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The Road to Jerusalem (The Knight Templar, #1)
Well-written, sweeping historical epic about a young Swedish nobleman who goes to the Holy Land as a Crusader during the High Middle Ages. This book,...more
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Apr 10, 2011
American Dervish
This novel tells the story of a Pakistani-American boy and his relationship with his mother's best friend, who comes to stay with the family after a b...more
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Sep 10, 2013
American Babylon: Notes of a Christian Exile
This book contains the author's reflections on what it means to live faithfully as a Christian in contemporary American culture. His overall message i...more
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Oct 11, 2011
Orient Express
This book, written in the early 1930s, follows half a dozen characters as they take the train from Central Europe to Istanbul. The book is full of Gra...more
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Apr 05, 2011
From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, 1500 to the Present
Details Western culture from the Renaissance to the present. The author follows a number of themes, including individualism, emancipation, primitivism...more
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May 29, 2010
Judge Sewall's Apology: The Salem Witch Trials and the Forming of an American Conscience
This biography of the presidin judge at the Salem witch trials presents the most comprehensive introduction to the ideas of that time period that I've...more
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Jan 11, 2011
Choosing Your Faith: In a World of Spiritual Options
This book looks at how human beings choose their religious faith (or lack thereof). The author discusses several different paths to faith, and then de...more
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Oct 15, 2009
Holy Innocents
This is the first book in a series of mysteries written by a Catholic journalist and dealing with contemporary moral issues from a Catholic perspectiv...more
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Feb 18, 2009
Children of the Revolution: The French, 1799-1914
In-depth history of the politics and culture of France in the 19th century. The author demonstrates how France had to contend with both the legacy of...more
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May 17, 2011
The Pursuit of Glory: Europe 1648-1815
Comprehensive history of Europe between the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 and the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. The book covers communications, cu...more
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Feb 05, 2010
In This House of Brede
Heartfelt, beautifully written story of a successful businesswoman who becomes a nun in mid-20th century England. The author does a wonderful job of d...more
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Mar 10, 2011
Sons of the Conquerors
This book focuses on the history and contemporary situation of the Turkic peoples, mostly the people of Turkey, but also the Central Asian peoples. Th...more
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Feb 08, 2013
Freedom's Coming: Religious Culture and the Shaping of the South from the Civil War Through the Civil Rights Era
Well-written, scholarly book about religion and racial issues in the American South in the 100 years after the Civil War. The book covers both pro-seg...more
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Dec 28, 2010
Island of the World
Well-written historical novel about a young boy who begins life in the Balkans in 1933. The story follows him through tragedies associated with World...more
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Jan 07, 2009
Christ Stopped at Eboli: The Story of a Year
This biography/history was written by a doctor/artist who was exiled to a small town in Southern Italy before and during World War II for his oppositi...more
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Dec 10, 2008
Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent: Faith and Power in the New Russia
Well-written, engaging history of the Russian Orthodox Church during the Communist period and its triumph following the collapse of the Soviet Union i...more
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Aug 06, 2010
Samuel Adams: A Life
Well-researched and decently written biography of one of the more neglected founders of the American Republic. I remember learning about Sam Adams in...more
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Jan 13, 2012
The Empty Mirror
This mystery/political thriller is set in late 19th century Vienna. It begins with the work of a serial killer, who dumps his victims on the grounds o...more
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Jun 05, 2011
Global Awakening: How 20th-Century Revivals Triggered a Christian Revolution
This book provides comparative case histories of Christian revivals in the United States and various parts of the developing world throughout the 20th...more
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Dec 28, 2011
The Black Book
The main character's wife disappears, and he searches for her, only to find that her journalist ex-husband has disappeared as well. The main character...more
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Dec 15, 2012
Dreamers of the Day
Set shortly after the First World War, this novel tells the story of a middle aged school teacher who inherits some money and goes on a trip to the Mi...more
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Mar 25, 2009
The Education of Henry Adams
This book is essentially Henry Adams' autobiography, but it focuses on his education and his efforts as a scholar and professor. He overall thesis is...more
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Apr 27, 2009
Songs for the Missing
This book tells the story of Kim, who disappears from her hometown just weeks before she is scheduled to leave for college. The book moves from a thri...more
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Mar 16, 2010
The Making of Pro-life Activists: How Social Movement Mobilization Works
Based primarily on interviews that the author conducted with activists in the pro-life movement, this book seeks to explain mobilization in the moveme...more
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Jan 24, 2013
My Sister's Keeper
I'm not sure what to say about this book. The subject matter is unusual for popular fiction, and I thought the author did a good job of portraying a c...more
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Mar 06, 2010
The House at Sea's End (Ruth Galloway, #3)
Set in contemporary Britain, this mystery begins with the discovery of six bodies that appear to date from World War II, and might be German soldiers....more
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Jun 24, 2012
Bloodmoney: A Novel of Espionage
In this espionage thriller, a mysterious Pakistani is killing CIA agents who are pursuing a covert mission in the region. Ignatius is a good writer, a...more
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Aug 19, 2012
The Republic
Plato's classic work about the "city in speech," in which he seeks to describe justice. Difficult to read and understand in some places, it still pres...more
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Jun 30, 2010
Little Bird of Heaven
Set (mostly) in the 1980s, this book tells the story of a young girl whose father is accused of killing his mistress. Although he insists on his innoc...more
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Nov 02, 2011
In Search of Lost Meaning: The New Eastern Europe
Written by a Polish dissident from the Communist era, this book explores contemporary trends in Polish society and politics. The author also looks at...more
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Jan 26, 2013