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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
I just don't understand how people can love Twilight when there are awesome books like this out there. Strong, likable female main character with an a...more
Aug 27, 2009
Nov 22, 2008
Sonomama Sonomama
I requested this book all the way from the Univ. of Miami via ILL because of a post in the Kitsune Noir blog about a controversial Vogue fashion sprea...more
Nov 19, 2008
Nov 18, 2008
How to describe this book? Let's see. This book was like a party a friend dragged you to and you thought it would be totally lame but then it ends up...more
Mar 26, 2009
Feb 18, 2009
Design with Color: A Sunset Design Guide
This books is so boring and soulless, I actually wished, just for a minute, that I had never been born.
Jan 2011
Feb 16, 2011
Escape from Camp 14: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West
I liked the sober and straight-forward style of this book. Other works like this include more emotionally intense and lurid accounts of the horrors of...more
May 23, 2012
May 02, 2012
Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism
Not quite finished yet. Just wanted to say that my favorite person in this book (so far) has to be William Morris:

"Making things among and with friend...more
Apr 07, 2011
Mar 08, 2011
The Orphan Master's Son
Possibly the very best book I've read in the past year.
Apr 2014
Mar 24, 2014
I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to be Destroyed by Me: Emblems from the Pentagon's Black World
Intriguing, totally weird, little book. There's even a patch featuring a wraith from an ICP album cover.
Jan 2011
Jan 04, 2011
The People in the Trees
I admit that I've been wanting to read this book only because the cover art is so appealing. It turned out to be a fascinating, brutal and impressive...more
Feb 19, 2014
Feb 19, 2014
The Beat Hotel: Ginsberg, Burroughs and Corso in Paris, 1957-1963
I am the same age that Ginsberg was during the time that this book is set. He was living in Paris' Left Bank, coming off a huge success with Howl, sur...more
Jun 17, 2010
May 07, 2010
Make It Right
UGH. I love this guy's shows but this book was too depressing. Basically, I'm an idiot to try building or fixing anything myself and I'd better have p...more
May 31, 2011
May 24, 2011
The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty
The rooms and homes featured in this book only represent families with far too much money, far too many things and impossibly beautiful and chokingly...more
May 2012
May 24, 2012
38 DISCS. I listened to the entire 38 disc audiobook. It took 7 weeks and a couple of dollars in library fines. Had the readers picked up the pace a l...more
Nov 2012
Nov 14, 2011
The Exile Kiss (Marîd Audran #3)
It's been a long time, over ten years, since I read the first two books and, while I still thoroughly enjoyed the setting and characters, the narrativ...more
Aug 05, 2011
Jul 21, 2011
The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook: 100 Delicious Heritage Recipes from the Farm and Garden
I think it's ridiculous for a book printed on paper like this to include sections of blank lines for jotting notes. It just seems lazy, like they had...more
Oct 2013
Oct 28, 2013
Shade It Black: Death and After in Iraq
This is a short but troubling book about a female Marine's experiences working in Mortuary Affairs in Iraq and what it was like to return home. A lot...more
Oct 13, 2011
Oct 10, 2011
Comic Art Propaganda: A Graphic History
A very nice full-color overview of all kinds of propaganda comics organized by theme. Three chapters focus on aspects of armed conflict: "Us vs Them",...more
Oct 05, 2010
Sep 10, 2010
Mosaics: Innovative, Creative Ideas and Designs Using the Latest Techniques
This book is so good I almost want to just keep it as a secret so I can implement her techniques one day and blow everyone away. It's written by a tru...more
Dec 2011
Dec 20, 2011
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Lately, I have been trying to go into recommended books completely ignorant to the content. I don't even read the back. So this one surprised me. I do...more
Jun 30, 2009
Jun 25, 2009
The New French Décor: Living with Timeless Objects
Nice photos of objects and vignettes but no rooms. Best used as a resource for merchandising a certain kind of antique store or maybe getting a feel f...more
not set
Sep 22, 2009
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
There were things I didn't like about this book - mostly the tedious self-obsession neccesary to create it. Should I be doing something like this? Is...more
Oct 23, 2009
Oct 15, 2009
A Confederacy of Dunces
At first, I enjoyed this book but after awhile Ignatius just wore me out to the point where I couldn't bear to pick the thing up again. Maybe it's bec...more
Dec 05, 2009
Nov 05, 2009
The Gargoyle
I had heard so many crazy good things about this book that I just knew that I would love it. I was wrong. I sat patiently through the first two discs...more
Jan 12, 2009
Aug 06, 2008
Beach Music
**spoiler alert** This is more of a 4.5 for me because I truly did not like any of the characters! They were entertaining but I didn't like them. I co...more
Jul 06, 2012
Oct 06, 2009
Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)
I would give it 4.5 if I could. Quite the sexy little book! The beginning is kind of tedious but if you can just hang in there for a few chapters you...more
Jun 11, 2010
Jun 07, 2010
Never Let Me Go
I have a thing for dystopias, boarding school fiction and audiobooks with British accents so this was almost a home run for me. A little too meanderin...more
Nov 20, 2009
Nov 17, 2009
Christopher Lowell's Seven Layers of Organization: Unclutter Your Home, Unclutter Your Life
I used to be a little obsessed with Christopher Lowell and will always love him! This book's been around since 2005 so it's starting to feel a little...more
not set
Feb 17, 2009
Down and Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby
A very good overview of the history, rules and culture of the sport with an emphasis on helping the reader decide if roller derby is right for them. T...more
Sep 14, 2010
Sep 10, 2010
Inside Out & Back Again
Beautiful little book. The thin blocks of verse really make this book, which on the outside appears to be a substantial hardback, just zip by. 5 stars...more
Jan 2012
Feb 06, 2012
The Awakening
I was assigned this book no less than three times over the course of my schooling. Have you read King Dork? This was my Catcher in the Rye. UGH
Jan 1996
Nov 30, 2011
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