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say aristocratic colonel’s family” and had not been meant I

for sweeping floors and washing the children’s rags at night. T WOULD BE DIFFICULT to explain exactly what could Even the poorest and most broken-spirited people are have originated the idea of that senseless dinner in sometimes liable to these paroxysms of pride and vanity Katerina Ivanovna’s disordered brain. Nearly ten of which take the form of an irresistible nervous craving. And the twenty roubles, given by Raskolnikov for Marmeladov’s Katerina Ivanovna was not broken-spirited; she might have funeral, were wasted upon it. Possibly Katerina Ivanovna been killed by circumstance, but her spirit could not have felt obliged to honour the memory of the deceased “suitbeen broken, that is, she could not have been intimidated, ably,” that all the lodgers, and still more Amalia Ivanovna, her will could not be crushed. Moreover Sonia had said might know “that he was in no way their inferior, and perwith good reason that her mind was unhinged. She could haps very much their superior,” and that no one had the not be said to be insane, but for a year past she had been so right “to turn up his nose at him.” Perhaps the chief eleharassed that her mind might well be overstrained. The ment was that peculiar “poor man’s pride,” which compels later stages of consumption are apt, doctors tell us, to affect many poor people to spend their last savings on some trathe intellect. ditional social ceremony, simply in order to do “like other There was no great variety of wines, nor was there Mapeople,” and not to “be looked down upon.” It is very probdeira; but wine there was. There was vodka, rum and Lisbon able, too, that Katerina Ivanovna longed on this occasion, wine, all of the poorest quality but in sufficient quantity. Crime and Punishment

Besides the traditional rice and honey, there were three or den she would be disillusioned and would rudely and confour dishes, one of which consisted of pancakes, all pretemptuously repulse the person she had only a few hours pared in Amalia Ivanovna’s kitchen. Two samovars were before been literally adoring. She was naturally of a gay, boiling, that tea and punch might be offered after dinner. lively and peace-loving disposition, but from continual failKaterina Ivanovna had herself seen to purchasing the proures and misfortunes she had come to desire so keenly visions, with the help of one of the lodgers, an unfortunate that all should live in peace and joy and should not dare to little Pole who had somehow been stranded at Madame break the peace, that the slightest jar, the smallest disaster Lippevechsel’s. He promptly put himself at Katerina reduced her almost to frenzy, and she would pass in an Ivanovna’s disposal and had been all that morning and all instant from the brightest hopes and fancies to cursing her the day before running about as fast as his legs could carry fate and raving, and knocking her head against the wall. him, and very anxious that every one should be aware of it. Amalia Ivanovna, too, suddenly acquired extraordinary For every trifle he ran to Katerina Ivanovna, even hunting importance in Katerina Ivanovna’s eyes and was treated by her out at the bazaar, at every instant called her “Pani.” She her with extraordinary respect, probably only because was heartily sick of him before the end, though she had Amalia Ivanovna had thrown herself heart and soul into declared at first that she could not have got on without this the preparations. She had undertaken to lay the table, to

“serviceable and magnanimous man.” It was one of Katerina provide the linen, crockery, &c., and to cook the dishes in Ivanovna’s characteristics to paint every one she met in the her kitchen, and Katerina Ivanovna had left it all in her most glowing colours. Her praises were so exaggerated as hands and gone herself to the cemetery. Everything had sometimes to be embarrassing; she would invent various been well done. Even the tablecloth was nearly clean; the circumstances to the credit of her new acquaintance and crockery, knives, forks and glasses were, of course, of all quite genuinely believe in their reality. Then all of a sudshapes and patterns, lent by different lodgers, but the table Fyodor Dostoevsky

was properly laid at the time fixed, and Amalia Ivanovna, neral, except the Pole who had just managed to run into feeling she had done her work well, had put on a black silk the cemetery, while to the memorial dinner the poorest dress and a cap with new mourning ribbons and met the and most insignificant of them had turned up, the wretched returning party with some pride. This pride, though justificreatures, many of them not quite sober. The older and able, displeased Katerina Ivanovna for some reason: “as more respectable of them all, as if by common consent, though the table could not have been laid except by Amalia stayed away. Pyotr Petrovitch Luzhin, for instance, who Ivanovna!” She disliked the cap with new ribbons, too. might be said to be the most respectable of all the lodgers,

“Could she be stuck up, the stupid German, because she did not appear, though Katerina Ivanovna had the evening was mistress of the house, and had consented as a favour before told all the world, that is Amalia Ivanovna, Polenka, to help her poor lodgers! As a favour! Fancy that! Katerina Sonia and the Pole, that he was the most generous, nobleIvanovna’s father who had been a colonel and almost a hearted man with a large property and vast connections, governor had sometimes had the table set for forty perwho had been a friend of her first husband’s, and a guest in sons, and then any one like Amalia Ivanovna, or rather her father’s house, and that he had promised to use all his Ludwigovna, would not have been allowed into the kitchen.”

influence to secure her a considerable pension. It must be Katerina Ivanovna, however, put off expressing her feelnoted that when Katerina Ivanovna exalted any one’s conings for the time and contented herself with treating her nections and fortune, it was without any ulterior motive, coldly, though she decided inwardly that she would cerquite disinterestedly, for the mere pleasure of adding to tainly have to put Amalia Ivanovna down and set her in her the consequence of the person praised. Probably “taking proper place, for goodness only knew what she was fancyhis cue” from Luzhin, “that contemptible wretch ing herself. Katerina Ivanovna was irritated too by the fact Lebeziatnikov had not turned up either. What did he fancy that hardly any of the lodgers invited had come to the fuhimself? He was only asked out of kindness and because Crime and Punishment

he was sharing the same room with Pyotr Petrovitch and stupid of them to turn away on meeting her. The fat colowas a friend of his, so that it would have been awkward not nel-major (he was really a discharged officer of low rank) to invite him.”

was also absent, but it appeared that he had been “not himAmong those who failed to appear were “the genteel lady self” for the last two days. The party consisted of the Pole, and her old-maidish daughter,” who had only been lodgers a wretched looking clerk with a spotty face and a greasy in the house for the last fortnight, but had several times coat, who had not a word to say for himself, and smelt complained of the noise and uproar in Katerina Ivanovna’s abominably, a deaf and almost blind old man who had once room, especially when Marmeladov had come back drunk. been in the post office and who had been from immemoKaterina Ivanovna heard this from Amalia Ivanovna who, rial ages maintained by some one at Amalia Ivanovna’s. quarrelling with Katerina Ivanovna, and threatening to turn A retired clerk of the commissariat department came, the whole family out of doors, had shouted at her that they too; he was drunk, had a loud and most unseemly laugh

“were not worth the foot” of the honourable lodgers whom and only fancy—was without a waistcoat! One of the visitors they were disturbing. Katerina Ivanovna determined now sat straight down to the table without even greeting Katerina to invite this lady and her daughter, “whose foot she was Ivanovna. Finally one person having no suit appeared in not worth,” and who had turned away haughtily when she his dressing gown, but this was too much, and the efforts of casually met them, so that they might know that “she was Amalia Ivanovna and the Pole succeeded in removing him. more noble in her thoughts and feelings and did not harbour The Pole brought with him, however, two other Poles who malice,” and might see that she was not accustomed to her did not live at Amalia Ivanovna’s and whom no one had way of living. She had proposed to make this clear to them seen here before. All this irritated Katerina Ivanovna inat dinner with allusions to her late father’s governorship, tensely. “For whom had they made all these preparations and also at the same time to hint that it was exceedingly then?” To make room for the visitors the children had not Fyodor Dostoevsky

even been laid for at the table; but the two little ones were pounced upon him, and made him sit on her left hand sitting on a bench in the furthest corner with their dinner (Amalia Ivanovna was on her right). In spite of her conlaid on a box, while Polenka as a big girl had to look after tinual anxiety that the dishes should be passed round corthem, feed them, and keep their noses wiped like wellrectly and that every one should taste them, in spite of the bred children’s.

agonising cough which interrupted her every minute and Katerina Ivanovna, in fact, could hardly help meeting her seemed to have grown worse during the last few days she guests with increased dignity, and even haughtiness. She hastened to pour out in a half whisper to Raskolnikov all stared at some of them with special severity, and loftily inher suppressed feelings and her just indignation at the failvited them to take their seats. Rushing to the conclusion ure of the dinner, interspersing her remarks with lively and that Amalia Ivanovna must be responsible for those who uncontrollable laughter at the expense of her visitors and were absent, she began treating her with extreme nonchaespecially of her landlady. lance, which the latter promptly observed and resented.

“It’s all that cuckoo’s fault! You know whom I mean?

Such a beginning was no good omen for the end. All were Her, her!” Katerina Ivanovna nodded towards the landseated at last. lady. “Look at her, she’s making round eyes, she feels that Raskolnikov came in almost at the moment of their rewe are talking about her and can’t understand. Pfoo, the turn from the cemetery. Katerina Ivanovna was greatly deowl! Ha-ha! (Cough-cough-cough.) And what does she put lighted to see him, in the first place, because he was the on that cap for? (Cough-cough-cough.) Have you noticed one “educated visitor, and, as every one knew, was in two that she wants every one to consider that she is patronising years to take a professorship in the university,” and secme and doing me an honour by being here? I asked her ondly because he immediately and respectfully apologised like a sensible woman to invite people, especially those for having been unable to be at the funeral. She positively who knew my late husband, and look at the set of fools she Crime and Punishment

has brought! The sweeps! Look at that one with the spotty blood. She showed Raskolnikov the blood in silence, and face. And those wretched Poles, ha-ha-ha! (Cough-coughas soon as she could get her breath began whispering to cough.) Not one of them has ever poked his nose in here, him again with extreme animation and a hectic flush on I’ve never set eyes on them. What have they come here her cheeks.

for, I ask you? There they sit in a row. Hey, Pan!” she

“Do you know, I gave her the most delicate instructions, cried suddenly to one of them, “have you tasted the panso to speak, for inviting that lady and her daughter, you cakes? Take some more! Have some beer! Won’t you have understand of whom I am speaking? It needed the utmost some vodka? Look, he’s jumped up and is making his bows, delicacy, the greatest nicety, but she has managed things so they must be quite starved, poor things. Never mind, let that that fool, that conceited baggage, that provincial nonthem eat! They don’t make a noise, anyway, though I’m entity, simply because she is the widow of a major, and has really afraid for our landlady’s silver spoons… Amalia come to try and get a pension and to fray out her skirts in Ivanovna!” she addressed her suddenly, almost aloud, “if the government offices, because at fifty she paints her face your spoons should happen to be stolen, I won’t be re(everybody knows it)… a creature like that did not think fit sponsible, I warn you! Ha-ha-ha!” She laughed turning to to come, and has not even answered the invitation, which Raskolnikov, and again nodding towards the landlady, in the most ordinary good manners required! I can’t underhigh glee at her sally. “She didn’t understand, she didn’t stand why Pyotr Petrovitch has not come! But where’s understand again! Look how she sits with her mouth open!

Sonia? Where has she gone? Ah, there she is at last! what An owl, a real owl! An owl in new ribbons, ha-ha-ha!”

is it, Sonia, where have you been? It’s odd that even at Here her laugh turned again to an insufferable fit of coughyour father’s funeral you should be so unpunctual. Rodion ing that lasted five minutes. Drops of perspiration stood Romanovitch, make room for her beside you. That’s your out on her forehead and her handkerchief was stained with place, Sonia… take what you like. Have some of the cold Fyodor Dostoevsky

entree with jelly, that’s the best. They’ll bring the pancakes brown, and Katerina Ivanovna had on her only dress, a directly. Have they given the children some? Polenka, have dark striped cotton one.

you got everything? (Cough-cough-cough.) That’s all right. The message from Pyotr Petrovitch was very successful. Be a good girl, Lida, and, Kolya, don’t fidget with your Listening to Sonia with dignity, Katerina Ivanovna inquired feet; sit like a little gentleman. What are you saying, Sonia?”

with equal dignity how Pyotr Petrovitch was, then at once Sonia hastened to give her Pyotr Petrovitch’s apologies, whispered almost aloud to Raskolnikov that it certainly trying to speak loud enough for every one to hear and carewould have been strange for a man of Pyotr Petrovitch’s fully choosing the most respectful phrases which she attribposition and standing to find himself in such “extraordiuted to Pyotr Petrovitch. She added that Pyotr Petrovitch nary company,” in spite of his devotion to her family and had particularly told her to say that, as soon as he possibly his old friendship with her father.

could, he would come immediately to discuss business

“That’s why I am so grateful to you, Rodion Romanovitch, alone with her and to consider what could be done for her, that you have not disdained my hospitality, even in such

&c., &c.

surroundings,” she added almost aloud. “But I am sure Sonia knew that this would comfort Katerina Ivanovna, that it was only your special affection for my poor husband would flatter her and gratify her pride. She sat down beside that has made you keep your promise.”

Raskolnikov; she made him a hurried bow, glancing curiThen once more with pride and dignity she scanned her ously at him. But for the rest of the time she seemed to visitors, and suddenly inquired aloud across the table of avoid looking at him or speaking to him. She seemed abthe deaf man: “wouldn’t he have some more meat, and sent-minded, though she kept looking at Katerina Ivanovna, had he been given some wine?” The old man made no trying to please her. Neither she nor Katerina Ivanovna answer and for a long while could not understand what he had been able to get mourning; Sonia was wearing dark was asked, though his neighbours amused themselves by Crime and Punishment

poking and shaking him. He simply gazed about him with gingerbread cock in his pocket; he was dead drunk, but he his mouth open, which only increased the general mirth. did not forget the children!”

“What an imbecile! Look, look! Why was he brought?

“A cock? Did you say a cock?” shouted the commisBut as to Pyotr Petrovitch, I always had confidence in him,”

sariat clerk.

Katerina Ivanovna continued, “and, of course, he is not Katerina Ivanovna did not vouchsafe a reply. She sighed, like…” with an extremely stern face she addressed Amalia lost in thought.

Ivanovna so sharply and loudly that the latter was quite

“No doubt you think, like every one, that I was too sedisconcerted, “not like your dressed up draggletails whom vere with him,” she went on, addressing Raskolnikov. “But my father would not have taken as cooks into his kitchen, that’s not so! He respected me, he respected me very much!

and my late husband would have done them honour if he He was a kind-hearted man! And how sorry I was for him had invited them in the goodness of his heart.”

sometimes! He would sit in a corner and look at me, I

“Yes, he was fond of drink, he was fond of it, he did used to feel so sorry for him, I used to want to be kind to drink!” cried the commissariat clerk, gulping down his him and then would think to myself: ‘be kind to him and twelfth glass of vodka.

he will drink again,’ it was only by severity that you could

“My late husband certainly had that weakness, and every keep him within bounds.”

one knows it,” Katerina Ivanovna attacked him at once,

“Yes, he used to get his hair pulled pretty often,” roared

“but he was a kind and honourable man, who loved and the commissariat clerk again, swallowing another glass of respected his family. The worst of it was his good nature vodka.

made him trust all sorts of disreputable people, and he

“Some fools would be the better for a good drubbing, as drank with fellows who were not worth the sole of his shoe. well as having their hair pulled. I am not talking of my late Would you believe it, Rodion Romanovitch, they found a husband now!” Katerina Ivanovna snapped at him. Fyodor Dostoevsky

The flush on her cheeks grew more and more marked, positively offended at the invitation and had asked the quesher chest heaved. In another minute she would have been tion: “how could she let her daughter sit down beside that ready to make a scene. Many of the visitors were sniggering, young person?” Sonia had a feeling that Katerina Ivanovna evidently delighted. They began poking the commissariat had already heard this and an insult to Sonia meant more clerk and whispering something to him. They were evito Katerina Ivanovna than an insult to herself, her children, dently trying to egg him on.

or her father, Sonia knew that Katerina Ivanovna would

“Allow me to ask what are you alluding to,” began the not be satisfied now, “till she had shown those draggletails clerk, “that is to say, whose… about whom… did you say that they were both…” To make matters worse some one just now… But I don’t care! That’s nonsense! Widow! I passed Sonia, from the other end of the table, a plate with forgive you…. Pass!”

two hearts pierced with an arrow, cut out of black bread. And he took another drink of vodka.

Katerina Ivanovna flushed crimson and at once said aloud Raskolnikov sat in silence, listening with disgust. He only across the table that the man who sent it was “a drunken ate from politeness, just tasting the food that Katerina ass!”

Ivanovna was continually putting on his plate, to avoid hurtAmalia Ivanovna was foreseeing something amiss, and at ing her feelings. He watched Sonia intently. But Sonia bethe same time deeply wounded by Katerina Ivanovna’s came more and more anxious and distressed; she, too, forehaughtiness, and to restore the good-humour of the comsaw that the dinner would not end peaceably, and saw with pany and raise herself in their esteem she began, apropos terror Katerina Ivanovna’s growing irritation. She knew that of nothing, telling a story about an acquaintance of hers she, Sonia, was the chief reason for the ‘genteel’ ladies’

“Karl from the chemist’s,” who was driving one night in a contemptuous treatment of Katerina Ivanovna’s invitation. cab, and that “the cabman wanted him to kill, and Karl She had heard from Amalia Ivanovna that the mother was very much begged him not to kill, and wept and clasped Crime and Punishment

hands, and frightened and from fear pierced his heart.”

with drink, but you know, these foreigners are always so Though Katerina Ivanovna smiled, she observed at once well behaved and serious…. Look how she sits glaring! She that Amalia Ivanovna ought not to tell anecdotes in Rusis angry, ha-ha! (Cough-cough-cough.)”

sian; the latter was still more offended, and she retorted Regaining her good-humour, Katerina Ivanovna began that her “Vater aus Berlin was a very important man, and at once telling Raskolnikov that when she had obtained always went with his hands in pockets.” Katerina Ivanovna her pension, she intended to open a school for the daughcould not restrain herself and laughed so much that Amalia ters of gentlemen in her native town T___. This was the Ivanovna lost patience and could scarcely control herself. first time she had spoken to him of the project, and she

“Listen to the owl!” Katerina Ivanovna whispered at once, launched out into the most alluring details. It suddenly her good-humour almost restored, “she meant to say he appeared that Katerina Ivanovna had in her hands the very kept his hands in his pockets, but she said he put his hands certificate of honour of which Marmeladov had spoken to in people’s pockets. (Cough-cough.) And have you noticed, Raskolnikov in the tavern, when he told him that Katerina Rodion Romanovitch, that all these Petersburg foreigners, Ivanovna, his wife, had danced the shawl dance before the the Germans especially, are all stupider than we! Can you governor and other great personages on leaving school. This fancy any one of us telling how ‘Karl from the chemist’s certificate of honour was obviously intended now to prove pierced his heart from fear’ and that the idiot instead of Katerina Ivanovna’s right to open a boarding-school; but punishing the cabman, ‘clasped his hands and wept, and she had armed herself with it chiefly with the object of overmuch begged.’ Ah, the fool! And you know she fancies it’s whelming “those two stuck-up draggletails” if they came to very touching and does not suspect how stupid she is! To the dinner, and proving incontestably that Katerina Ivanovna my thinking that drunken commissariat clerk is a great deal was of the most noble, “she might even say aristocratic famcleverer, anyway one can see that he has addled his brains ily, a colonel’s daughter and was far superior to certain ad-Fyodor Dostoevsky venturesses who have been so much to the fore of late.”

ping Sonia on the cheek and kissing her warmly twice. Sonia The certificate of honour immediately passed into the hands flushed crimson, and Katerina Ivanovna suddenly burst into of the drunken guests, and Katerina Ivanovna did not try tears, immediately observing that she was “nervous and silly, to retain it, for it actually contained the statement en toutes that she was too much upset, that it was time to finish, and lettres, that her father was of the rank of a major, and also as the dinner was over, it was time to hand round the tea.”

a companion of an order, so that she really was almost the At that moment, Amalia Ivanovna, deeply aggrieved at daughter of a colonel.

taking no part in the conversation, and not being listened Warming up, Katerina Ivanovna proceeded to enlarge to, made one last effort, and with secret misgivings venon the peaceful and happy life they would lead in T___, on tured on an exceedingly deep and weighty observation, that the gymnasium teachers whom she would engage to give

“in the future boarding-school she would have to pay parlessons in her boarding-school, one a most respectable old ticular attention to die Wasche, and that there certainly Frenchman, one Mangot, who had taught Katerina Ivanovna must be a good Dame to look after the linen, and secondly herself in old days and was still living in T___, and would that the young ladies must not novels at night read.”

no doubt teach in her school on moderate terms. Next she Katerina Ivanovna, who certainly was upset and very tired, spoke of Sonia who would go with her to T___ and help as well as heartily sick of the dinner, at once cut short Amalia her in all her plans. At this some one at the further end of Ivanovna, saying “she knew nothing about it and was talkthe table gave a sudden guffaw. Though Katerina Ivanovna ing nonsense, that it was the business of the laundry maid, tried to appear to be disdainfully unaware of it, she raised and not of the directress of a high-class boarding-school to her voice and began at once speaking with conviction of look after die Wasche, and as for novel reading, that was Sonia’s undoubted ability to assist her, of “her gentleness, simply rudeness, and she begged her to be silent.” Amalia patience, devotion, generosity and good education,” tapIvanovna fired up and getting angry observed that she only Crime and Punishment

“meant her good,” and that “she had meant her very good,”

once declared, so that all could hear, that Amalia Ivanovna and that “it was long since she had paid her Gold for the probably never had a father, but was simply a drunken Pelodgings.”

tersburg Finn, and had certainly once been a cook and Katerina Ivanovna at once “set her down,” saying that it probably something worse. Amalia Ivanovna turned as red was a lie to say she wished her good, because only yesteras a lobster and squealed that perhaps Katerina Ivanovna day when her dead husband was lying on the table, she had never had a father, “but she had a vater aus Berlin and that worried her about the lodgings. To this Amalia Ivanovna he wore a long coat and always said poof-poof-poof!”

very appropriately observed that she had invited those laKaterina Ivanovna observed contemptuously that all knew dies, but “those ladies had not come, because those ladies what her family was and that on that very certificate of are ladies and cannot come to a lady who is not a lady.”

honour it was stated in print that her father was a colonel, Katerina Ivanovna at once pointed out to her, that as she while Amalia Ivanovna’s father—if she really had one—was was a slut she could not judge what made one really a lady. probably some Finnish milkman, but that probably she Amalia Ivanovna at once declared that her “Vater aus Bernever had a father at all, since it was still uncertain whether lin was a very, very important man, and both hands in pockher name was Amalia Ivanovna or Amalia Ludwigovna. ets went, and always used to say: poof! poof!” and she leapt At this Amalia Ivanovna, lashed to fury, struck the table up from the table to represent her father, sticking her hands with her fist, and shrieked that she was Amalia Ivanovna, in her pockets, puffing her cheeks, and uttering vague and not Ludwigovna, “that her Vater was named Johann sounds resembling “poof! poof!” amid loud laughter from and that he was a burgomeister, and that Katerina Ivanovna’s all the lodgers, who purposely encouraged Amalia Ivanovna, Vater was quite never a burgomeister.” Katerina Ivanovna hoping for a fight.

rose from her chair, and with a stern and apparently calm But this was too much for Katerina Ivanovna, and she at voice (though she was pale and her chest was heaving) ob-Fyodor Dostoevsky served that “if she dared for one moment to set her conCHAPTER THREE

temptible wretch of a father on a level with her papa, she, Katerina Ivanovna, would tear her cap off her head and

“PYOTR PETROVITCH,” SHE CRIED, “protect me… you at least!

trample it under foot.” Amalia Ivanovna ran about the room, Make this foolish woman understand that she can’t behave shouting at the top of her voice, that she was mistress of the like this to a lady in misfortune… that there is a law for such house and that Katerina Ivanovna should leave the lodgthings…. I’ll go to the governor-general himself…. She shall ings that minute; then she rushed for some reason to colanswer for it…. Remembering my father’s hospitality prolect the silver spoons from the table. There was a great tect these orphans.”

outcry and uproar, the children began crying. Sonia ran to

“Allow me, madam…. Allow me.” Pyotr Petrovitch waved restrain Katerina Ivanovna, but when Amalia Ivanovna her off. “Your papa, as you are well aware, I had not the shouted something about “the yellow ticket,” Katerina honour of knowing” (some one laughed aloud) “and I do Ivanovna pushed Sonia away, and rushed at the landlady not intend to take part in your everlasting squabbles with to carry out her threat.

Amalia Ivanovna…. I have come here to speak of my own At that minute the door opened, and Pyotr Petrovitch affairs… and I want to have a word with your stepdaughter, Luzhin appeared on the threshold. He stood scanning the Sofya… Ivanovna, I think it is? Allow me to pass.”

party with severe and vigilant eyes. Katerina Ivanovna rushed Pyotr Petrovitch, edging by her, went to the opposite corto him. ner where Sonia was.

Katerina Ivanovna remained standing where she was, as though thunderstruck. She could not understand how Pyotr Petrovitch could deny having enjoyed her father’s hospitility. Though she had invented it herself, she believed in it firmly Crime and Punishment

by this time. She was struck too by the businesslike, dry a hundred-rouble note was missing from my table, in the and even contemptuously menacing tone of Pyotr room of my friend Mr. Lebeziatnikov. If in any way whatPetrovitch. All the clamour gradually died away at his enever you know and will tell us where it is now, I assure you trance. Not only was this “serious business man” strikingly on my word of honour and call all present to witness that incongruous with the rest of the party, but it was evident, the matter shall end there. In the opposite case I shall be too, that he had come upon some matter of consequence, compelled to have recourse to very serious measures and that some exceptional cause must have brought him and then… you must blame yourself.”

that therefore something was going to happen. Raskolnikov, Complete silence reigned in the room. Even the crying standing beside Sonia, moved aside to let him pass; Pyotr children were still. Sonia stood deadly pale, staring at Luzhin Petrovitch did not seem to notice him. A minute later and unable to say a word. She seemed not to understand. Lebeziatnikov, too, appeared in the doorway; he did not Some seconds passed.

come in, but stood still, listening with marked interest, al“Well, how is it to be then?” asked Luzhin, looking inmost wonder, and seemed for a time perplexed. tently at her.

“Excuse me for possibly interrupting you, but it’s a mat“I don’t know…. I know nothing about it,” Sonia articuter of some importance,” Pyotr Petrovitch observed, adlated faintly at last. dressing the company generally. “I am glad indeed to find

“No, you know nothing?” Luzhin repeated and again he other persons present. Amalia Ivanovna, I humbly beg you paused for some seconds. “Think a moment, mademoias mistress of the house to pay careful attention to what I selle,” he began severely, but still, as it were, admonishing have to say to Sofya Ivanovna. Sofya Ivanovna,” he went her. “Reflect, I am prepared to give you time for consideron, addressing Sonia, who was very much surprised and ation. Kindly observe this: if I were not so entirely conalready alarmed, “immediately after your visit I found that vinced I should not, you may be sure, with my experience Fyodor Dostoevsky

venture to accuse you so directly. Seeing that for such diand the advisability of getting up something of the nature rect accusation before witnesses, if false or even mistaken, of a subscription, lottery or the like, for her benefit. You I should myself in a certain sense be made responsible, I thanked me and even shed tears. I describe all this as it am aware of that. This morning I changed for my own purtook place, primarily to recall it to your mind and secondly poses several five per cent. securities for the sum of apto show you that not the slightest detail has escaped my proximately three thousand roubles. The account is noted recollection. Then I took a ten-rouble note from the table down in my pocket-book. On my return home I proceeded and handed it to you by way of first instalment on my part to count the money,—as Mr. Lebeziatnikov will bear witfor the benefit of your relative. Mr. Lebeziatnikov saw all ness—and after counting two thousand three hundred this. Then I accompanied you to the door,—you being still roubles I put the rest in my pocket-book in my coat pocket. in the same state of embarrassment—after which, being left About five hundred roubles remained on the table and alone with Mr. Lebeziatnikov I talked to him for ten minamong them three notes of a hundred roubles each. At utes,— then Mr. Lebeziatnikov went out and I returned to that moment you entered (at my invitation)—and all the the table with the money lying on it, intending to count it time you were present you were exceedingly embarrassed; and to put it aside, as I proposed doing before. To my so that three times you jumped up in the middle of the surprise one hundred-rouble note had disappeared. Kindly conversation and tried to make off. Mr. Lebeziatnikov can consider the position. Mr. Lebeziatnikov I cannot suspect. bear witness to this. You yourself, mademoiselle, probably I am ashamed to allude to such a supposition. I cannot will not refuse to confirm my statement that I invited you have made a mistake in my reckoning, for the minute bethrough Mr. Lebeziatnikov, solely in order to discuss with fore your entrance I had finished my accounts and found you the hopeless and destitute position of your relative, the total correct. You will admit that recollecting your emKaterina Ivanovna (whose dinner I was unable to attend), barrassment, your eagerness to get away and the fact that Crime and Punishment

you kept your hands for some time on the table, and taking

“And the hundred roubles you do not confess to takinto consideration your social position and the habits assoing?” he insisted reproachfully, not taking the note. ciated with it, I was, so to say, with horror and positively Sonia looked about her. All were looking at her with such against my will, compelled to entertain a suspicion—a cruel, awful, stern, ironical, hostile eyes. She looked at but justifiable suspicion! I will add further and repeat that Raskolnikov… he stood against the wall, with his arms in spite of my positive conviction, I realise that I run a cercrossed, looking at her with glowing eyes. tain risk in making this accusation, but as you see, I could

“Good God!” broke from Sonia.

not let it pass. I have taken action and I will tell you why:

“Amalia Ivanovna, we shall have to send word to the posolely, madam, solely, owing to your black ingratitude! Why!

lice and therefore I humbly beg you meanwhile to send for I invite you for the benefit of your destitute relative, I present the house porter,” Luzhin said softly and even kindly. you with my donation of ten roubles and you, on the spot,

“Gott der barmherzige! I knew she was the thief,” cried repay me for all that with such an action. It is too bad! You Amalia Ivanovna, throwing up her hands. need a lesson. Reflect! Moreover, like a true friend I beg

“You knew it?” Luzhin caught her up, “then I suppose you—and you could have no better friend at this moment—

you had some reason before this for thinking so. I beg you, think what you are doing, otherwise I shall be immovable!

worthy Amalia Ivanovna, to remember your words which Well, what do you say?”

have been uttered before witnesses.”

“I have taken nothing,” Sonia whispered in terror, “you There was a buzz of loud conversation on all sides. All gave me ten roubles, here it is, take it.”

were in movement.

Sonia pulled her handkerchief out of her pocket, untied

“What!” cried Katerina Ivanovna, suddenly realising the a corner of it, took out the ten rouble note and gave it to position, and she rushed at Luzhin. “What! You accuse Luzhin.

her of stealing? Sonia? Ah, the wretches, the wretches!”

Fyodor Dostoevsky

And running to Sonia she flung her wasted arms round in a crinoline! She hasn’t been out of this room: she came her and held her as in a vise.

straight from you, you wretch, and sat down beside me,

“Sonia! how dared you take ten roubles from him? Foolevery one saw her. She sat here, by Rodion Romanovitch. ish girl! Give it to me! Give me the ten roubles at once—

Search her! Since she’s not left the room, the money would here!

have to be on her! Search her, search her! But if you don’t And snatching the note from Sonia, Katerina Ivanovna find it, then excuse me, my dear fellow, you’ll answer for it!

crumpled it up and flung it straight into Luzhin’s face. It hit I’ll go to our Sovereign, to our Sovereign, to our gracious him in the eye and fell on the ground. Amalia Ivanovna Tsar himself, and throw myself at his feet, to-day, this hastened to pick it up. Pyotr Petrovitch lost his temper. minute! I am alone in the world! They would let me in! Do

“Hold that mad woman!” he shouted.

you think they wouldn’t? You’re wrong, I will get in! I will At that moment several other persons, besides get in! You reckoned on her meekness! You relied upon Lebeziatnikov, appeared in the doorway, among them the that! But I am not so submissive, let me tell you! You’ve two ladies.

gone too far yourself. Search her, search her!”

“What! Mad? Am I mad? Idiot!” shrieked Katerina And Katerina Ivanovna in a frenzy shook Luzhin and Ivanovna. “You are an idiot yourself, pettifogging lawyer, dragged him towards Sonia.

base man! Sonia, Sonia take his money! Sonia a thief! Why,

“I am ready, I’ll be responsible… but calm yourself, she’d give away her last penny!” and Katerina Ivanovna madam, calm yourself. I see that you are not so submisbroke into hysterical laughter. “Did you ever see such an sive!… Well, well, but as to that…” Luzhin muttered, “that idiot?” she turned from side to side. “And you too?” she ought to be before the police… though indeed there are suddenly saw the landlady, “and you too, sausage eater, witnesses enough as it is…. I am ready…. But in any case you declare that she is a thief, you trashy Prussian hen’s leg it’s difficult for a man… on account of her sex…. But with Crime and Punishment

the help of Amalia Ivanovna… though, of course, it’s not colour rushed to her cheeks; she uttered a cry and hid her the way to do things…. How is it to be done?”

face in her hands.

“As you will! Let any one who likes search her!” cried

“No, it wasn’t I! I didn’t take it! I know nothing about it,”

Katerina Ivanovna. “Sonia, turn out your pockets! See. she cried with a heartrending wail, and she ran to Katerina Look, monster, the pocket is empty, here was her handIvanovna, who clasped her tightly in her arms, as though kerchief! Here is the other pocket, look! D’you see, d’you she would shelter her from all the world. see?”

“Sonia! Sonia! I don’t believe it! You see, I don’t believe And Katerina Ivanovna turned—or rather snatched—both it!” she cried in the face of the obvious fact, swaying her to pockets inside out. But from the right pocket a piece of and fro in her arms like a baby, kissing her face continupaper flew out and describing a parabola in the air fell at ally, then snatching at her hands and kissing them, too. Luzhin’s feet. Every one saw it, several cried out. Pyotr

“You took it! How stupid these people are! Oh dear! You Petrovitch stooped down, picked up the paper in two finare fools, fools,” she cried, addressing the whole room, gers, lifted it where all could see it and opened it. It was a

“you don’t know, you don’t know what a heart she has, hundred-rouble note folded in eight. Pyotr Petrovitch held what a girl she is! She take it, she? She’d sell her last rag, up the note showing it to every one.

she’d go barefoot to help you if you needed it, that’s what

“Thief! Out of my lodging. Police, police!” yelled Amalia she is! She has the yellow passport because my children Ivanovna. “They must to Siberia be sent! Away!”

were starving, she sold herself for us! Ah, husband, husExclamations arose on all sides. Raskolnikov was silent, band! Do you see? Do you see? What a memorial dinner keeping his eyes fixed on Sonia, except for an occasional for you! Merciful heavens! Defend her, why are you all rapid glance at Luzhin. Sonia stood still, as though unconstanding still? Rodion Romanovitch, why don’t you stand scious. She was hardly able to feel surprise. Suddenly the up for her? Do you believe it, too? You are not worth her Fyodor Dostoevsky

little finger, all of you together! Good God! Defend her he addressed the whole company, “gentlemen! Compasnow, at least!”

sionate and so to say commiserating these people, I am The wail of the poor, consumptive, helpless woman ready to overlook it even now in spite of the personal inseemed to produce a great effect on her audience. The sult lavished upon me! And may this disgrace be a lesson agonised, wasted, consumptive face, the parched bloodto you for the future,” he said, addressing Sonia, “and I will stained lips, the hoarse voice, the tears unrestrained as a carry the matter no further. Enough!”

child’s, the trustful, childish and yet despairing prayer for Pyotr Petrovitch stole a glance at Raskolnikov. Their eyes help were so piteous that every one seemed to feel for her. met, and the fire in Raskolnikov’s seemed ready to reduce Pyotr Petrovitch at any rate was at once moved to compashim to ashes. Meanwhile Katerina Ivanovna apparently sion.

heard nothing. She was kissing and hugging Sonia like a

“Madam, madam, this incident does not reflect upon madwoman. The children, too, were embracing Sonia on you!” he cried impressively, “no one would take upon himall sides, and Polenka,—though she did not fully underself to accuse you of being an instigator or even an accomstand what was wrong,—was drowned in tears and shaking plice in it, especially as you have proved her guilt by turnwith sobs, as she hid her pretty little face, swollen with weeping out her pockets, showing that you had no previous idea ing, on Sonia’s shoulder.

of it. I am most ready, most ready to show compassion, if

“How vile!” a loud voice cried suddenly in the doorway. poverty, so to speak, drove Sofya Semyonovna to it, but Pyotr Petrovitch looked round quickly. why did you refuse to confess, mademoiselle? Were you

“What vileness!” Lebeziatnikov repeated, staring him afraid of the disgrace? The first step? You lost your head, straight in the face.

perhaps? One can quite understand it…. But how could Pyotr Petrovitch gave a positive start—all noticed it and you have lowered yourself to such an action? Gentlemen,”

recalled it afterwards. Lebeziatnikov strode into the room. Crime and Punishment

“And you dared to call me as witness?” he said, going up Would you believe it, he, he himself, with his own hands to Pyotr Petrovitch.

gave Sofya Semyonovna that hundred-rouble note—I saw

“What do you mean? What are you talking about?” mutit, I was a witness, I’ll take my oath! He did it, he!” retered Luzhin. peated Lebeziatnikov, addressing all.

“I mean that you… are a slanderer, that’s what my words

“Are you crazy, milksop?” squealed Luzhin. “She is hermean!” Lebeziatnikov said hotly, looking sternly at him with self before you,—she herself here declared just now before his shortsighted eyes.

every one that I gave her only ten roubles. How could I He was extremely angry. Raskolnikov gazed intently at have given it to her?”

him, as though seizing and weighing each word. Again there

“I saw it, I saw it,” Lebeziatnikov repeated, “and although was a silence. Pyotr Petrovitch indeed seemed almost dumbit is against my principles, I am ready this very minute to founded for the first moment.

take any oath you like before the court, for I saw how you

“If you mean that for me,…” he began, stammering. “But slipped it in her pocket. Only like a fool I thought you did what’s the matter with you? Are you out of your mind?”

it out of kindness! When you were saying good-bye to her

“I’m in my mind, but you are a scoundrel! Ah, how vile!

at the door, while you held her hand in one hand, with the I have heard everything. I kept waiting on purpose to unother, the left, you slipped the note into her pocket. I saw derstand it, for I must own even now it is not quite logiit, I saw it!”

cal…. What you have done it all for I can’t understand.”

Luzhin turned pale.

“Why, what have I done then? Give over talking in your

“What lies!” he cried impudently, “why, how could you, nonsensical riddles! Or maybe you are drunk!”

standing by the window, see the note! You fancied it with

“You may be a drunkard, perhaps, vile man, but I am your shortsighted eyes. You are raving!”

not! I never touch vodka, for it’s against my convictions.

“No, I didn’t fancy it. And though I was standing some Fyodor Dostoevsky

way off, I saw it all. And though it certainly would be hard Katerina Ivanovna, hardly knowing what she was doing, to distinguish a note from the window,—that’s true—I knew sank on her knees before him.

for certain that it was a hundred-rouble note, because, when

“A pack of nonsense!” yelled Luzhin, roused to fury, “it’s you were going to give Sofya Semyonovna ten roubles, you all nonsense you’ve been talking! ‘An idea struck you, you took up from the table a hundred-rouble note (I saw it didn’t think, you noticed’—what does it amount to? So I because I was standing near then, and an idea struck me at gave it to her on the sly on purpose? What for? With what once, so that I did not forget you had it in your hand). You object? What have I to do with this…?”

folded it and kept it in your hand all the time. I didn’t think

“What for? That’s what I can’t understand, but that what of it again until, when you were getting up, you changed it I am telling you is the fact, that’s certain! So far from my from your right hand to your left and nearly dropped it! I being mistaken, you infamous, criminal man, I remember noticed it because the same idea struck me again, that you how, on account of it, a question occurred to me at once, meant to do her a kindness without my seeing. You can just when I was thanking you and pressing your hand. What fancy how I watched you and I saw how you succeeded in made you put it secretly in her pocket? Why you did it slipping it into her pocket. I saw it, I saw it, I’ll take my secretly, I mean? Could it be simply to conceal it from me, oath.”

knowing that my convictions are opposed to yours and that Lebeziatnikov was almost breathless. Exclamations arose I do not approve of private benevolence, which effects no on all hands chiefly expressive of wonder, but some were radical cure? Well, I decided that you really were ashamed menacing in tone. They all crowded round Pyotr Petrovitch. of giving such a large sum before me. Perhaps, too, I Katerina Ivanovna flew to Lebeziatnikov. thought, he wants to give her a surprise, when she finds a

“I was mistaken in you! Protect her! You are the only whole hundred-rouble note in her pocket. (For I know some one to take her part! She is an orphan. God has sent you!”

benevolent people are very fond of decking out their chari-Crime and Punishment table actions in that way.) Then the idea struck me, too, alas, even express himself correctly in Russian, though he that you wanted to test her, to see whether, when she found knew no other language, so that he was quite exhausted, it, she would come to thank you. Then, too, that you wanted almost emaciated after this heroic exploit. But his speech to avoid thanks and that, as the saying is, your right hand produced a powerful effect. He had spoken with such veshould not know… something of that sort, in fact. I thought hemence, with such conviction that every one obviously of so many possibilities that I put off considering it, but still believed him. Pyotr Petrovitch felt that things were going thought it indelicate to show you I knew your secret. But badly with him.

another idea struck me again that Sofya Semyonovna might

“What is it to do with me if silly ideas did occur to you?”

easily lose the money before she noticed it, that was why I he shouted, “that’s no evidence. You may have dreamt it, decided to come in here to call her out of the room and to that’s all! And I tell you, you are lying, sir. You are lying tell her that you put a hundred roubles in her pocket. But and slandering from some spite against me, simply from on my way I went first to Madame Kobilatnikov’s to take pique, because I did not agree with your freethinking, godthem the ‘General Treatise on the Positive Method’ and less, social propositions!”

especially to recommend Piderit’s article (and also But this retort did not benefit Pyotr Petrovitch. Murmurs Wagner’s); then I come on here and what a state of things of disapproval were heard on all sides. I find! Now could I, could I, have all these ideas and reflec“Ah, that’s your line now, is it!” cried Lebeziatnikov, tions, if I had not seen you put the hundred-rouble note in

“that’s nonsense! Call the police and I’ll take my oath!

her pocket?”

There’s only one thing I can’t understand: what made him When Lebeziatnikov finished his long-winded harangue risk such a contemptible action. Oh, pitiful, despicable with the logical deduction at the end, he was quite tired, man!”

and the perspiration streamed from his face. He could not,

“I can explain why he risked such an action, and if neces-Fyodor Dostoevsky sary, I, too, will swear to it,” Raskolnikov said at last in a terday—he saw me give Katerina Ivanovna some money for firm voice, and he stepped forward.

the funeral, as a friend of the late Mr. Marmeladov. He at He appeared to be firm and composed. Every one felt once wrote a note to my mother and informed her that I clearly, from the very look of him that he really knew about had given away all my money, not to Katerina Ivanovna, it and that the mystery would be solved. but to Sofya Semyonovna, and referred in a most contempt“Now I can explain it all to myself,” said Raskolnikov, ible way to the… character of Sofya Semyonovna, that is, addressing Lebeziatnikov. “From the very beginning of the hinted at the character of my attitude to Sofya Semyonovna. business, I suspected that there was some scoundrelly inAll this you understand was with the object of dividing me trigue at the bottom of it. I began to suspect it from some from my mother and sister, by insinuating that I was squanspecial circumstances known to me only, which I will exdering on unworthy objects the money which they had sent plain at once to every one: they account for everything. me and which was all they had. Yesterday evening, before Your valuable evidence has finally made everything clear my mother and sister and in his presence, I declared that I to me. I beg all, all to listen. This gentleman (he pointed to had given the money to Katerina Ivanovna for the funeral Luzhin) was recently engaged to be married to a young and not to Sofya Semyonovna and that I had no acquainlady—my sister, Avdotya Romanovna Raskolnikov. But tance with Sofya Semyonovna and had never seen her becoming to Petersburg he quarrelled with me, the day before, indeed. At the same time I added that he, Pyotr fore yesterday, at our first meeting and I drove him out of Petrovitch Luzhin, with all his virtues was not worth Sofya my room—I have two witnesses to prove it. He is a very Semyonovna’s little finger, though he spoke so ill of her. spiteful man…. The day before yesterday I did not know To his question—would I let Sofya Semyonovna sit down that he was staying here, in your room, and that consebeside my sister, I answered that I had already done so that quently on the very day we quarrelled—the day before yesday. Irritated that my mother and sister were unwilling to Crime and Punishment

quarrel with me at his insinuations, he gradually began beence. But in spite of interruptions he spoke clearly, calmly, ing unpardonably rude to them. A final rupture took place exactly, firmly. His decisive voice, his tone of conviction and he was turned out of the house. All this happened and his stern face made a great impression on every one. yesterday evening. Now I beg your special attention: con“Yes, yes, that’s it,” Lebeziatnikov assented gleefully, “that sider: if he had now succeeded in proving that Sofya must be it, for he asked me, as soon as Sofya Semyonovna Semyonovna was a thief, he would have shown to my came into our room, whether you were here, whether I mother and sister that he was almost right in his suspicions, had seen you among Katerina Ivanovna’s guests. He called that he had reason to be angry at my putting my sister on a me aside to the window and asked me in secret. It was level with Sofya Semyonovna, that, in attacking me, he was essential for him that you should be here! That’s it, that’s protecting and preserving the honour of my sister, his beit!”

trothed. In fact he might even, through all this, have been Luzhin smiled contemptuously and did not speak. But able to estrange me from my family, and no doubt he hoped he was very pale. He seemed to be deliberating on some to be restored to favour with them; to say nothing of remeans of escape. Perhaps he would have been glad to give venging himself on me personally, for he has grounds for up everything and get away, but at the moment this was supposing that the honour and happiness of Sofya scarcely possible. It would have implied admitting the truth Semyonovna are very precious to me. That was what he of the accusations brought against him. Moreover, the comwas working for! That’s how I understand it. That’s the pany, which had already been excited by drink, was now whole reason for it and there can be no other!”

too much stirred to allow it. The commissariat clerk, though It was like this, or somewhat like this, that Raskolnikov indeed he had not grasped the whole position, was shoutwound up his speech which was followed very attentively, ing louder than any one and was making some suggestions though often interrupted by exclamations from his audivery unpleasant to Luzhin. But not all those present were Fyodor Dostoevsky

drunk; lodgers came in from all the rooms. The three Poles gentlemen, for violently obstructing the course of justice. were tremendously excited and were continually shouting The thief has been more than unmasked, and I shall prosat him: “The Pan is a lajdak!” and muttering threats in Polecute. Our judges are not so blind and… not so drunk, and ish. Sonia had been listening with strained attention, though will not believe the testimony of two notorious infidels, she too seemed unable to grasp it all; she seemed as though agitators, and atheists, who accuse me from motives of pershe had just returned to consciousness. She did not take sonal revenge which they are foolish enough to admit…. her eyes off Raskolnikov, feeling that all her safety lay in Yes, allow me to pass!”

him. Katerina Ivanovna breathed hard and painfully and

“Don’t let me find a trace of you in my room! Kindly seemed fearfully exhausted. Amalia Ivanovna stood lookleave at once, and everything is at an end between us! When ing more stupid than any one, with her mouth wide open, I think of the trouble I’ve been taking, the way I’ve been unable to make out what had happened. She only saw that expounding… all this fortnight!”

Pyotr Petrovitch had somehow come to grief.

“I told you myself to-day that I was going, when you tried Raskolnikov was attempting to speak again, but they did to keep me; now I will simply add that you are a fool. I not let him. Every one was crowding round Luzhin with advise you to see a doctor for your brains and your short threats and shouts of abuse. But Pyotr Petrovitch was not sight. Let me pass, gentlemen!”

intimidated. Seeing that his accusation of Sonia had comHe forced his way through. But the commissariat clerk pletely failed, he had recourse to insolence: was unwilling to let him off so easily: he picked up a glass

“Allow me, gentlemen, allow me! Don’t squeeze, let me from the table, brandished it in the air and flung it at Pyotr pass!” he said, making his way through the crowd. “And no Petrovitch; but the glass flew straight at Amalia Ivanovna. threats if you please! I assure you it will be useless, you will She screamed, and the clerk, overbalancing, fell heavily gain nothing by it. On the contrary, you’ll have to answer, under the table. Pyotr Petrovitch made his way to his room Crime and Punishment

and half an hour later had left the house. Sonia, timid by she could lay her hands on that belonged to Katerina nature, had felt before that day that she could be ill-treated Ivanovna, and throwing it on the floor, Katerina Ivanovna, more easily than any one, and that she could be wronged pale, almost fainting, and gasping for breath, jumped up with impunity. Yet till that moment she had fancied that from the bed where she had sunk in exhaustion and darted she might escape misfortune by care, gentleness and subat Amalia Ivanovna. But the battle was too unequal: the missiveness before every one. Her disappointment was too landlady waved her away like a feather. great. She could, of course, bear with patience and almost

“What! As though that godless calumny was not enough—

without murmur anything, even this. But for the first minute this vile creature attacks me! What! On the day of my she felt it too bitter. In spite of her triumph and her justifihusband’s funeral I am turned out of my lodgings! After cation—when her first terror and stupefaction had passed eating my bread and salt she turns me into the street, with and she could understand it all clearly—the feeling of her my orphans! Where am I to go?” wailed the poor woman, helplessness and of the wrong done to her made her heart sobbing and gasping. “Good God!” she cried with flashing throb with anguish and she was overcome with hysterical eyes, “is there no justice upon earth? Whom should you weeping. At last, unable to bear any more, she rushed out protect if not us orphans? We shall see! There is law and of the room and ran home, almost immediately after justice on earth, there is, I will find it! Wait a bit, godless Luzhin’s departure. When amidst loud laughter the glass creature! Polenka, stay with the children, I’ll come back. flew at Amalia Ivanovna, it was more than the landlady could Wait for me, if you have to wait in the street. We will see endure. With a shriek she rushed like a fury at Katerina whether there is justice on earth!”

Ivanovna, considering her to blame for everything. “Out And throwing over her head that green shawl which of my lodgings! At once! Quick march!”

Marmeladov had mentioned to Raskolnikov, Katerina And with these words she began snatching up everything Ivanovna squeezed her way through the disorderly and Fyodor Dostoevsky

drunken crowd of lodgers who still filled the room, and, a sort of relief in a change of sensations, apart from the wailing and tearful, she ran into the street—with a vague strong personal feeling which impelled him to defend Sonia. intention of going at once somewhere to find justice. He was agitated too, especially at some moments, by the Polenka with the two little ones in her arms crouched, terthought of his approaching interview with Sonia: he had to rified, on the trunk in the corner of the room, where she tell her who had killed Lizaveta. He knew the terrible sufwaited trembling for her mother to come back. Amalia fering it would be to him and, as it were, brushed away the Ivanovna raged about the room, shrieking, lamenting and thought of it. So when he cried as he left Katerina throwing everything she came across on the floor. The lodgIvanovna’s, “Well, Sofya Semyonovna, we shall see what ers talked incoherently, some commented to the best of you’ll say now!” he was still superficially excited, still vigortheir ability on what had happened, others quarreled and ous and defiant from his triumph over Luzhin. But, strange swore at one another, while others struck up a song…. to say, by the time he reached Sonia’s lodging, he felt a

“Now it’s time for me to go,” thought Raskolnikov. “Well, sudden impotence and fear. He stood still in hesitation at Sofya Semyonovna, we shall see what you’ll say now!”

the door, asking himself the strange question: “Must I tell And he set off in the direction of Sonia’s lodgings. her who killed Lizaveta?” It was a strange question because he felt at the very time not only that he could not help