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Sarah J. Maas
“Chaol," he said, looking over his shoulder. Dorian's eyes were frozen, his jaw clenched. "Treat her well.”
Sarah J. Maas, Crown of Midnight

Soman Chainani
“Sophie: "For the Create-A-Tale Competition, your story ended with Snow White eaten by vultures and Cinderella drowning her-self in a tub."

Agatha: "I thought it was a better ending.”
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil
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Mary E. Pearson
“Ascente cha ores ri ve breazza."
"Turn your ear to the wind," she interpreted. "Stand strong.”
Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception

Mary E. Pearson
“There aren't many berry bushes where I'm from."
"And just where would that be?"
His hand paused on a berry like it was a monumental decision whether to pluck it or not. He finally pulled and explained he was from a small town in the southernmost part of Morringhan. When I asked the name, he said it was very small and had no name....
"A town with no name? Really? How very odd." I waited for him to scramble, and he didn't disappoint me.
"It's only a region. A few scattered dwellings at most. We're farmers there. Mostly farmers. And you? Where are you from?"...
I took the berry still poised in his fingers and popped it in my mouth. Where was I from? I narrowed my eyes and smiled. "A small town in the northernmost part of Morrighan. Mostly farmers. Only a regions, really. A few scattered dwellings. At most. No name."
He couldn't restrain a chuckle. "Then we come from opposite but similar worlds, don't we?”
Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception

Cheryl Rainfield
“I think you've got to get out whatever's hurting you through your art, so it doesn't twist you up inside.”
Cheryl Rainfield, Scars

Cheryl Rainfield
“I know you're upset, I know you're scared, but don't walk away.”
Cheryl Rainfield, Scars

Amy Harmon
“This thing we have, it hurts, he continued. But the pain is almost sweet because it means YOU happened. We happened. And I can't regret that, no matter how little or how long I get to tag along with you and pretend that I don't hate having people recognize me or take pictures or having people whisper about my record--
" Your record?"
" My criminal record, Bonnie, Nothing platinum there. I'm an ex-con, and starting over and building a new life where I can put it behind me, I'm building a new life where it will never be behind me, and for you, its worth it. It's easy math.”
Amy Harmon, Infinity + One

Mirella Muffarotto
“Her heart was telling her to trust him, but it wouldn’t be the first time that that foolish muscle, there in the middle of her chest, had betrayed her.”
Mirella Muffarotto, The Rook Crew

Mary E. Pearson
“Snow. I wondered what it felt like. Aunt Bernette said it could be both soft and hard, cold and hot. It stung and burned when the wind pelted it through the air, and it was a gentle cold feather when it drifted down in lazy circles from the sky. I couldn't imagine it being so many things, and I wondered if she had taken license with her story as Father always claimed. I couldn't stop thinking of it.
Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception

Chris  Cannon
“I threatened him with bodily harm. He promised to bring me cake for the rest of my life.”
Chris Cannon, Going Down in Flames

Julie Halpern
“I have always kept a stack of library books next to my bed as a lifeline. If I ever woke in the middle of the night too scared to move or too sad to roll over, the books were my saviors.”
Julie Halpern, The F- It List

Christy A. Campbell
“There is the scent too. Wonder follows it; wonder about how a boy can smell like that when he probably has no idea. He smells like the woods in the winter or the rain when it first falls, or maybe it’s just the way he always smells and there is no way to define it.”
Christy A. Campbell, A Halo Sun

Jane Casey
“She wouldn't have died if I hadn't taught her how to fall.”
Jane Casey, How to Fall

Meredith T. Taylor
“I never want to leave you."
I didn't respond- not because I couldn't find the words, but because there weren't any words in the entire world that could have sounded more perfect.”
Meredith T. Taylor, Churning Waters

E.L. Montes
“You know how there’s that one person who stumbles into your life and you instantly have a connection with them? Someone who’s a genuinely good person. Someone you just know you can build a great bond with, and it doesn’t have to be in a romantic way either. It can be with someone you have no attraction to whatsoever, you just instantly recognize something in them and they in you. Like in another realm, in another life, you were meant to be together in some way. Whether with a mother, daughter, sibling, best friend, or romantic partner, it’s a strong, unexplainable connection between two individuals”
E.L. Montes, Perfectly Damaged

Ivanna Romero
“Cuando dos almas están destinadas a estar juntas, por más que tropiecen siempre lograrán encontrarse.”
Ivanna Romero, Encuéntrame

David Levithan
“Breath and heat and contact and shirts off and skin on skin and smiles and murmurs and the enormity revealing itself in the tiniest of gestures, the most delicate sensations.”
David Levithan, Every Day

Cheryl Rainfield
“I know I'm not to blame for what he did. And I know, too, that I am strong inside--stronger than I ever realized.”
Cheryl Rainfield, Stained

Amy Reed
“Your boyfriend smells bad, says Sarah as she sniffs the armpit of the giant sweatshirt.
All boys smell bad I say and she nods her head like we have just figured out something very important.”
Amy Reed, Beautiful
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Marcus Sedgwick
“One final time I told myself I wasn't abducting my little brother.”
Marcus Sedgwick, She Is Not Invisible

Matías Zitterkopf
“Antes no se lo hubiera cuestionado, pero ese momento, sólo esa mirada bastó para que todo lo que él creía, todas las reglas a las que estaba acostumbrado, se vinieran abajo tan de repente como un castillo de naipes.”
Matías Zitterkopf, Mientras mi cielo se derrumba

Cheryl Rainfield
“If I want to get out of here, I have to be the one to save myself.”
Cheryl Rainfield, Stained

Kellie Thacker
“My god, they're everywhere.”
Kellie Thacker

Cheryl Rainfield
“I should know better than anyone--you can't tell who a person is just from his looks.”
Cheryl Rainfield, Stained

Terry Spear
“...She squeezed Niall's hand and bleakly said, "I don't want you hurt."
"Oh, Serena, that's all I have to know." And with that, he kissed her so passionately, she felt as though she had fae transported to the moon and back...”
Terry Spear, The Winged Fae

Kate Inglis
“…There’s forty-two thousand jobs, near ten thousand of ’em got by people like us. Everyone’s gotta eat. Industry feeds ’em. They figure Little Bear here’s gonna clean it up." He squeezed his baby, a dimpled plump girl with tufts of jet-black hair.

"Paa paa ba baaa!" she said. It was time for a nap.

Lou sipped from his thermos, and Little Bear’s eyes drooped, and Missy remembered the voice of Rasmus Krook. 'The people will pay with their whole being: physically, mentally, ideologically, spiritually, with their land, their soul. And not just country people. Not just native people. Poison will flow through villages, towns, and cities and not stop. We must rise up. We must disrupt the system. Capitalism is a deception.'

"You can help pirates," she said, because that’s the only answer she knew. Lou lifted his coffee in salute, and Missy stood up to jump.”
Kate Inglis, Flight of the Griffons

Kate Inglis
“The dying bees, the Antarctic melt, the mountains of old tires, the incessant toxic belch of factories that make Batman bobbleheads for Happy Meals. Off-gassing couches! Cancerous tinned tomatoes! Imprisoned killer whales! Our breastmilk is poisoned. We live absurdedly, ridiculously. OUR BREASTMILK IS POISONED. Try and explain even one sliver of it to a kid, just one angle of a thousand, and you'll see the face of the world's most incredulous and urgent WTF.

We have little to recommend us, and we know it. We shrug.

Rasmus Krook is the Captain of the Griffons. He doesn't shrug.”
Kate Inglis

Kate Inglis
“I come to oil country with a book about radicals who wish for the end of pipelines. But that's not what it's about. It's the friction point of prosperity and concern, ability and disability, the loss of bodily presence and the gain of ghost messages. It's misplaced outrage and well-placed courage. It's banjo song and smoke in your eye. Stories hinge there, swinging this way and that.”
Kate Inglis, Flight of the Griffons

Vicki L. Weavil
“My parents lie somewhere beneath the snow, buried with my mortal life.”
Vicki L. Weavil, Crown of Ice

Terry Spear
“Oh, what had she done?"
He'd startled her; that was the problem. It was all his fault he was lying on the ground, looking rather cherub like, his blond hair curling about his ears, his bright blue eyes closed now, his masculine lips parted slightly as he slept the sleep of the dead.

She studied his masculine lips. And thought just how much havoc she could wreak if she kissed him. Served him right for startling her so.
Without analyzing whether she should do it, and just because she could, she pressed her mouth against his and gently kissed his lips, meaning only to give a quick peck and that was it....
His lips curved up under hers and for a second, she thought he was awake, smiling at her kissing him....
Her thoughts reverted to the kiss and immediately the human faery tale Sleeping Beauty and the prince giving the princess a kiss to wake her sprang to mind. Why ever did humans make up such nonsense anyway?”
Terry Spear, The Winged Fae

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