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Jarod Kintz
“I want to write a book about shoes that’s full of footnotes.”
Jarod Kintz

James M. Cain
“...if he can write a book at all, a writer cannot do it by peeping over his shoulder at somebody else, any more than a woman can have a baby by watching some other woman have one. It is a genital process, and all of its stages are intra-abdominal;”
James M. Cain, The Butterfly

Guy Kawasaki
“Good blurbs are short, sweet, and limited to six. They answer the question “Why should I buy this book?”
Guy Kawasaki, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. How to Publish a Book

Chrys Fey
“No one can tell you what you can and cannot put in your book. So be brave and just write!”
Chrys Fey

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