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Songs in Ordinary Time
Oh, my. I absolutely detested this book; I finished merely because I HAD to get finished with it so that I could put it away. Morris has created a wor...more
Apr 2008
Apr 18, 2008
The Notebook (The Notebook, #1)
Spoiler alert...
One night, browsing tv for something reasonable to watch, we happened upon THE NOTEBOOK. I loved the setting, the characters, the unfo...more
Dec 28, 2008
Jan 25, 2009
Duma Key
This is Stephen King's scary universe at its near-best. The combination of real-world and supernatural-world scariness which he does better, I would a...more
Apr 05, 2009
Apr 03, 2009
The Keeper's Son
This is one of those books one might want to give up on in its early stages, but it was my experience that staying with it was well worth it. This nov...more
Jul 06, 2008
Jul 07, 2008
The Mosquito Coast
(read date is a BIG guess--which most of my "read" dates are, so take them with a grain of salt; I am a CRS sufferer)
When I read this book many years...more
Jan 1988
Mar 27, 2008
A Salty Piece of Land
I learned that Jimmy Buffett is a much better singer/songwriter than he is an author. Oh, my. I wonder if Homer Hickam knows that Buffett sort of "bor...more
Jun 30, 2008
Jun 23, 2008
Fatal Majesty: A Novel of Mary, Queen of Scots
I do not normally like historical fiction--I read some of it because I love history and now and then get sucked in; usually, I'm disappointed, either...more
Mar 17, 2009
Mar 12, 2009
Loud and Clear
What a brilliant writer/observer this woman is! This collection of her columns and a few speeches span the years from about 1993 through 2003 or 2004,...more
Jun 02, 2008
May 30, 2008
The Goodbye Summer
Well--and if you read my "reviews" very often, you know that it's not a good sign if I begin with "Well--." This wasn't quite one of those about which...more
Nov 21, 2008
Nov 20, 2008
Cage of Stars
If you follow my reviews, you know I've read a lot of Mitchard--I like her writing style, and I can count on her for a well-developed story that goes...more
Mar 27, 2009
Mar 31, 2009
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
Okay, I never really thought my sense of humor was macabre, but I have really enjoyed this book. It's not written as a humor piece--Roach was actually...more
Feb 11, 2009
Feb 16, 2009
Back Roads
I'm sort of losing faith with the imprimatur of Oprah's Book Club; it seems that when she began this, she picked much better books than perhaps she's...more
Apr 12, 2009
Apr 19, 2009
The Great Fire
I'm trying to decide if this is one of the best pieces of modern literature I've ever read...or not--so I think I need to re-read it, or review it bef...more
May 29, 2008
May 26, 2008
Water for Elephants
Okay, first things first: having spent my entire adult career as an English teacher--an occupation in which one of one's major activities is studying...more
May 15, 2008
May 14, 2008
Oh, my lord, that's several hours of my life I'll never get back.
Boyne is a published author with several (4 +-) books published and a couple of nomi...more
Apr 26, 2008
Apr 24, 2008
Snow Falling on Cedars
Set on an island off Washington state about 10 years after WWII, this book is marvelous in many ways. I read a great many books simply because that is...more
Apr 2008
Apr 18, 2008
Plainsong (Plainsong, #1)
I have to say I was so pleased with this book until it ended with only one of its multiple strands at any kind of resolution. It was a very quick read...more
Apr 17, 2009
Apr 19, 2009
The Other Boleyn Girl (The Tudor Court, #2)
Can't remember when I read this--was given a copy by a friend who's nuts for historical fiction. At the time, I thought it was, for me, a guilty read-...more
not set
Mar 27, 2008
Me Talk Pretty One Day
Reviews of this book, added to my having been quite amused by David Sedaris's audio essays on NPR, made me pick it up to read. It took me longer than...more
Jun 09, 2008
Jun 06, 2008
Lisey's Story
I'm just a big old sucker for Stephen King, and while this is no Stand, he revisits his theme of good overcoming evil through great sacrifice--and we...more
Mar 16, 2009
Apr 03, 2009
Oh, I am so glad I read this book! Ian McEwan is a much-acclaimed author whom I had not, until now, read. It was only because I had seen and loved the...more
Sep 25, 2008
Oct 27, 2008
Reservation Road
Wow--this is a remarkably good book; I picked it up (at the thrift store, natch) because I was intrigued by the blurbs on the back and have had it for...more
Apr 02, 2009
Apr 03, 2009
The Secret History
Oh, my.
I am going to postpone putting any kind of review here, because I hope to be able to persuade my book club to forego their ruling about booklen...more
Apr 09, 2009
Apr 06, 2009
Alvin Journeyman (Tales of Alvin Maker, #4)
I've read this book out of order, having found it for 50 cents at a thrift store recently; I read the first of the series years ago and loved it, and...more
not set
Jul 24, 2008
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus
It's O.S. Card, so of course I loved it. Once again, he has imagined a world completely different both from the one in which we live and those in his...more
Dec 2008
Jan 23, 2009
The Bookseller of Kabul
Author/journalist Seierstad lived with this family for several months, witnessing the reality of what remained of middle-class life in Afghanistan. Th...more
Apr 15, 2009
Apr 19, 2009
The Dogs of Babel
Perhaps somewhat a popcorn book--but I think there's some depth here, and though I was reading it purely for entertainment, I kept finding myself want...more
Jan 2009
Jan 23, 2009
Daughter of Fortune
Perhaps this is really more like a 3.5.
This book is rather a puzzle to me; there is good writing here (as in, good ideas, good sentences, good paragra...more
Jul 14, 2008
Jul 07, 2008
The Harlequin's Dance
As fantasy goes, this one is middling. The author seems occasionally to get lost in the side-tracks on his way to the conclusion of this first in a se...more
May 03, 2008
May 02, 2008
In The Company Of Liars
I guess my patience level just isn't what it used to be.

This is a novel written backward--and it appears to me that it is written backward simply for...more
Oct 11, 2008
Oct 18, 2008
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