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Brandon Sanderson
“Never throw the first punch. If you have to throw the second, try to make sure they don't get up for a third.”
Brandon Sanderson, Steelheart

William Shakespeare
“Discretion is the better part of valor.”
William Shakespeare

Arthur Conan Doyle
“It is stupidity rather than courage to refuse to recognize danger when it is close upon you.”
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Jim Butcher
“Discretion is the better part of not getting exsanguinated.”
Jim Butcher, Blood Rites

Michel de Montaigne
“Valor is strength, not of legs and arms, but of heart and soul; it consists not in the worth of our horse or our weapons, but in our own.”
Michel de Montaigne, Cannibales

Anna Sewell
“I said, 'I have heard people talk about war as if it was a very fine thing.'

Ah!' said [Captain], 'I should think they never saw it. No doubt it is very fine when there is no enemy, when it is just exercise and parade, and sham-fight. Yes, it is very fine then; but when thousands of good brave men and horses are killed, or crippled for life, it has a very different look.'
Do you know what they fought about?' said I.
No,' he said, 'that is more than a horse can understand, but the enemy must have been awfully wicked people, if it was right to go all that way over the sea on purpose to kill them.”
Anna Sewell, Black Beauty

Friedrich Nietzsche
“How much truth does a spirit endure, how much truth does it dare?”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Steven Pressfield
“War, not peace, produces virtue. War, not peace, purges vice. War, and preparation for war, call forth all that is noble and honorable in a man. It unites him with his brothers and binds them in selfless love, eradicating in the crucible of necessity all which is base and ignoble. There in the holy mill of murder the meanest of men may seek and find that part of himself, concealed beneath the corrupt, which shines forth brilliant and virtuous, worthy of honor before the gods. Do not despise war, my young friend, nor delude yourself that mercy and compassion are virtues superior to andreia, to manly valor.”
Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae

Alicia A. Willis
“Sword rang on sword, the metallic sounds echoing throughout the wide market place and filling the crannies of every dark alley. Strength waged against strength, as, indeed, rivals of evil have ever-battled the adversaries of truth. The face of one combatant appeared cool and certain, the other passionate in his resolve, intent upon seeing the battle through and winning the day with valor...”
Alicia A. Willis

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Valor consists in the power of self-recovery, so that a man cannot have his flank turned, cannot be out-generalled, but put him where you will, he stands. This can only be by his preferring truth to his past apprehension of truth; and his alert acceptance of it, from whatever quarter; the intrepid conviction that his laws, his relations to society, his Christianity, his world may at any time be superseded and decease.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Chirag Tulsiani
“Our hearts bear a similarity with storerooms.
We hold in them our trampled convictions, our fears, suppressed acts of valor, disappointments, enmity, anguish, secrets, things we wish we should have done, things we wish we shouldn’t have, regret.
And continue piling them up with emotions, memories, conversations which did happen and conversations which didn’t, soured relationships and bitter people all of which we should have discarded, we keep it within until there is no space left, until the room is full, occupied after which we go on to lock it.
Once in a while we happen to open the room and sight the dust accumulated all over, we relive each moment, each memory and each emotion again and soon fall upon the realization as to how deeply the room is in need of cleaning and so we clean it.
We clean it so that we can fill it once more, hold it, bear it, relish it, heal from it and then finally let it go.”
Chirag Tulsiani

“What is courage without risk... It wouldn’t really be courage, would it?”
Jocelyn Murray, Corfe Castle

Judy Teel
“Deciding denial was the better part of valor, CK pretended nothing was out of the ordinary.”
Judy Teel, Instructing an Heiress

Neil Gaiman
“Y por qué es necesario tener valor? —le preguntó el gato con tono de indiferencia.
—Porque, cuando haces algo a pesar del miedo que sientes —respondió ella—, necesitas tener mucho valor.”
Neil Gaiman, Coraline

Rich Hoffman
“But think about it. We’ve tried for over twenty years to do everything right, to save our money, to pay our bills, to raise our kid, and to live within the law. We’ve done everything the right way, at least to the best of our ability.” Rick grabbed her hand. “But that’s not enough. That guy is right about at least that much. He’s giving us a chance to do something that will lash out, and he’s willing to pay for it. I can see the sincerity all over his face. He’s not trying to con us. He just wants an ally, a foot soldier.”

“Why you?” Renee asked bluntly. “Is it that hard to find someone crazy enough to do something that extreme?” She caught herself and started laughing. “Maybe it is.”
Rich Hoffman

Filipe Russo
“Escrever produz um processo de decoerência colapsando meus estados quânticos sobrepostos, somando meus valores vetoriais oscilantes e o ângulo de mistura resultante me impele adiante, me compele a compilar tomos e mais tombos de tomos sobre a realidade.”
Filipe Russo, Caro Jovem Adulto

Dulce María
“Si censuran tus ideas ten valor, no te rindas nunca, siempre alza la voz...Lucha fuerte, sin medida... No dejes de creer.”
Dulce María

Miguel de Unamuno
“Casi el único valor de las grandes obras maestras del ingenio humano consiste en haber provocado un libro de crítica o de comentario.”
Miguel de Unamuno, Niebla

Paullina Simons
“Tu valor será puesto a prueba, junto con el de todos los demás. Sólo habrá una norma, al de sobrevivir a cualquier precio, y te corresponderá a ti decidir cuál es el precio de la supervivencia. Mantén las cabeza bien alta, y si tienes que caer, cae luchando, consciente de que no has comprometido tu alma de ninguna manera”
Paullina Simons, The Bronze Horseman

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
“Ancient politicians talked incessantly about morality and virtue; our politicians talk only about business and money. One will tell you that in a particular country a man is worth the sum he could be sold for in Algiers; another, by following this calculation, will find countries where a man is worth nothing, and others where he is worth less than nothing. They assess men like herds of livestock. According to them, a man has no value to the State apart from what he consumes in it. Thus one Sybarite would have been worth at least thirty Lacedaemonians. Would someone therefore hazard a guess which of these two republics, Sparta or Sybaris, was overthrown by a handful of peasants and which one made Asia tremble?”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Oscar Wilde
“Hoy en día la gente conoce el precio de todo,
pero no sabe el valor de nada.”
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

“Never on me let such wrath lay hold, as the wrath you cherish, you whose valor causes harm!”
A.T. Murray, Homer: Iliad II, Books 13-24

“El camino hacia el triunfo se vuelve solitario porque la mayoría de los hombres no está dispuesto a enfrentar y vencer los obstáculos que se esconden en él.La capacidad de dar ese último paso cuando estás agotado,es la cualidad que separa a los ganadores de los demás corredores”
Edward Le Baron

Catherine Robinson-Walker
“Valor in the leader is often an expression of the leader's character, fortitude, grace, vulnerability, openness, and honesty.”
Catherine Robinson-Walker, Leading Valiantly in Healthcare: Four Steps to Sustainable Success

Artemas Khan
“Mangled heroes from both sides of the nameless conflict lay scattered in comical disregard. Valiant and dignified death poses embody a fiction found in the epic poems of minstrels and bards; fanciful reflections lacking merit in warfare. Athen briefly wondered if the ghosts of the proud knights haunted the battlefield; staring down at their ridiculous corpses with embarrassment or plotting appropriate punishments for the scavengers ransacking their empty husks. A life of chivalry and honor apparently culminated in the soiling of greaves while lying face down in your comrade's shit. The field reeked of more than just feces, blood, and vomit.”
Artemas Khan, Wolves Fear to Prey

Alison Goodman
“-Vos tenéis el valor de un guerrero -masculló.
Vi que se volvía y recogía ropas del suelo. ¿Él creía que yo era valiente? Pero estaba aterrado -siempre aterrado.
-No -objeté-. No lo tengo.
Él dejó de meter aquella túnica de valor incalculable entre dos fardos y me miró.
-¿Tenéis miedo ahora?
Asentí, y me ruboricé de verguenza.
-¿Y el miedo va a impediros actuar?
-Ese es el valor del guerrero." Ryko y Eon”
Alison Goodman, Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

“Quería llorar, pero no lo haría, el llanto propio es a veces un trofeo para otros, y un trofeo solo debe ser entregado a quien se lo merece.”
Maria Fernanda Heredia, Hay Palabras que los Peces no Entienden

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