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John Lennon
“I was the walrus, but now I am John...and so my friends, you'll just have to carry on. The dream is over.”
John Lennon

John Lennon
“Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun, and if the sun don't come, we'll be standing in the English rain.”
John Lennon

Barry Wolverton
“Lockley would've hugged him if it weren't physically impossible for a puffin and a walrus to embrace.”
Barry Wolverton, Neversink

Edmund White
“He looked out over the shirtless, muscled, tanned men and realised that right here, on this disco floor, there was such a concentration of fashion, slimming, money, bleaching, plastic surgery, psychotherapy – and all for naught. In a few years they’d all be old walruses, and in a few more, dead.”
Edmund White, Our Young Man

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