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Dramatis Personae

Abaddon - a demon, the former Emperor of Hell usurped by Lucifer; demoted to Hell’s Master Torturer

Alex - the most recent name adopted by the Guardian of Light; aka Claire, Sorcha, Hélène, Aenor, Elena, Helene, the Bright Lady, the Lady, Heidr, and countless others

Angela Latimer - Jason’s mother, Jameson’s daughter

Arad - Alex’ former lover, roughly three thousand years ago; changed by Cassius into the first vampire; Vanant’s father

Asmodeus - a Prince of Hell

Bael - the most powerful Prince of Hell, second only to Lucifer; aka Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies

Belphegor - a Prince of Hell

Brandon Cole - the grad student who works at Alex’ bookstore

Cassius - the Dark Guardian; aka the Trickster, Iblis, Mephistopheles, the Accuser, He of Many Names, the Dark One, the Dark Man, countless others

Celeste Dubois - Luc’s apprentice Hunter in eighteenth century France

Elsbeth Bauer - a young Hunter; Jameson’s one-time lover

Jameson O’Connor - a Hunter recruited by Alex; Jason’s grandfather

Jameson “Jason” O’Connor Latimer - a regular guy who finds himself caught up in extraordinary events after his grandfather’s death

Leviathan - a Prince of Hell

Lucatz de Fonte - a half-demon rescued by Alex as a young child in eleventh century Provence; her constant ally for over nine-hundred years

Lucifer - an angel second only to the Divine, he rebelled and was cast into Hell; seeks revenge against Cassius for manipulating him into rebelling; aka the Morning Star, the Devil

Mammon - a Prince of Hell killed by Alex in ancient Rome

Nicholas Grady - a “finder” often employed by Cassius

Piero - Luc’s lover in fifteenth century Florence

Richard Latimer - Jason’s stepfather

Rorik Anwendson - a Viking-turned-vampire; recruited by Alex in the thirteenth century, he is a faithful ally to her cause

Satan - created by the Divine to oppose Mandate, rumors say that the Guardians were his idea; now a Prince of Hell; aka the Adversary

Thomas - a priest from New Orleans

Vanant - Alex and Arad’s son

Yasha - a succubus and sometimes lover of Cassius