There are two problems with the story of the English language, according to Howell: no hero, and not rude enough.

Then he sets off to remedy both.

Nov 2013
Dec 07, 2013
The Love Monster
Once again, I find a wonderful first-time novel. I should get paid for my radar.

Margaret H. Atwood (no, not that one) is in a rough patch. Her loveles...more
Aug 2012
Aug 12, 2012
All Those Things We Never Said
Writing level at "learn to become a writer at home" quality and the plot twist is rather absurd.

I hate it when I accidentally stumble into Harlequin t...more
Oct 20, 2010
Nov 01, 2010
It should be no surprise that Tina Fey is good at writing the anecdote. But the book club was not convinced this was a "memoir" in the classic sense.

Jun 2011
Jul 30, 2011
The Girl with All the Gifts
I'll tread carefully since this is such a new release. First off, getting a book jacket testimonial from Joss Whedon: booyah!

Melanie knows the routine...more
Jul 2014
Aug 10, 2014
For Today I Am a Boy
Another awesome debut novel.

Peter is the son that arrives at last in a family of daughters, the awaited "king" in his father's mind, as revealed in hi...more
Mar 2014
Mar 29, 2014
Shovel Ready
In this near future, the rich people stay tapped in to the high test matrix full time, with servants and nurses to care for their withering bodies. Ev...more
May 2014
May 18, 2014
As She Climbed across the Table
I have a bit of a crush on Lethem's brain. He makes a love story out of a self-deprecating academic in love with a physicist, with a null space (known...more
Jun 2014
Aug 08, 2014
Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic
Great science writers make me so happy (and jealous). Quammen explores what we know so far about zoonosis (infectious disease transmitted between spec...more
Jan 2014
Feb 01, 2014
The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary: A True Story of Resilience and Recovery
This book is hard to read. Not because it's written poorly, but because the subject matter is hard to face.

Westoll, who has a background in primate an...more
May 2013
May 28, 2013
The Grand Design
Hawking and Mlodinow take on the big questions: Why are we here? How did we get here? What is the nature of reality? Do we need a god to explain how i...more
Jul 2012
Jul 11, 2012
Mortal Fire (Secret of the Journal, #1)
Where to start? Professor from Cambridge takes a one-year teaching assignment at an American school so she can study a early American journal in their...more
Jan 2013
Jan 26, 2013
Sweet Tooth
As much as McEwan writes a lot of female characters, I'm still not sure he wants them to be their own women.

Serena goes to Cambridge and becomes the l...more
Feb 2014
Mar 16, 2014
The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography
I'm fascinated by the history of encryption, so this book was up my alley. Singh traces the evolution of encryption techniques using stories from hist...more
Jan 2014
Feb 16, 2014
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
Finally got round to reading this, and have no interest in seeing the movie, for the record.

The narrator tells us a collection of stories gathered aro...more
May 2013
May 26, 2013
The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
For the first time, I actually get how and why physicists are hot for multiverses and string theory. Greene is a very accessible writer, and he has a...more
Oct 2011
Nov 04, 2011
The Best of Men (Laurence Beaumont, #1)
642 pages. Historial fiction. Usually, that means a hard slog, but Letemendia has a good hand when it comes to dialogue with the result being that it...more
Jun 09, 2009
Jun 10, 2009
The Wasp Factory
I first read this book years ago, but went back to it after Banks' death. Such a chilling book. It's a violent book, though the violence in it is ofte...more
Jun 2013
Aug 11, 2013
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing Gaiman read from this book, so now it's infused with the authentic Gaiman voice in my head.

The narrator tells us...more
Jul 2013
Aug 11, 2013
It Takes All Kinds
Local Bob Green writes his second "memoir", which is really a collection of anecdotes and vignettes of people and buildings no longer here. It's a hum...more
Feb 2013
Feb 24, 2013
Not one of my favourite Palahniuk books in that it doesn't have a lot of plot to hang onto - other than an aging porn star who wants to set the world...more
Apr 2012
Apr 19, 2009
The Remorseful Day (Inspector Morse, #13)
I haven't read the whole series but I'm familiar with the tv show, of course.

This is the last Morse novel, and there are some really poignant moments...more
Oct 2012
Dec 09, 2012
The Universe Within: From Quantum to Cosmos
This is the book from Turok's Massey Lectures series. I have an enriched reading experience with this one, since a) I've seen/heard him speak many tim...more
Jan 2014
Feb 16, 2014
I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works: Why Your World, Work, and Brain Are Being Creatively Disrupted
It's the apocalypse! No. Not really. As anyone with some knowledge of history knows, significant technological change leads to fear and loathing. So w...more
May 2011
Jun 11, 2011
The Life of the Cosmos
I love Lee Smolin - he never seems to be afraid to push past assumption, to seek lines of inquiry outside of the narrow bounds of physics specialties...more
Mar 2013
Mar 16, 2013
Oddly Normal: One Family's Struggle to Help Their Teenage Son Come to Terms with His Sexuality
In many ways, the story of John Schwartz and his son is not normal. This is not a story of parents who have a hard time accepting that their son is ga...more
Apr 2013
Apr 21, 2013
Stories about Storytellers: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau, and Others
For an editor, Gibson is a pretty good storyteller. Who happens to have edited some of the biggest names in Canadian literature. He also seems to be a...more
Jan 2012
Jan 28, 2012
You are Awful (But I Like You): Travels Around Unloved Britain
Probably a 3.5 but some absolutely snort-worthy passages.

Tim Moore decides to tour the worst towns in Britain, as voted on travel sites, UK polls and...more
Dec 2012
Dec 19, 2012
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