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Taylor Swift
“You can walk away and say "We don't need this." but something in your eyes says "We can beat this.”
Taylor Swift

Shannon L. Alder
“Reputation is what others think of us; character is what God knows of us. When you have spent what feels like eternity trying to repair a few moments of time that destroyed the view others once had of you then you must ask yourself if you have the problem or is it really them? God doesn’t make us try so hard, only enemies do.”
Shannon L. Alder

Shannon L. Alder
“Read it with sorrow and you will feel hate.
Read it with anger and you will feel vengeful.
Read it with paranoia and you will feel confusion.
Read it with empathy and you will feel compassion.
Read it with love and you will feel flattery.
Read it with hope and you will feel positive.
Read it with humor and you will feel joy.
Read it with God and you will feel the truth.
Read it without bias and you will feel peace.
Don't read it at all and you will not feel a thing.”
Shannon L. Alder

Shannon L. Alder
“An open Facebook page is simply a psychiatric dry erase board that screams, “Look at me. I am insecure. I need your reaction to what I am doing, but you’re not cool enough to be my friend. Therefore, I will just pray you see this because the approval of God is not all I need.”
Shannon L. Alder

Kimberly Novosel
“We kissed each other until we were too tired to keep going. I could still feel him holding back. It was my penance for what I had done to him. All I could do was hope the walls would fall and that I could have all of him again, but I was always leaving and he was tired of watching me walk away. We both knew that I couldn’t stay and that he couldn’t come with me, but still, we couldn’t let go.”
Kimberly Novosel, Loved

David Guterson
“I know you'll think this is crazy, but all I want to do is hold you, and I think that if you'll let me do that just for a few seconds, I can walk away, and never speak to you again.”
David Guterson, Snow Falling on Cedars

José N. Harris
“There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who do not. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.”
José N. Harris

Shannon L. Alder
“God told us to love everyone. However, when you don’t like someone then you need to walk away and focus not on him or her, but the hatred you’re harboring. Otherwise, you will allow your piety to take over. Before you know it, you’re using the gospel as a sword to slice other religious people apart, which have offended you. From your point of helplessness, it will be is easy to recruit people that will mistake your kindness as righteousness, when in reality it is a hidden agenda to humiliate through the words of Christ. This game is so often used by women in the Christian faith, that it is the number one reason why many people become inactive. It is a silent, unspoken hypocrisy that is inconsistent with the teachings of the gospel. If you choose not to like someone, then avoid them. If you wish to love them, the only way to overcome your frustrations is through empathy, prayer, forgiveness and allowing yourself time to heal through distance. Try focusing on what you share as sisters in the gospel, rather than the negative aspects you dislike about that person.”
Shannon L. Alder

Josh Stern
“Most of us need something not to walk away from”
Josh Stern

Sarah Dessen
“It [I'm leaving] wasn't really necessary to say, especially if you were already walking away. Almost redundant. And yet, there was a comfort in being no question, no room for doubt.”
Sarah Dessen, The Moon and More

Anthony Liccione
“To save face, it's better not to ask sex from the ex, but to give everything the axe.”
Anthony Liccione

Robert J. Braathe
“To be a success, you will have people walk out on you, walk over you, and walk away from you. If these things didn't happen, you wouldn't have such great people who walk with you, walk beside you, and walk into your life. Cherish the subtractions and you will be blessed with additions.”
Robert J. Braathe

“One day, someone will walk in your life, make you feel special about yourself, love you in your simplicity and your doubts, laugh with you, cry with you, show you the way and simply leave. What remains are just memories to cherish. Don't suffer in silence because it's over; smile because it happened.”
Kevin Keenoo

“The last words that you said to me before our lives went different ways were filled with anger & betrayal...

They were, " You never really loved me."

Oh my dear, don't be an idiot. I loved you, I adored you... But what was I supposed to do when you didn't love yourself?

What was I supposed to do when you didn't see the potential I saw every time that I looked into your eyes?

What was I supposed to do, when you would go up in flames with anger, and all I wanted to do was hold you?

What was I supposed to do when all I wanted was to be loved and appreciated the same way?

What was I supposed to do when all I needed was a man to want to be as successful as I do someday?

Oh my dear, don't be an idiot. I loved you, I adored you... But what was I supposed to do when you didn't love yourself?

What was I supposed to do when I fought and you fought the other way?

I left...not because love decided to get up and walk away one day. I left because how was I suppose to receive the love that I deserved from a man who still didn't love himself?

Oh my dear, don't be an idiot. I loved you, I adored you... But what was I supposed to do when you didn't love yourself?”
Yadira Pantoja

Nikki Rowe
“I didn't give up, I walked away
I had enough of accepting actions that were less than I deserved.
I made a concious choice
To honour myself,
Before complementing another
If that's what; has made you undeniably mad, Than I know, the history of our connection is hidden in the truth of your heart and regardless of your outcome, I have made the right choice for me.”
Nikki Rowe

Charlotte Eriksson
“Am I making something worth while?
I’m not sure.
I write and I sing and I hear words from time to time about my life and choices making ways, into other lives, other hearts,
but am I making something worth while?
I’m not sure.

There was a boy last night who I never spoke to because I was too drunk and still shy, but mostly lonely, and I couldn’t find anything lightly to say,
so I simply walked away
but still wondered what he did with his life
because he didn’t even speak to me
or look at me
but still made me wonder who he was
and I walked away asking
Am I making something worth while?
I am not sure.

I am a complicated person with a simple life
and I am the reason for everything that ever happened to me.”
Charlotte Eriksson, Another Vagabond Lost To Love: Berlin Stories on Leaving & Arriving

Anthony Liccione
“Victory, is like a boxer that hangs his gloves, after the consecutive losses; sometimes walking away is what builds character, than the actual fight. As humble fruit on a tree that falls to the ground and rots, never finding appreciation in the taste of mouths.”
Anthony Liccione

Shannon L. Alder
“The only love you have to prove in life is your love of God and helping others. Anyone that can't see that has proven themselves to be unworthy of your time because why would you spend your life with someone that can't tell the difference between a diamond and dirt?”
Shannon L. Alder

“Forgive the beggar
attention is all that’s seeked
and in return I never give
this will hit
this will turn around
and it will bite back
I know
I believe that this
is just another step
another mistake that will teach
so, forgive that asker of questions
and engross yourself in her mistakes
and run
never come back
understand there’s nothing more
not once more
not ever
walk away
and live on.”
Isabel Aanya Leigh

“The act of walking away from you isn't what hurt the most. But the fact that I gave you everything...and how you slowly...and carelessly..destroyed it.”
Yadira Pantoja

“It's absolutely hard. You know..to let go, & decide to jump into the uncertainty of the future with another...

It's hard when you give them everything you have ever had to offer.. & they become a damn tornado & destroy everything they swore they would always treasure.

They slowly but surely poison everything within you, as their lips drip with lies as they whisper they love you.

So you fight every single emotion of regret & force yourself to remove the old blind fold you placed upon your mind & heart to stick around with a person who is less than a sad excuse of a lover.

You find within you words that you thought of late at night but never dared to say... " I can't do this anymore. Goodbye."

& although at that very moment you feel like everything you had disappeared. You being to move on... You begin to heal... You begin to live again.

& you fight and you fight to remove that person still hanging onto your foot like an anchor, waiting to drown you in your past.

& at the end you realize that they're really the ones who got the raw end of the deal...

You let go of someone who didn't even love themselves, while they lost you.”
Yadira Pantoja

“As we get older life changes with the seasons. We go through the good as we fall with the bad. We learn from our mistakes as we make more.

We fail and we succeed. We gain and we lose.

Sometimes we feel so lost that we are unsure as to where we stand, we get curious about our purpose and we start to doubt everything around us.

We get so frustrated that we begin to wish for answers and a clear sign. Yet nothing happens... We then lose sight of the things that are really important such as family, true friendships and above all Our Lord.

But maybe nothing is happening because we wish instead of pray.

We need to remember that God is Our Father.

Demand things from Him. He wants to help us it's His duty to.

& remember that when things don't go the way you want them to, it's because He has greater plans.

Sometimes you have to let go & let God.”
Yadira Pantoja

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