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The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore
I'm not going through it very quickly because the class I'm taking is kicking my butt, but what I have read has given me much to think about. And that ...more
Jun 27, 2008
May 06, 2008
Life After Death: The Burden of Proof
A thought provoking, fascinating book. Deepak Chopra pulls insights from all the world's spiritual traditions and life-after-death experiences. I like ...more
Jan 02, 2009
Nov 30, 2008
Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives
The first thing I noticed about this book is that it's poorly edited. The author strings multiple phrases together in one sentence and only uses comma ...more
not set
Dec 19, 2009
10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Find Real Love
An excellent book! Kort discusses all the big and small ways we're affected by homophobia and how it can leave parts of our personalities shut down an ...more
not set
Nov 30, 2008
Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)
A classic PI “whodunit and I gotta find him before he does it to me” mystery with the added twist that the private investigator is a wizard and his as ...more
not set
Mar 12, 2009
Mostly Harmless
Last weekend I traveled with Andreas and Randall to Seattle to Keith and Glen's wedding. Andreas' research showed that flying into Portland, renting a ...more
not set
Jul 17, 2013
The Dresden Files:  Storm Front, Volume 1:  The Gathering Storm
I picked up this book tonight at Barnes & Noble and read it in their coffee shop. I saw it on the shelf while searching for #2 of Neil Gaiman's Sa ...more
Dec 19, 2009
Dec 19, 2009
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts
Favorite quotes so far:

"Without love, mountains become unclimbable, seas uncrossable, deserts unbearable, and hardships our lot in life."

"On the othe
Feb 27, 2013
Feb 22, 2013
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
My inner 12 year old loved this:
“She removed my empty plate, replaced it with a bowl containing a steaming slice of spotted dick with thick yellow cus
Jun 21, 2013
Jun 18, 2013
I chose this book from Time's Top 10 Novels of 2008. It's the first book by Neal Stephenson I've read. It's an incredibly creative work of genius. The ...more
Apr 15, 2009
Apr 12, 2009
The Starter Wife
I'm about halfway through watching the mini-series on hulu and decided to read the book. The book is a light-hearted look into the privileged life of ...more
not set
Sep 06, 2009
Revolutionary Road
An incredibly well-written tale of a marriage teetering on the brink of disaster in the 1950s. Even though the plot is anchored on the ’50s paradigm t ...more
not set
Mar 13, 2009
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
A well-written, intelligent, detailed account of a neurosurgeon's near death experience. Dr. Alexander goes further into his near death experience tha ...more
not set
Feb 22, 2013
Neil Gaiman has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Where most of us lock all of our monsters in the closet and bar the door, he pops the lid o ...more
not set
Aug 08, 2009
A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century
I've read this book twice, both quite some time ago. I was thinking about it the other day and wanted to add it to my books. I'm not a history buff in ...more
not set
Apr 12, 2009
I Thought It Was Just Me: Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame
“Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging.”

“The culture of s
not set
Apr 06, 2013
The Graveyard Book
I chose this book because it's on Time's list of the top 10 novels of 2008 and because I'd read Stardust and liked it a lot and knew he wrote Coraline ...more
Mar 29, 2009
Mar 29, 2009
The Martian Child: A Novel About A Single Father Adopting A Son
I read this book after watching the film based on this book starring John Cusak and his sister Joan Cusak playing his sister in the story. The movie i ...more
Apr 06, 2013
Apr 02, 2013
Perhaps I was in the wrong frame of mind, but I was really dissappointed by this book. I'd read so much about Sedaris' books being so wonderful, I was ...more
not set
Mar 29, 2009
Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, #3)
This is the 3rd book of the Dresden Files and my favorite so far. Buthcer’s desire for his hero to take on the blame for everyone's problems has abate ...more
Apr 13, 2009
Apr 12, 2009
Franny and Zooey
A beautiful poem of a book by the author of “Catcher in the Rye”; reading it is like eating a perfectly ripe peach. It's a short book, but so well cra ...more
not set
Apr 12, 2009
Defiance is a historical, well researched through interviews and documents, account of how Polish Jews attempted to survive WWII by escaping into the ...more
not set
Jan 02, 2009
The House of Mirth / The Reef / The Custom of the Country / The Age of Innocence
I just finished reading The Reef in this collection of four of Edith Wharton’s books. I’ve previously read The Age of Innocence and The House of Mirth ...more
Sep 17, 2011
Aug 18, 2011
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
In the introduction Deepak Chopra points out that the title could really be The Seven Spiritual Laws of Life. I got the impression that while the titl ...more
not set
Aug 31, 2008
Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1)
I enjoyed this book very much. I haven't seen the movie yet so I've been looking forward to reading this for a while. The story is mostly well though ...more
Oct 27, 2008
Oct 19, 2008
Sex and the City
I haven't seen the movie yet, but it's on my A list. I had the First Season on DVD in my hands at the store, but decided to put it back and be a smart ...more
Jun 19, 2008
Jun 14, 2008
Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment
“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I will meet you there.” Rumi

Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment is the story of a spir
not set
Jan 19, 2010
American Gods
I've read Stardust, The Graveyard Book, and now American Gods by Neil Gaiman and all of them have been very good and very different from each other. S ...more
not set
Jun 10, 2009
The Guns of August/The Proud Tower
This volume includes two books by Barbara Tuchman: The Guns of August and The Proud Tower. The first book; The Guns of August is a detailed account of ...more
not set
Sep 16, 2012
Thieves' World (Thieves' World, #1)
I read this book a couple of years ago, but came across it while moving things around and wanted to add it to my list. It and its sequels are must rea ...more
not set
Apr 06, 2009
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