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Rick Yancey
“Tampons. I’m constantly worrying about my stash and if I’ll be able to find more.”
Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave
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Ian Fleming
“All women love semi-rape. They love to be taken.It was his sweet brutality against my bruised body that made his act of love so piercingly wonderful.”
Ian Fleming, The Spy Who Loved Me

Bill Bryson
“The number of people on whose cooperative efforts your eventual existence depends has risen to approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000, which is several thousand times the total number of people who have ever lived.”
Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything
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David Wong
“I wanted to curl up into a fetal position and start sucking my thumb, let my tears and dripping saliva pool under me.

Sorry. I tried living, tried being sentient. Can't do it. Can't live in the same universe with that.”
David Wong, John Dies at the End

Bruce Springsteen
“Is there anybody alive out there?”
Bruce Springsteen
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Kyle Adams
“I already have my bathroom time scheduled, so you’ll have to work around it. Please note the bathroom is unavailable for the hour before each of my scheduled usage times (I don’t like to feel as if someone has just been in there when I have to go). However, for your convenience, there is also a toilet available with minimal wait time on the first floor lobby if you have an emergency and need immediate use.”
Kyle Adams, Dirty Pirate

Dakota Cassidy
“Primarily, shapeshifters of the animal variety remain true to animal kingdom rules in their sexual behaviors. I cant say Ive ever seen two male shack up, set up housekeeping, and make crème brûlée together in their nest of love.”
Dakota Cassidy, Accidentally Catty
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“She could already feel small waves of her juices fall from her newly-broken pussy, making a damp spot under her ass.”
Lola Newmar, Loving Scarlett

Aleister Crowley
“I saw at once the way to appeal to him.. 'Well, of course you know.' I said, 'in really smart circles one has to offer heroin and cocaine to people. It's only a passing fashion, of course, but while it's on, one's really out of it if one doesn't do the right thing.”
Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend

“WTFact: The human small intestine can reach up to eight meters in length. Why do you want to know that? Because all knowledge is important, f*ck-face.”
Gregory Bergman, WTF? College: How to Survive 101 of Campus's Worst F*#!-Ing Situations
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“Oh yes! Smell how much I need you!" Taylor's hips bucked over and over, desperately searching for a part of their bodies to wet with her cream.”
Lola Newmar, A Bride for Two Billionaires

David Sedaris
“The story of Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Tres was both simple and complicated. Simple in that things never change: people consistently jealous or secretive or brave-hearted. As for the rest, it all came down to a series of misunderstandings, the type that could happen to anyone, really. You assume that the sushi bucket is full of gold coins, but instead it's got Kokingo's head in it. You think you know everything about your faithful follower, but it turns out that he's actually an orphaned fox who can change his shape at will. It was he who spoke my favorite line of the evening, five words that perfectly conveyed just how enchanting and full of surprises this Kabuki play really is: 'That drum is my father.”
David Sedaris

Millicent Ashby
“I ceased the search to listen again, what the problem was. What’s going on at home? Why was Luccas calling out Jane’s name? What happened? Why could I hear him without connecting directly to him? I shook my head, but screams pierced through. I moved the shelf on its side, a loud crashing that startled the men outside. Falling to my knees, I covered my ears to them. My head banged against the metal and stayed there. “What in the name of Hera am I going to do?” I asked the air. The screams stopped but for how long? How long would silence be until they resumed? I raised my head, gently pulling my hands away and listened. Silence. Where were the men chasing me? Did they give in and go home? No, that would have been too easy. Saain would slay each man for leaving a traitor alive.”
Millicent Ashby, The Silver Cross
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“He rubs his hand through his thick, dark hair and I am riveted by the cords of rippling muscles that intertwine and gallop down his arms.”
Jennifer Martucci, Planet Urth: The Savage Lands
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“I sheathe my spear on my back and I plow through bushes dotted with prickly balls, feeling them scratch and scrape my skin, but do not stop.”
Jennifer Martucci, Planet Urth
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“Kelsea saw now that there was something far worse than being ugly: being ugly and thinking you were beautiful.”
Erika Johansen, The Queen of the Tearling
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Kazuo Koike
“Gilgamesh's sperm! That is the true treasure . . . YOU CAN CREATE THE WORLD'S MIGHTIEST ARMY BY USING HIS SPERM!”
Kazuo Koike, Offered, Volume 2

“She reached around me, grabbing my Gemini from the back pocket of my jeans. She touched its share button to hers. 'There,' she said, handing the phone back to me. 'You have my number. We should be friends now.”
Lauren Miller, Free to Fall
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“I wished for death," he whispered, and the words took the smile from both our lips.
His gaze met mine again, this time it was earnest and beseeching. "I knew I could not leave you behind, so I planned to kill you first. I could not. I sat here with the pistol at your head for a long time. I thought of...how much you loved me, that you would make such a request, and...I could not. So I am chained here in this life, with you." He shook his head quickly. "Non, that did not sound as it should. I...will not betray you by leaving you alone, and I cannot take you with me, so I will remain, because I love you.”
W.A. Hoffman, Matelots

Sylvia Day
“Nie zuvor hatte ich so tiefschwarzes Haar gesehen. Dicht und glänzend reichte es ihm bis zum Kragen - eine sexy Länge, die dem erfolgreichen Geschäftsmann das Aussehen eines "Bad Boy" verlieh, wie Schlagsahne auf einem Schokobecher.”
Sylvia Day, Bared to You

Fred Barnett
“ I only require that my characters have one thing and one thing in common. A total lack of self-control.”
Fred Barnett, Second Chances — I Re-wrote My Life and Improved It! So Can You!
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Devon Ashley
“I asked you here today because the police department asked me to assess your mental health."

I huffed and rolled my eyes. "Already? Seriously? It's been a week." I am fucking sunshine.”
Devon Ashley, Nearly Mended
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