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Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.”
Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Player Piano

John Gardner
“Like other kinds of intelligence, the storyteller's is partly
natural, partly trained. It is composed of several qualities, most
of which, in normal people, are signs of either immaturity or
incivility: wit (a tendency to make irreverent connections);
obstinacy and a tendency toward churlishness (a refusal to
believe what all sensible people know is true); childishness (an
apparent lack of mental focus and serious life purpose, a fondness
for daydreaming and telling pointless lies, a lack of proper
respect, mischievousness, an unseemly propensity for crying
over nothing); a marked tendency toward oral or anal fixation
or both (the oral manifested by excessive eating, drinking,
smoking, and chattering; the anal by nervous cleanliness and
neatness coupled with a weird fascination with dirty jokes);
remarkable powers of eidetic recall, or visual memory (a usual
feature of early adolescence and mental retardation); a strange
admixture of shameless playfulness and embarrassing earnestness,
the latter often heightened by irrationally intense feelings
for or against religion; patience like a cat's; a criminal streak of
cunning; psychological instability; recklessness, impulsiveness,
and improvidence; and finally, an inexplicable and incurable
addiction to stories, written or oral, bad or good.”
John Gardner, On Becoming a Novelist

Ocean Crisstopher Poet
“I write to express myself, I write to be a voice for those who can not speak I write to inspire change in positive ways I write in hope to make a difference After I have giving up the ghost I would have written to leave my foot prints behind”
Ocean Crisstopher Poet

Marcel Proust
“My life had been like a painter who climbs up a road overhanging a lake that is hidden from view by a screen of rocks and trees. Through a gap he glimpses it, he has it all there in front of him, he takes up his brushes.”
Marcel Proust, Time Regained

Herman Koch
“A mediocre writer serves a life sentence. He has to go on. It's too late to change professions. He has to go on till the bitter end. Until death comes to get him. Only death can save him from his mediocrity.

His writing is "not without merit," that's what we say about the mediocre writer. For him, that's the pinnacle of achievement, to produce books that are not without merit. You really do have to be mediocre to go on living once you've realized that.”
Herman Koch, Geachte heer M.

Herman Koch
“No longer in print ... There are sentences, and phrases that, in all their simplicity, say much more than they seem to at first: two months to live, never heard of it, dead on arrival ... For a writer, no longer in print must fall somewhere in that category.”
Herman Koch, Geachte heer M.

Nanette L. Avery
“Beside every great writer is a great listener.”
Nanette L. Avery

“C'est neuf pour moi, et très déroutant, lui ai-je dit. En voyant tes annotations sur mes feuillets, j'ai eu le sentiment de perdre un peu de maîtrise sur mon texte, de liberté, de subir une espèce de... censure. Une censure de ce que je suis au plus profond de moi, tu comprends ? Je l'ai vécu comme une intrusion en moi.”
Laurent Bettoni

“Tu fais ton travail d'auteur, rien d'autre. Tu crées des personnages de toutes pièces, ou bien à partir de la réalité qui t'entoure, et tu mélanges le tout. C'est bien ce que t'a toujours reproché Sue. Elle t'a toujours reproché de distordre la réalité, de la confondre avec la fiction et de ne considérer les autres, justement, que comme de la chair à fiction, de faire de la vie un scénario permanent, de passer ton temps à te faire des films. Elle te reprochait, en somme, d'être qui tu es : un auteur, un inventeur, un créateur, un personnage multiple, tentaculaire et hybride. Protéiforme.”
Laurent Bettoni, Écran total

duncan b. barlow
“We will always come against people who don't like our books. People who think what we're doing this trivial or cliché or tries too hard. But there will always be people who love what we do and we have to take those good moments to heart.”
duncan b. barlow

Ahmet Altan
“In the heart of every writer there lies a murderer.
Writers spend their lives struggling to conceal this murderous desire from other mortals.
Like God, they ruthlessly destroy the people of their own creation, drag them from one cruelty to another, meting out punishment, and with the callous indifference of a serial killer. And no one knows when he has taken a life from the solitude of his room. But when a writer is enraged the walls of his refuge come crumbling down, revealing his true identity.”
Ahmet Altan, Son Oyun

Lucas Michael
“The proverb, "Where there's a will.." sums it up for a writer who had just started in his writing life; for himself, the fictional characters and the audience of his works. It's a trinity of perspectives; one of his struggle, another of the story character which he writes about and the last one of the reader's expectation of his protagonists.”
Lucas Michael

Heather  O'Brien
“The story is the story is the story.”
Heather O'Brien

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