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no can do

alli Warren

duration press e-chapbook 22

copyright © alli Warren

published as duration press e-chapbook #22


I was convertible into money and expressed in money I set the seller

of it to work I love

I get all wretched and recline on couches I make promises

to loving ones and effect the neck This is my vascular system

of production Six declarative

four interrogative and two

imperative into the water

we shall go Namely

wedge It fell on me

and my head and I want

therefore to eat

the money


Many are dead one is at the party No body other than one is at the party Some body is eating meat at the party Of all those that were at the party None were married

It went to the meat convention with its spouse Only no one was speaking at the convention If one was at the party for days and many were too It is possible that one goes to the convention with said spouse and one does not know whether to bread or braise the flesh and does not eat or smoke for days on end And one perhaps is not dead and perhaps not even bodies are there

One was at the party and nobody other than one ate the bush meat Only one loves one not some other ones Many are dead them are dead too THE BUZZARDS ARE COMING

I want to destroy a house

utterly With bright wings

I set out with gat

to rocks and raging surf

It is beautiful in the country things assert their size

out of shells and woodworks

in great stacks in the meadows That the young be allowed

courage, behavior and unlimited domain Although it is despised and cut short by the many in these forts lay deep lakes in which

the deepest of them much

anxiety and trouble

It’s summertime

Can you tell of a keener pleasure than audible speech? The difference between a hostile cropland and a plain of spicy groves?

A man who’s fine and good

can Note the rhyming

spirited, swift and strong

The creatures

in their eggs the bursting of the eggs very large and ugly creeps

definite group and thought WELL-BRED AND POST-COITAL

A thousand tiny jars happen in such a way become a species Total bases held in check Marking the parting of each eye enclosed Crickets chirp

as all get out So much ice on the watch the law proves entirely just

I want to be the egg on land

that is rushed and beaten

through the gates of a great estate Pervert, Castrati, Limb from Limb Then the rains

I paddle the thicket through and through Large leafy water on the brain We hide in the hay and toss around What tail feathers what citizens of cities and even more I call and call that barking dog Flesh is a castle it gets moat Thou to the extreme

lifted in spores


my dedicated tunnel taskforce

from whence spurts

tongue and mouth, twigs

displaced by gaping

pinchers deploy pricks

upon the comfort stroller

of your mind in the cunt

of my heart south of able

bodies, organs and infidels

I venture all around that fly gucci clasp the chip to my high top

lace my watering mouth up

in the fall of that year, mirrors dementia letters and commentary THIS IS SUBJECT MATTER

The ferries crowded and the nights short I laugh and snort

while a steamer strings its jets through out boo’s hair Smiling at babies soft skulls and hard bodies

They are us enemies

They obvious odors

reeking of foul food

and desert air

Every action spins its own

retreat and withdrawal

during this turbulent time

the town markets remain

haywire and slowly shrink to bits smaller’an berries more bitter than kindness The squadron grows the hacksaw grows the only chocolate you find is the chocolate you cook with


We ate fish

and then we ate chickpeas

To this end means and conditions arose The galloping nail did grasp

tongues and other

necessities for speech

which we have amputated

To this end a rose divides

a voice there a there

and there loaded with supple bits of merchant life

And the marine air sweeping

across indivisible societies of men This was natural and foreseen

we foresaw doe and land

reptiles of all perswasions

We’d known scolding sure

but not as a milk cow makes milk We sought adequate funding

to remember the rules of animal behavior the realm in which one is permitted to enter and exit in every type of society We parade down the row

and data encrypts How else

but competition co-commits

and dropkicks each

clinging down


Everyone get your cookies in line Delusions are age old

The nature of pigs is to be called forth In the lobby


ten feet of glass three dates pits shorn the laying on of hands

The Dark Twins drunk on telling slicing pigeon piles

sticks and soils

that lattice

abounds in organs

beats on the beaten on rocks

Glands are vintage

the mouth a machine

of stuttering

has teeth in ear

ate the pointing digit

ate a behest

That plump grape

deep in the neck

Sleuth apparatus

woke in cockpit arms again A HISTORY OF IDEAS

Along the lines of cold untinctured reason every civilized society thus spoke A full blown system of marks

dipped in cider, rubbed with seed Certainly to begin with everyone is buried no mega-fauna to feast on

no culture of bloated swamps

to rub the abdomen along certain rocks Also on the uterus and vulva

which are water vessels

of uses

to which wood would be put

blown into caves by wind or buried A phenomenon simple and modest the muscles of the face mouth and throat very old and low-lying the scattered bones of four children with soft bodies with soft bodies covered by scales shells, insects and worms

aged between eight and twelve


The bush is not very green

when you’re on the block

beats the daily parade

head leaning

head being daily beating

twice dunked in bay waters

a carousel with a rock in it

apples stuffed with apples

the corn-fed brute

lends the ripping an earful

a country of dead stairs

decked with banking

front forward face

smashing gets smashed

eyes with thoughts of burning

thumbs stuck in tubing

markets go boom (bling)

low fares are fun fares

the world is an olive

dollops keep ringing


Notice my tail

is straight

does not blossom



an unknown kind


though thicket

Has displays

violent crowding



Has face pays


can’t stop

the beat down

reruns from the get


get it?

the gist is wearing



I stick my tongue in

and then I stick

my finger forearm and mouth in One doesn’t call fish

or foul and they love us for it Here lies a constituency

We got hired Congrats

Each endeavor owns a Pvt.

Hatch Factory and The Most Perfect Flightsuit transports the smackdown

over 200 sq. miles of instrumented airspace The smirk truck and dewy air

Turkeys line the foyer and lovebirds split Raking leaves feels privately owned DEAR SUEY,

We look like cops

by this light

It’s true, confessing

animals have cavities

a lot Must be the vice

of verse, descriptors splay

the road and you want me to reveal private parts? My sources split the slit where your tongue goes Looking has an eye in it

fat with corn pulsing

trying to fence the load

beside this gurney

rounding third Smoggy

with desire But we’re cops

throwing up dry wall

in a coat of debt

eight hours daily

on the observation deck



This speech aims to kill men

I miss my woman

I go mad at the time of afternoon prayer impede the flow of booty everywhere lick up that

salty milk soup

After work my plan inhabits me I purchase soda water

detect and depict the monies

eat twice baked squash and pose my data as an interrogation

They bolt me to a post

in the well and build a brick

wall about sealing what’s left to the tune of cheering throngs Eight large drums

played with the fingers

five kettledrums ten bugles

two trumpets and two pairs of cymbals It rouses fear in my European hearts I think music inhibits loyalty and little irons under shoes

like horseshoes over thirty

armed civilians in jeopardy

This speech aims to kill men

as freely as cake-makers do flies lipped in the breeches

a matrix of enunciation

enthusiastic about contraband

about ears and everyone

tart and longing ever more ill The disease is not converted

the flux of flesh and the barnyard encompassed in the camp

denim canvas and berries

over a thick layer of vertebrae a membrane of coercive unity a potluck LET US HAVE THE BODY

they are dead many

was a domain we are

disciplined tempted

to the gold each

other ferries up the coast

and that door is not one

¶ In what year did warplanes from the elms upon their (enemy) houses drop dread?

This salutation

lead colored

a very unkempt collection

of chairs edibles

Kindle that rat and leave

it cleft on the balcony

bomb it to bombardment

Guts in the hands

hold the throat