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Michael Bassey Johnson
“A wise man can say a foolish thing at any time, anywhere, and to anybody.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Ann Aguirre
“I knew exactly how he felt because I had walked in his shoes, wary and distrustful, unable to believe anybody could care about me without asking for something in return.”
Ann Aguirre, Horde

Jarod Kintz
“I don’t understand why you don’t trust me. It’s not like you have a reason to not trust me. So, lend me some money, and let me give you the reason you were looking for to not trust me. Wouldn’t you rather be proved right than not lose money?”
Jarod Kintz, This is the best book I've ever written, and it still sucks

“I may have trust issues, but some people seem to have an issue with the responsibility of being trusted.”
Melchor Lim

Jarod Kintz
“I’m unreliable, admittedly, so you can’t believe me when I say I’m unreliable. I’m also in love, so that may contribute to my unreliability.”
Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. And the ageless sages.

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