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Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del, #1)
Continuing on with my project of re-reading all my Roberson, I started in on the Tiger & Del series. I really loved the series back when I first d ...more
Dec 20, 2008
Mar 11, 2009
Dust (Jacob's Ladder, #1)
(January book for "The Women of Science Fiction" 2011 reading challenge.)

The really short version of Dust is that it is a story about the people on a
Feb 19, 2011
Feb 21, 2011
Scardown (Jenny Casey, #2)
This was Elizabeth Bear's debut series? Really? As one of the reviewers said of the first book, "A glorious hybrid: hard science, dystopian geopolitic ...more
Feb 23, 2010
Feb 24, 2010
Sword and Sorceress II
I'm not really sure how I missed reading this, but it was on my bookshelf and when I opened it, I turned out not to recognize any of the stories in it ...more
Sep 28, 2008
Nov 03, 2008
The Silver Needle Murder (A Tea Shop Mystery, #9)
Reading this series is sort of like a guilty secret, because the writing is not super-fantastic or anything, but the setting is so relaxing. I think I ...more
May 03, 2008
May 06, 2008
Spellbinder (Spellbinder, #1)
As the author herself acknowledges in her note at the end of the book, this story is very different from anything else she's ever written. Rawn has, u ...more
Mar 16, 2009
Mar 17, 2009
Elfland (Aetherial Tales, #1)
Still working on catching up on the “Women of…” challenges! This (last) month’s “Women of Fantasy” book was Elfland by Freda Warrington. Take a moment ...more
Mar 17, 2010
Mar 22, 2011
Blood Engines (Marla Mason, #1)
This book was... entertaining. An easy read, fairly fast paced, but it will probably go into my own mental category of "brain candy." Not a whole lot ...more
Jan 15, 2010
Jan 15, 2010
A Tapestry of Lions (Chronicles of the Cheysuli #8)
This one took me a long time to get through, even having read it before, even knowing it was the end of the series. The main character's life for the ...more
Dec 14, 2008
Mar 11, 2009
Discount Armageddon (InCryptid, #1)
Excerpted from my blog:

[This book is awesome.] Well, awesome if what you are looking for is urban fantasy about a professional ballroom dancer and cry
Mar 04, 2012
Apr 04, 2012
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Inheritance, #1)
(January book for "The Women of Fantasy" 2011 reading challenge.)

The short version: Our heroine, Yeine, is called to the capital after her mother’s de
Feb 20, 2011
Feb 21, 2011
The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)
I was relatively eager to read this book, since I ended up liking the first one well enough once I got into it, but I honestly began to think this boo ...more
Jan 14, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
The Windup Girl
I dithered for a while trying to decide whether to give this book 4 or 5 stars. It has some amazingly deep things to say about the way genetic enginee ...more
Jan 12, 2010
Jan 12, 2010
Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology
Having now read both the steampunk and post-cyberpunk anthologies by this publisher, I have to say that I am definitely more of a PCP fan. Aside from ...more
Mar 14, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
People of the Book
I read this entire book on the plane on the way back from England, so obviously I found it absorbing. It brings up inevitable comparisons with The Boo ...more
Feb 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Steampunk (Steampunk, #1)
I admit that I didn't really like all the stories in this anthology, because by their standards a lot of steampunk is really dirty (setting-wise) and ...more
Dec 27, 2008
Mar 11, 2009
The Secret Adversary
One of the books I discovered I could get for free via feedbooks. I can tell my classic mystery reading is going to expand greatly this year. I'd neve ...more
Feb 10, 2010
Feb 24, 2010
The Japanese Discovery of Europe, 1720-1830: Revised Edition
Donald Keene is amazing. I was already interested in this time period of Japanese history (the Seclusion of Japan, during which the Dutch were the onl ...more
Apr 10, 2012
May 01, 2012
Shadow Unit 10
I finished this and then immediately went to the website and finished all the remaining uncollected stories, and now I'm all caught up! I am so distra ...more
Apr 29, 2012
May 01, 2012
With Red Hands (Violet Eyes, #2)
This is the second Natalie Lindstrom mystery, following up on Through Violet Eyes. Though Through Violet Eyes could probably have been a stand-alone ...more
Feb 14, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1)
I'm a huge fan of Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson novels, so I was already in favor of the idea that the Alpha & Omega series will be set in the s ...more
Jan 19, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
In Golden Blood (Violet Eyes, #3)
In the third Violet book, Natalie finds herself desperate for cash due to her increasingly illegal status as a Violet not working for the NAACP. She e ...more
Feb 24, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Rapunzel's Revenge (Rapunzel's Revenge, #1)
How could I not love this? The story of Rapunzel set in a fantastical Old West, reworked to have Rapunzel rescue herself and then use her hair as a we ...more
Feb 21, 2010
Feb 24, 2010
Sword-Singer (Tiger and Del, #2)
This, the second of the Tiger & Del series, takes the characters out of the desert and into Del's world. Upon re-reading, this one is not as good ...more
Dec 23, 2008
Mar 11, 2009
Whose Body?  (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, #1)
Another classic mystery via feedbooks. So interesting to read the first Peter Wimsey book after having watched some of the TV adaptations. I like how ...more
Feb 18, 2010
Feb 24, 2010
Kushiel's Chosen (Phèdre's Trilogy, #2)
The second reread of the year. This one I remembered less clearly than the first one, so more of it seemed new. Upon reflection (and having heard anot ...more
Feb 13, 2010
Feb 24, 2010
From Black Rooms (Violet Eyes, #4)
This is the final Violet mystery. It starts on something of an up note, because it looks like Natalie has finally found a way to use both her love of ...more
Feb 28, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Timeless (Parasol Protectorate, #5)
I had seen some other reviews of this book indicating people felt it to be a weak ending to the series, but I can't agree. I adored Prudence, and I th ...more
Mar 21, 2012
Apr 04, 2012
Range of Ghosts (Eternal Sky, #1)
This book was just as good as I thought it would be. I ADORE Elizabeth Bear, and this is her creation into a truly epic fantasy setting. It's been ter ...more
Apr 18, 2012
May 01, 2012
The Patriot Witch (Traitor to the Crown, #1)
I found this book in a roundabout way through a blog linking to the author's website, and I enjoyed it a lot. It's the story of witches living in the ...more
Apr 29, 2009
May 12, 2009
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