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Karen Marie Moning
“If aught must be lost, ‘twill be my honor for yours. If one must be forsaken, ‘twill be my soul for yours. Should death come anon, ‘twill be my life for yours. I am Given.”
Karen Marie Moning, Kiss of the Highlander

Julie Kagawa
“Her desires are mine. Her wishes are mine. Should even the world stand against her, my blade will be at her side. And should it fail to protect her, let my own existence be forfeit." - Ash”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron Queen

J.K. Rowling
“Well, you can't break an Unbreakable Vow...."
"I'd worked that much out for myself, funnily enough. What happens if you break it, then?"
"You die," said Ron simply. "Fred and George tried to get me to make one when I was about five. I nearly did too, I was holding hands with Fred and everything when Dad found us. He went mental," said Ron, with a reminiscent gleam in his eyes. "Only time I've ever seen Dad as angry as Mum. Fred reckons his left buttock has never been the same since."
“Yeah, well, passing over Fred’s left buttock —”
"I beg your pardon?" said Fred's voice as the twins entered the kitchen.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Dianna Hardy
“I’ll never let go of you again,” she whispered. “I swear it.”
Dianna Hardy, The Demon Bride

Rachel Van Dyken
“For as long as it takes for the sorrow and pain to transfer into acceptance. I’ll stay here. With you. By your side. I won’t leave.”


“Vow.” I placed his hands gently on the piano. “I vow.”
Rachel Van Dyken, Toxic

V.C. Andrews
“Cathy, don't look so defeated. She was only trying to put us down
Maybe nothing did work out right for her, but that doesn't mean we are
doomed. Let's go forth tomorrow with no great expectations of finding
perfection. Then, expecting only a small share of happiness, we won't
be disappointed."
If a little hill of happiness would satisfy Chris, good for him. But
after all these years of striving, hoping, dreaming, longing-I wanted a
mountain high! A hill wasn't enough. From this day forward, I vowed
to myself, I was in control of my life. Not fate, not
God, not even Chris was ever again going to tell me what to do, or
dominate me in any way. From this day forward, I was my own person, to
take what I would, when I would, and I would answer only to myself. I'd
been kept prisoner, held captive by greed. I'd been betrayed,
deceived, tied to, used, poisoned ... but all that was over now.”
V.C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic

V.C. Andrews
“From this day forward, I vowed
to myself, I was in control of my life. Not fate, not
God, not even Chris was ever again going to tell me what to do, or
dominate me in any way. From this day forward, I was my own person, to
take what I would, when I would, and I would answer only to myself.”
V.C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic

Markus Zusak
“... I felt something and vowed that if I ever got a girl I would treat her right and never be bad or dirty to her or hurt her, ever. I vowed it and had all the confidence in the world that I would keep the vow.”
Markus Zusak, Underdog

Moffat Machingura
“Loving for beauty is like vowing a lifetime commitment to a rose. No-matter how sweet-scented or pink "petald", every rose withers.”
Moffat Machingura, How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

Allen Ginsberg
“our means in America to control the money munching war machine, bright lit industry”
Allen Ginsberg, The Fall of America: Poems of These States 1965-1971
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Sarah Kane
“...and tell you the worst of me and try to give you the best of me...”
Sarah Kane

“The moment of impact. The moment of impact proves potential for change. Has ripples effects far beyond what we can predict. Sending some particles crashing together. Making them closer than before. While sending others spinning off into great ventures. Landing them where you've never thought you've found them. That's the thing about moments like these. You can't, no matter how hard you try, controlling how it's gonna affect you. You just gotta let the colliding part goes where they may. And wait. For the next collision.”
The Vow

Kathryn Lasky
“I will go to the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes, but I shall go not as a member of the MacHeath clan — no, I shall go as a free runner. I reject you. I deny you, I refuse and repudiate you as my clan.”
Kathryn Lasky, Watch Wolf

“I might be damned today, but tomorrow I promise you'll be taking my place.”
Kaley Forster

Enock Maregesi
“Nilijifunza toka awali umuhimu wa kushindwa katika maisha ijapokuwa nilijitahidi sana, na nilipoendelea kushindwa niliweka nadhiri ya kufanya kitu kimoja kilicholeta maana zaidi katika maisha yangu nacho ni uandishi wa vitabu. Uandishi wa vitabu ndicho kitu pekee nilichokiweza zaidi kuliko vingine vyote na kuanzia hapo Mungu aliniweka huru. Nilijua mimi ni nani. Nilijua kwa nini nilizaliwa. Nilijifunza falsafa ya kuacha dunia katika hali nzuri kuliko nilivyoikuta – kwa sababu hata mimi nilikuwepo – na falsafa ya kushindwa si hiari. Maarifa hayo yakafanya niwe na heshima na upendo kwa watu wote.”
Enock Maregesi

A.G. Howard
“Morpheus stops in his tracks. I have his full attention. “So, you manipulated us both with one vow.” His long black lashes tremble, and admiration shimmers behind his wounded gaze—the same look I’ve received throughout my life each time I please him. Although the dark, angry crimson of his blinking jewels belies any true pleasure. “Bitterest irony. It would appear I trained you too well—”
A.G. Howard, Ensnared

Ian C. Esslemont
“We are here to swear a vow! As many of you have already noticed, this is no random field. It is an ancient site. A place of power. Holy to our family, to our ancestors, and, some say, even to those ancient ones who preceded us upon these lands.
‘We gather here on this day in the sight of one another to swear a binding oath. What we here swear is unrelenting and unending opposition to the Malazan Empire for so long as it shall endure. To never abandon or turn away from such opposition. To this cause all gathered here must give their individual agreement and binding commitment. Those of you who know doubt, or who feel unable to pledge yourselves utterly to this cause, are free to go. Nay, are encouraged to go. And all without rancour or ill-feelings.’
‘So … this is my Vow. This is what I here pledge and what I, in turn, ask of anyone who would choose to follow me. Now … what say you,... ?”
Ian C. Esslemont

J. Otis Yoder
“Unfaithfulness to the marriage vow can never be justified.”
J. Otis Yoder, Glory in the Lord

A.G. Howard
“Fair warning, I intend to make good use of that time. I will be gentle, but I will not be a gentleman. You will be the center of my world. I’ll show you the wonders of Wonderland, and when you’re drunk on the beauty and chaos that your heart so yearns to know, I will take you under my wings and make you forget the human realm ever existed. You’ll never want to leave Wonderland or me again.”
A.G. Howard, Unhinged

Israelmore Ayivor
“Enemies who vow not to see you achieve it and friends who say you can't do it... ARE THE SAME...!!! They just don't want you to make it happen! Stay away!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

A.G. Howard
“I vow on my life-magic that you’ll be my first in every way . . . in marriage and everything that goes with it.”
A.G. Howard, Ensnared

Munia Khan
“In a world of love
lightning and rainbow
are lovers now.
They arc and strike
upon the horizon of credence
to rise above their cloudy vow”
Munia Khan

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Many a woman would not be in a relationship with or married to her man, if he earned half of what he earns; and many a man would not be in a relationship with or married to his woman, if he earned twice as much as he earns.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Your relationship or marriage is dead or dying, if you almost always have to remind your partner to miss you (and/or they almost always have to remind you to miss them).”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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