I Need My Monster
Wonderful creative way to dispell a fear of the dark when a boy dismisses monsters that are NOT up to his standards!
not set
Jun 16, 2012
Amy's Light
Pictures: not to be missed. Ethereal, life-like and magical. Wonderful book- great for 2012 SRP theme "Night"
May 2012
Jun 16, 2012
Monsters Eat Whiny Children
Wish the ending was more dramatic than it is....kids think cucumber snadwiches are gross, so wish it was peanut butter.
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Jun 16, 2012
1,000 Places to See Before You Die
I highly recommend driving across the country or partly across the USA at least once.

I love the NY Adirondacks, Alaska's southern coast and greenery A
Jan 2006
May 16, 2008
Going Bovine
Thought I would hate, but wound up really liking it. The fact that Gnomeo the movie is coming out made me have a hankering for a gnome book and this f ...more
Feb 20, 2011
Jan 11, 2011
The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt (Judy Moody and Stink:)
Got the Audio out for Amelia and she thought it was too boring- I kinda agree. The reader wasn't very good.
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Sep 06, 2011
Celandine (Touchstone Trilogy, #2)
Love the fantasy of the little people and really like Celandine - or Dinah- so far. We'll seee...
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Apr 26, 2010
Tales from Outer Suburbia
Truly amazing mind and wonderful artist. I really loved this book I may have to go and buy it!
Oct 11, 2009
Nov 11, 2009
Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months
We have the mini library- my kid loved this one, and she love chicken soup, too!
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Sep 15, 2012
The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop
Excellent book for the 7-10 year old set. Will be recommending. Quite the magical adventure. Hope there are more sequels coming soon!
Apr 02, 2014
Mar 27, 2014
Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
One of my all-time favorite books....so sweet, sad and happy all in one book! Love it!
not set
Dec 11, 2013
Fergus Crane (Far-Flung Adventures, #1)
thoroughly enjoyable! I want more! Illustrations are the best..characters are great...
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Jan 19, 2010
Russell and the Lost Treasure
We just LOVE Russel and his wonderful hat. His buddy the frog is cute, too!
not set
Apr 30, 2011
The Wild Things
Just watched the movie he wrote....going to read the "Furry" edition next!
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Jan 11, 2011
The Book of Air and Shadows
So far, so good....I lived and visited a lot of places in this book in NYC, so it helped to imagine the context...Slow read, though.

Finished it...VERY
Nov 10, 2009
Nov 11, 2009
Diary of a Wombat
Sweet book about an adorable animal who quickly trains his humans!
not set
May 21, 2015
Art & Max
Absolutely wonderful...will be read again and again...so clever!!!
not set
Jan 11, 2011
The One and Only Ivan
Too depressing for my commute- will try again some other time, maybe
Mar 27, 2014
Mar 25, 2014
Remarkable Creatures: Epic Adventures in the Search for the Origin of Species
Awesome, informative, a little nerdy, and very well done. Good read!
not set
Sep 13, 2009
The Wednesday Sisters
Wonderful book about the friends who inspire each other to write and to be better people.. Highly rec - fast read, set in the late sixties/seventies w ...more
May 12, 2010
Apr 26, 2010
In the Shadow of Gotham (Simon Ziele, #1)
Just began and can't put it down....very good mystery so far!
not set
May 12, 2010
Fortunately, the Milk
Loved it! A good tall tale makes the heart feel good!
Nov 2013
Jan 14, 2014
Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures
I am about half-way through this book and while it is original, it does not appeal to me like Hugo Cabret.
Jan 19, 2014
Jan 21, 2014
The Lovely Bones
I read this when it came out.
I gave it a good review because it was the type of novel that caused a distinct reaction, as these reviewers so eagerly
not set
Apr 04, 2008
Frankie Works the Night Shift
Awesome story, awesome pictures. Kids LOVE this!
May 2012
Jun 16, 2012
Brunelleschi's Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture
Love the historical detail!
Dec 2009
Dec 15, 2009
Just So Stories
Nobody does it like Rudyard!
not set
Nov 11, 2009
The BIG Blue Book of Beginner Books
Love this one!!!!
Oct 04, 2009
Nov 11, 2009
The Order of Odd-Fish
This book is unique, queer, and decidedly odd. From talking cockroaches to flying, battling ostriches, to fish that transport houses, this is one wild ...more
Jul 15, 2009
Jun 19, 2008
The Poe Shadow
Toooo Looong..........could have wrapped up faster with less drawn-out plot. I enjoyed the ending and the beginning, but the middle nearly killed me. ...more
Apr 09, 2009
Apr 13, 2008